weekly news sheet - Gardenmore Presbyterian Church

8 February 2015
We welcome all visitors to our services and hope that our time
of Worship and Fellowship together will be an inspiration and
blessing to us all. We would be honoured if you would sign the
Visitor’s Book in the porch before leaving.
11.00 am Prayer Meeting
11.30 am Morning Worship: Rev G Glasgow - 9th Commandment
3.30 - 5.30 pm Messy Church: Rev G Glasgow - Theme: Love Monday 9 February
6.00 pm 6.30 pm
7.00 pm
7.30 pm
Boys’ Brigade last meeting until 23 February
Meeting of the Finance Committee
Property Committee
Congregational Committee
Tuesday 10 February
10.30 am Parents, Toddlers & Friends - last meeting until 24 Feby
7.30 pm Choir Practice
7.30 pm Indoor Bowling Club
Wednesday/Thursday 11/12 February
Meeting of the Home Study Groups
Thursday 12 February
10.30 am Men’s Fellowship
6.10 pm Girls’ Brigade - last meeting until 26 February
Still not too late to make a donation to GB week. Any of the
girls or officers will be pleased to take your contribution.
Friday 13 February
7.00 pm Youth Club - last meeting until 27 February
Sunday 15 February
11.30 am Morning Worship: Mr A Burke
6.30 pm Evening Worship: Rev G Glasgow
7.45 pm No meeting of SNAC
Monday 16 February
8.00 pm
Meeting of PW - “Don’t forget your handbag” and Banner
Making - Juanita Ritchie.
Wednesday 18 February
7.30 pm
Prayer Meeting in Minor Hall
Thursday 19 February
8.00 pm
TEARFUND Prayer meeting in 30 Croft Road, Ballygally.
Everyone welcome.
Sunday 22 February
11.30 am Tearfund service. Speaker Derek
Hall. Theme: “No child taken”
Followed by Bread and Soup Lunch for entire
Volunteers required to set up on Saturday 21, To Serve and
Clear up on the Sunday. If you can help please add your name
to the sheet in the vestibule.
6.30 pm Pre-Communion Service
Wednesday 25 February
2.00 pm
Friends Together - “Knowing me, knowing you!”
Speaker: Alan Burke, This will be a good opportunity to get
to know Alan so please try to attend. If anyone requires a lift
please call Margaret Allen on 2826 9779.
Sunday 1 March
11.30 am Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper - Rev G Glasgow
6.30 pm Evening Worship: Rev G Glasgow
Tuesday 3 March
Training Session for members of the Sound team
Thursday 19 March
7.30-10 pm in Carnmoney Presbyterian Church a Care for the Family
event entitled “It takes Two” - building a lasting marriage
together. See further information in the vestibule.
Dear Gardenmore Member
February 2015
I am writing to ask for your willingness to help in an important area
of church life in Gardenmore, namely catering and the setting up and
clearing away of the halls before and afterwards.
I have been extremely encouraged by the willingness of the ladies
in our church to provide and serve when catering is needed and the
willingness of the men to work together when the chairs and tables
need to be arranged and put away.
Many churches have set up catering teams and set up teams as a way
to smoothly facilitate this. I would like, with your help, to do this in
We cater for 9 regular events every year –
Harvest – apple tart & sandwiches
October Coffee and Craft – scones and tray bakes
Christmas Concert – shortbread and tea
Carols by Candlelight – fruit punch and shortbread
Dawn Service –breakfast (every other year)
Easter Sunday – delicious desserts
United Evening Service 1) in July – tea, coffee, tray bakes
United Evening Service 2) in July – tea, coffee, tray bakes
United Evening Service 3) in July – tea, coffee, tray bakes
There are other events which occur from time to time and they are not
part of these regular events. Thus occasionally help will be required in
addition to the ones mention above.
The elders’ wives have kindly agreed to take on the leadership of the
teams. There will be five teams and a leader and assistant leader for
each team. That should mean that you would only be involved in
helping with catering at 2 events in a year.
Yours sincerely
Zoe Glasgow
If you are willing to help a form is included with this announcement
which can be completed and put in the box in the vestibule. Further
copies are also available in the vestibule.
REQUIRED urgently
Will leaders and treasurers of organisations please
remember that now is the time to send in your Annual
Reports for publication, and Accounts for Audit by the
Finance Committee. You should enclose receipts, bank
statements and cheque and lodgement books.
Only 4 reports received so far.
Ministerial Services
Gary will be unavailable for 3 days, from 10-12 February. He is part of
the organising Committee of The Westminster Fellowship, hosting a
Ministry Team from Briarwood Presbyterian, who will be addressing a
Conference in Ballymena. If anyone requires the services of a Minister
in an emergency, please contact Gardenmore Manse on 028 2827
2466, or Dr Colin McClure on 028 2827 2441.
Night Light, Larne
If anyone would be interested in joining the Night Light Team, which goes
out every other Saturday night from 11:45 pm - 2:00 am, please contact
Gary and he will put you in touch with the organisers.
Carrickfergus Presbytery Board of Mission in Ireland Service
will be held in Gardenmore on Sunday 22nd March 2015 at 6.30 pm
(not 7.00 pm). Speakers: Rev John Woodside (on what God is doing in
Drogheda and will bring a message from God’s Word) and Mr Philip
Houston (Outreach Worker in Rathcoole).
This promises to be another inspiring and enjoyable evening and it would
be great if as many as possible from our congregation would attend.
Please note the evening in your diary.
Worshipping Jesus - Following Jesus - Sharing Jesus
Points for Prayers for February 2015
Day Please pray for
Su 1 God “has placed everything in Jesus’ hands” (John 3 v 35).
Jeremiah says to God, “Nothing is too difficult for you” (Jeremiah
32 v 17). EVERY thing; NO thing; that covers it all. Thank God
for His love and power.
M 2 Pray for the Home Groups as they get back together; ask God
to help their members know his presence and be taught by him.
Tu§ 3 Remember Terry Kirkpatrick and his work in schools: may he
bring God’s word and blessing to them.
W 4 Pray for young people known to you who are away from home,
studying or working.
Th 5 Thank God for the work of Beauty For Ashes in Nepal.
6 Pray for Maynard in his new life, away from familiar faces and
Sa 7 Pray for God’s presence in the continuing problems and grief
caused by the spread of ebola in several African countries.
Thank him for those people who have been willing to work with
ebola victims in spite of great risk.
Su 8 Pray for God’s protection and for safety in difficult wintry
weather, and for people who find it hard to keep warm or get
out and about.
M 9 Pray for CAP workers and clients. Ask God to “do marvellous
deeds” (Psalm 86 v 10) to rescue people from debt and despair.
Tu 10 Thank God for the relative peace and safety many of us enjoy in
this country. Pray for countries in turmoil such as Syria.
W 11 Pray for those people in our own area and community whose
lives are full of fear and insecurity.
Th12 Ask God for his wisdom for everyone involved in thinking about
the Messy Church plans; may all that’s done reflect his glory and
his love.
11/12 Pray for a Christian Conference in Ballymena entitled,
“From Embers To A Flame” which Gary has been involved in
organising. Pray for the speaker Dr Harry Reeder and the 350
delegates attending. Pray that God would use this to strengthen
and encourage renewal and revitalisation in His Church.
F 13 Ask God to bless everyone who serves him in all positions of
responsibility and leadership in Gardenmore.
Sa 14 Pray for the Burke family: in their busy lives may they know
God’s peace.
Su15 “Oh, praise the greatness of our God! He is the Rock, his works
are perfect, and all his ways are just.” (Deuteronomy 32 v 3-4)
M 16 Thank God for the beauty of winter and for the promise of
Tu 17 “May the Lord answer you when you are in distress . . .” Pray
through Psalm 20 for someone you know who needs God’s help.
W 18 Thank God for all the wide variety of clubs and groups
associated with Gardenmore, and the effect and influence they
can have.
Th19 Pray for the work that goes on with young people in
F 20 Lord, help me to show your love and care to someone today.
Sa 21 Pray for God’s protection and blessing upon the children and
carers in Kambui. Thank him for his love for each one.
Su22 Lord, thank you that we can still meet together in church
without fear of persecution. Help us to listen to what you say
to us and put it into practice.
M 23 Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing patience and generosity.
Help us to show these qualities to others.
Tu 24 Praise God that in good times and bad he is unchanging and
W 25 Pray for those who are ill, and also for people you know who
are carers.
Th26 Pray for Lachlan, his family and his ministry.
F 27 Lift your heart to God. Tell him your needs and troubles, and
praise him for his care for you.
Sa 28 Gardenmore seeks to serve God in the community: pray that we
may all be part of that service.