The Rock Weekly Prayer Sheet Prayer Request Jim and Ina

The Rock Weekly Prayer Sheet
September 14 - 20, 2014
"When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon
and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are
mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?" Psalm 8:3-4
Each week you are asked to take this prayer sheet and pray over the various
areas. Pray at least once through the prayer sheet during the week. Once
you've prayed through your sheet, please bring it back to church the
following Sunday and place it in our Prayer Baskets.
This Week's Prayer Emphasis:
Reaching People: Our PRAYER campaign
- We have over 700 people in growth groups (a record for us)! Pray that
these growth groups will not just be filled with people but filled with
praise and learning and growth!
- Cover the campaign with prayer over the next 6 weeks. Pray for the
pastors and staff, the growth group leaders and yourself and family!
Loving God:
- Take some time and just praise God for who He is.
- Lift up your personal prayer desires ("Ask").
- Pray about your abilities to worship. How and why you worship God!
Impacting our World: Our Future Location
- Pray for yourself, and others about our attitude toward the idea of
relocation in 2 years. Pray that people would see things through God’s
eyes, and not our own.
- We know God has a plan for The Rock, pray that His plan would grow
in focus and understanding from those of us who call this our church!
World Missions: Jim and Ina Smith (missionaries to Cameroon)
- It is still a very scary situation out there (see prayer info on back).
- They have been truly wondering if they should stay and be Martyrs.
Think of that. What a question to have to ask yourself, and yet, they
have. Depending upon your perspective, the answer has been given to
them by Converge Worldwide who said they will forcibly evacuate them
before such a time could arise.
Prayer Request
From Jim and Ina Smith, our missionaries in Cameroon Africa.
The extremist terrorist group, Boko Haram, has entered Cameroon. They
started in Nigeria and crossed over into the northern part of Cameroon
forcing all of the missionary groups to leave that part of Cameroon. They
have recently kidnapped the wife of the vice prime minister of Cameroon
as well as a major tribal king of that part of Cameroon. They have
kidnapped over 200 school girls. There is now evidence that they are
strapping explosive vests on some of these girls and sending them into
areas they want to attack and then detonating the explosive vests by
remote control with the girls themselves not really knowing what is
happening to them. It is reported that no adult males have been suicide
bombers in this area but only the children. This kind of evil reveals the
nature of our enemy, Satan. Certainly the redeeming message of the
Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to penetrate this area. (We are about a day’s
drive from this area of Cameroon.)
We continue to broadcast the Gospel over our radio station. We still have
problems finding the right staff. Pray that we will be able to get godly
people to staff our station. Also, pray the word of God that goes out will
bear fruit. Pray that our staff who are Muslim background believers will
remain true to their Christian values. It is hard for some of our staff to not
go to the mosque when many of their friends see them not going and ask
them about this.
The hospital work is going well but the number of patients has been
reduced. This happens every year during the period of Muslim fasting.
Pray that we as a hospital staff will remain faithful in our inner lives as
well as in the way we extend the gospel through our care to the patients.
Pray much for the salvation of these people.
Jim and Ina