2013-09-06 Start of year

THE TYNINGS SCHOOL EASTLEIGH CLOSE, STAPLE HILL, SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE. BS16 4SG. t: 01454 866525 e: [email protected] w: thetynings.co.uk Friday 6th September 2013 Dear mums, dads and carers, Welcome to a new year at The Tynings School. The children came back into school exceptionally well, and within 10 minutes the school was settled! Well done to all of you, mums, dads and carers included. Those of you who saw the school on Monday with its 700 packing crates, 20 cages and all the furniture to be moved will appreciate just how hard the staff have worked to ensure that classrooms, corridors and the Hall were ready for yesterday. We welcome a number of new staff; 
Mrs. Kathryn Symons as the new EYFS leader, Child Protection officer and Hedgehog class teacher; 
Mrs. Caroline Potter and Mrs. Tracy Williams as teaching assistants; 
Mrs. Roz Whitton as Teachers’ Personal Assistant; 
Miss Carmel Williams as cleaner. We also welcome back Mrs. Karen Butter into Bat class on Thursdays and Fridays. This year presents many exciting opportunities as well as requiring every single one of us to rise to the challenges we face; we will be not only keeping you informed of our action plans, but also inviting you to be part of the improvements the school makes this year. Additionally, Phase 2 of the building project will start before the end of 2013 to create five new classrooms by September 2014; this will inevitably lead to some disruption which we will need to accommodate. However, our results were a vast improvement in most areas and we’re pleased to report them here: 
In Year 6, 86% of children reached the expected level (L4) in reading, 75% in writing and 82% in maths. 4% reached the higher level (L5) in writing, 39% in reading and 36% in Maths. One child achieved the exceptionally high Level 6 in Maths. “A CLEAR journey to a BRIGHT future” Headteacher: Mr. Ashley J. Yates Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. Sharon Clark 
In Year 2, 83% of children reached the expected level (L2B) in reading, 76% in writing and 76% in maths. 14% reached the higher level (3) in reading, 10% in writing and 17% in maths. These are the best results for at least three years. 
At the end of Foundation Stage, 58% of children achieved the government’s good level of development criteria; this is the first year of the new foundation stage so we cannot compare with previous results. 
In Year 1, 55% of children achieved the expected threshold in the Phonics test, an increase of 15% on last year. We will share our journey to provide an outstanding education for your child while maintaining the ethos and values that make The Tynings School such a special place; remember you can phone the office for an appointment with your class teacher at any time if you wish to discuss you child’s progress or any concerns you have about your child. There will also be mum, dad and carer consultation evenings in November. All dates can be found on the school calendar on the website. Thank you for your continued support. Ashley J Yates Headteacher 2