February 2014 - Makawao Elementary School

STARs of the Month - January
nominated students who practiced
Ho'olaulima Teachers
traits of a COMPLEX THINKER. Students
"Many Hands Working
were honored
on the
Morning Broadcast and
2014given prizes and a STAR certificate.
They also had lunch with Ms. Purdy-Kaai and
Ms. Honda and were treated with ice cream
29 Number 7
Feb. 14:
Feb. 17:
Feb. 18:
Feb. 26,27,28:
March 3-6:
March 7:
March 10&11:
March 17-21:
March 26:
April 18:
May 26:
May 29:
Valentine’s Day
President’s Day (no school)
PC Day (no school)
Good Touch, Bad Touch Presentations (Grades K-2)
Makawao Elementary Reading Week (see pg. 3 for dress-up days)
Fun Run 2014
Sex Education Presentations (Grade 5)
Spring Break (no school)
Prince Kuhio Day (no school)
Good Friday (no school)
Memorial Day (no school)
Last Day of School for students, 5th Grade Banquet
Germ City!
Fun Run Volunteers
I hope everyone is ready for the
Fun Run 2014 coming up on March 7th! Thank
you to those who volunteered to help put together
the Fun Run envelopes! They are:
Germ City was a great learning
experience and a huge success! Thank
you to the Department of Health
presenters and parent volunteers
for making it happen! They are:
Emalu-Hina Cleveland
Department of Health Presenters:
Amy Soriano
Jamie Kalawai’a-Lindsey Cassandra Hammond
Jessica Tavares
Desiree Eastling
Kim Robinson Afaya
Tyua Sereda
Cameron Smith
Jen Maydan
Cindy Fallis
Parent of Maehani
Parent of Jasmine
Parent of Ka’ano’i & U’ilani
Parent of Lyric HammondToole
Parent of Arcillio TavaresTorres-Santos Bras
Parent of Nasiah Holland
Parent of Kaya Kaiwi
Parent of Luke Sereda
Parent of TJ Smith
Parent of Cyrus Maydan
Parent of Acey Krael
Daeni Ito
Jayme Tamaki
Heidi Taogoshi
Kris Aoki
Shauntei McFarlin
PHN Supervisor
UHMC BSN student
Parent Volunteers:
Emalu-Hina Cleveland Audrey Kajihara
Jennifer Kelley
Cindy Fallis
Tyua Sereda
Parent of Maehani
Grandparent of Cade
Parent of Madison Kelley
Parent of Acey Krael
Parent of Luke Sereda
Page 1
Please label your child’s belongings and
check to be sure they make it back home.
Lost & Found has an abundance of
jackets and lunch boxes.
If your child is missing anything, please be
sure to check Lost & Found in
the Health Room.
(NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS) Jan. 20: Martin Luther King Day
Feb. 17: Presidents’ Day
Feb. 18: PC Day
March 17-21: Spring Break
March 26: Kuhio Day
April 18: Good Friday
May 26: Memorial Day
Did You Know?
According to the U.S. Greeting
Card Association approximately
145 million Valentine's Day
cards are exchanged each year,
making Valentine's Day the
second most popular cardsending holiday after Christmas.
Teachers will receive the most
Valentine’s Day cards, followed
by children, mothers, wives,
sweethearts and pets.
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Michael Tuipulotu-Emmanuel
Justin Freitas-Yoro
Harmony Ann Tanouye
Kira Carpenter
Koty-Lee Boteilho-Price
Driane Freitas
Grade 1
Elias Estrella
Max Jackson
Jase Aoyagi
Titus Joaquin
Skye Rosenblad
Ethan Grant
Grade 2
Jayce Poepoe
Wenbin Li (Xiao Hu)
BJ Pagan
Kaiulani Mateaki
Maia Motley
Grade 3
Ella James
Jack Stewart
Kalea Yoshida
Wesley Wright-Takemoto
Tysin Zackious
Grade 4
Sophia Nakagawa
Daniel Wright
Scout Wright
Amber Carvalho
Grade 5
Alana Motley
Elika Momoa
Kai Frostad
Nainoa DeVenot
Kayla Pili
Zoe Frederick
Ms. Dean
Mrs. Fujimoto
Mrs. Kalama
Mrs. Pilotin
Ms. Shinozuka
Mrs. Tafuri
Miss Dunn
Ms. Lewis
Mrs. Lum
Mrs. Palmer
Mrs. Silva
Mrs. Walker
Mrs. Gardanier
Mrs. Gregg
Miss Kitsuki
Mrs. Ludwig
Mrs. Martinez
Ms. Bykowski
Mrs. Robledo
Mr. St. John
Mrs. Suehiro
Mrs. ValentineBorling
Mrs. Boelter
Mr. Grogan
Mrs. Michell
Ms. Thompson
Ms. DiPaola
Mrs. Fagan
Mr. Grzanka
Mrs. Meade
Mrs. Schmitt
Mr. Shishido
“You're never too old, too wacky, too wild,
To pick up a book and read with a child.
You're never too busy, too cool, or too hot,
To pick up a book and share what you've got.”
Makawao Elementary Celebrates Reading Week
March 3 rd -6 th , 2014!!!
We will have the following Reading Week Spirit Days! Teachers & Adults… I hope
you will participate too!
o Monday~ “Reading Takes You Places”~ wear an Appropriate
Readable Shirt with Silly Socks… any shirt with words!
o Tuesday~ “Wrangle in a Good Book”~ dress as a
Paniolo/Cowboy/Cowgirl Day
o Wednesday~ “Dr. Seuss Day”~ dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss
Character Day… see me if you need easy inspiration ideas for
“almost free”
o Thursday~ “Curl Up with a Book”~ Pajama Day
o Friday~ Fun Run Day…
Page 3
From the Desk of the Counselor…
Help Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse
Your child’s safety and well being are important to us. For that reason we are offering an educational
program on sexual abuse prevention, hosted by Child and Family Services for grades Kindergarten to
2nd grade.
Unfortunately, all children are at risk for sexual abuse. Through education we can help decrease
children’s risk of being abused and increase the likelihood they will speak up and get help if it happens
to them.
The in-class program will include topics on personal body safety, recognizing unsafe situations and
getting help. Each lesson is taught in a simple, age-appropriate and child friendly manner.
Helpful messages you can teach your child:
My body belongs to me.
I have the right to say no to any type of touch I don’t like
If someone touches me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe, I should tell
a trusted grown-up and keep telling until someone helps me.
I can come to you at anytime if I have questions about safe and unsafe touches.
If unsafe touching should happen to me, it is NEVER my fault.
Parent letters will be going home during the week of Feb. 10th. If you wish for your child to be excused
from the presentation please sign and return form as soon as possible. Presentations are to take place
from Feb. 26-28th.
“Have You Filled A Bucket Today?”
Throughout the month of February we continue to fill each other’s buckets with using our manners,
showing respect and kindness.
The goal is for each individual student to fill their buckets and toward the end of February the entire
school will fill our school bucket. We want it to over flow with positive emotional behavior in helping to
create a bully free campus.
Please check out our cafeteria bulletin board. The Kindergarten classes helped to create a masterpiece
of bucket filling.
“We Are A Bucket Filling School”. Thank you Kindergarten!
Page 4
Safe Schools: School Safety – Being Responsible,
Alert, and Vigilant
We encourage parents to speak with their children about their role in ensuring a safe school
What Families Can Do:
Communicate: Talk with and listen to your children everyday
• Show you care.
• Ask questions about their school day, including experiences on the way to and from school,
lunch, and recess.
• Ask about their friends.
• Observe your child’s emotional state as changes in behavior, appetite, and sleep patterns may
be a sign of anxiety or discomfort your child may be experiencing.
• Make time to talk with your child/children about school safety reassuring them that schools
are safe places with adults to whom they can turn to.
Teach and Model: Instill in your child/children the values of respect, responsibility, and resiliency to
prevent bullying.
• Create healthy anti-bullying habits, coaching your children on both what not to do (e.g.,
push, tease, be mean to others) as well as what to do (e.g., be kind, empathize, take turns,
be respectful).
• Explain to your child on what to do if someone is mean to him/her or to another student. Tell
the bully to stop, walk away and report it to an adult.
• Be a good example and model for your children. Remember, anytime you speak to another
person in a mean or abusive way, you are teaching your child/children that bullying is okay.
Practice: Home Safety Procedures and Safeguards
• Maintain a daily routine schedule that is reassuring and promotes physical health.
• Ensure that your children get plenty of sleep, regular meals, and exercise.
• Encourage them to keep up with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities and don’t
push them if they appear overwhelmed.
Inform: School Safety Procedures and Safeguards
• Help your child/children identify at least one adult at school and in the community to whom
they can go to if they feel threatened or at risk.
• Advise them not to talk to strangers or get into any vehicles with a stranger.
• Have them report anything unusual to the adults in school.
• Inform them to always walk with a buddy and go straight home after school. Should after
school plans change, they should inform family members promptly.
Practice: Online Safety
• Teach your child never to give their personal information to people they meet online,
especially in chat rooms and on bulletin boards.
• If you have a family web site with your children’s pictures, do not include information about
where they go to school, where you live, your phone number or any other personally
identifiable information.
• Instruct your child never to plan a face-to-face meeting with online acquaintances, and to
notify you if they are approached for an offline meeting.
• Establish clear ground rules for internet use for your family. Consider having a contract with
your children that reflects these rules.
• Tell your children not to respond if they receive offensive or dangerous e-mail, chat requests,
or other communications, and lave if they go to a web site that makes them uncomfortable.
• If you become worried that your child or another child is in danger, don’t hesitate to contact
the authorities.
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