July 2014 newsletter - Perton Middle School

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Perton Middle School
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Perton Middle School
Executive Headteacher: Mrs. M. Tunnicliffe B.Ed. NPQH
Gainsborough Drive, Perton,
Wolverhampton, WV6 7NR
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Website: http://www.perton-middle.staffs.sch.uk
July 2014
Message from the Headteacher
Best SATs results in the history of Perton
Congratulations to all year 6 students who worked extremely hard to achieve some
good SATs results.
91% achieved a level 4+ in writing, 90% in maths and just under 90% in reading.
Well done and thanks to all parents for your help and support over the past year.
Have a great summer break.
Mrs. Tunnicliffe
Executive Headteacher
Staff Leaving
We are saying Goodbye and good luck to some staff who are leaving at the end
of July. Mrs Pietragallo who has been at Perton Middle School for 30 years.
Miss Bayliss who has been teaching French. Mrs Johnston who has been our
Assistant Deputy Headteacher. Mrs Allen who has been teaching Design and
Technology and Miss Rowley . They will be greatly missed by all staff and
students and we wish them all the very best for the future.
Mrs. M. Pietragallo
D&T Support
Miss. A. Bayliss
Coordinator of
Modern Foreign
Mrs. J. Johnston
Miss. H. Allen
Teacher of Creative
Website: http://www.perton-middle.staffs.sch.uk
Email: [email protected] [email protected]
Miss. B. Rowley
Higher Level
Teaching Assistant
School Start Time
Please note that after the summer holidays the school building will remain
locked until 8:15am. There will be no change to the opening of the school
Reminder that the first bell in the morning goes at 8.35am and all students
are expected to be on the premises ready for the second bell at 8.40am
which is registration time.
There is also concern that some pupils are arriving very late at school, often after the
morning bell has gone.
Lost Property
A gentle reminder about lost property. We are still having a large amount of
lost property in school. If an item of clothing is lost, please check at
reception or ask your child to look in the normal area by the PE changing
Please also consider adding name tags, as this helps greatly with the return
of clothing to the rightful owner.
End of Year Extravaganza 2014
Perton Middle hosted one of its largest events this year - the End of year Extravaganza on
Tuesday 8th July. This involved an exhibition of students' Art and Design Technology work and a
concert with displays of both music and dance. 55 students participated in running or performing in
the event, and the school received 195 people in the audience - a fantastic achievement by
students and staff!
YTF Day at Uttoxeter
On 1 July 6 Year 7 students attended the Staffordshire Young Teen Fiction Award celebration
day at JCB, Uttoxeter along with several other schools from across the County. Schools
performed presentations for each of the six short-listed titles, voted for by students only,
and there were talks from authors Sally Nicholls and Rob Lloyd Jones. The winner was
announced, Tom Becker with While the Others Sleep.
Tutbury Castle.
On Tuesday 8th July, year 5 went on a visit to Tutbury castle, near to
Uttoxetter. While they were there, the students were in the company of
Elizabeth I. She spoke to the students for one and a half hours about her
life and explained how much she loved her country and all those who lived
here. The students were questioned by her Majesty, and we are very
pleased and proud to announce that she was very impressed by not only their
politeness, but also their knowledge of her reign. After lunch, again
accompanied by the Tudor Queen, for private audiences (autographs and photographs!) the students then met
a Knight of the Realm. He spoke to the students about serving the Queen and some of his duties protecting
Her Majesty and England.
Blists Hill Victorian Town.
On Wednesday 9th July, year seven visited Blist’s Hill Victorian Town. The students saw
what Victorian life was like in the Black Country. They visited the Old Sweet shop and
sampled the confectionary to check that it was authentic. The fish and chip shop had the
same treatment too! They also saw how members of the community lived; the butcher, the
baker and the candle stick maker. Some heard the cry of the Suffragettes while others cried
out in delight as they tried out the Victorian fairground rides.
Two fantastic days out, enjoyed by
everyone, especially the weather
which we were blessed with.
Perton Spring Festival
Earlier this year in May, Mrs Spittle and Perton
Middle School students Demi Maher, Ebenezer
Mutoko, Lewis Robbins and Grace Pickford grew
bedding plants from seed, which were planted in a
prepared bed within Perton Library garden. The
flowering plants were laid out into a Staffordshire
Knot design and now are in full flower creating an
eye catching blaze of colour.
Student Road Safety
We have been informed by several parents that a number of students are not observing
road safety rules and there have been a few ‘near misses’ when a car has almost collided
with a student or cyclist running out into the road.
Please can you ensure that your child is aware of the importance of observing road safety
In order to ensure an efficient flow of traffic and most importantly to increase child safety,
we ask that all vehicles follow the voluntary one way system and proceed along
Gainsborough Drive with the school on the left hand side during these busy times. This has
proved to be very effective in the past and I therefore ask all parents to adhere to this
arrangement and to park considerately for the benefit of other road users and the residents
of Gainsborough Drive.
Concerns have been raised about safety of students leaving the school on bikes. Please
ensure that your child follows the cycle safely rules.
How to cycle safely
Always wear a helmet
Look behind you before you turn, overtake or stop.
Use arm signals before you turn right or left.
Obey traffic lights and road signs.
Don’t ride on the pavement unless there's a sign saying that you can.
On busy or narrow roads, don’t cycle next to another person.
When overtaking parked cars, watch out for car doors opening suddenly and allow room to
pass safely.
Don’t use headphones while cycling.
Don't weave in and out of traffic or change direction suddenly without signalling.
School Terms and Holiday Dates 2014
Students break up for Summer Term
Inset Day
Inset Day
Term Starts
Open Day
Helping your child with Literacy
Half Term
Thursday 17th July 1.30pm
Friday 18th July
Monday 1st September
Tuesday 2nd September
Saturday 27th September 9.00am—11.00am
Tuesday 7th October 6:00pm—7:00pm
Monday 27th October - Friday 31st October
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