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Thanks for joining us! If you would like us to
contact you, please fill out & tear off this
portion. Please put it in the offering basket or
put in the drop-off box in the front entrance
Name: ___________________________
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Phone: _________________________
I would like:
□ more information about Landmark
Christian Fellowship (LCF)
□ to be contacted by one of the elders
□ prayer (feel free to list specifics below)
□ information about small groups, youth
or other programs at LCF (please circle)
□ to report an answer to prayer
□ to compliment LCF on…
□ to submit a change of address/contact
Comments or Requests:
Sermon Notes
LCF Leadership
Paul & Jessica Martens
Larry & Ina Reimer
Russ & Ramona Dirks
392-3206 or 355-4299
Carlon & Tanya Yoder
Len & Leona Gerbrandt
Stephen & Danielle Wollmann
Calvin Frey
Landmark Christian
February 1, 2015
This morning:
Paul will be speaking on “Encountering God in
Prayer & Fasting” and we’ll be sharing
communion together
Next week:
Coffee Time - 9:30am
Pre-Service Prayer (All Welcome)-10:15am
Service- 10:30am
Message- Paul will be speaking on Revelation
Church Family Calendar:
Tuesdays: Morning Prayer at the church from 6:307:30am
February 3rd – Worship practice at 7pm
February 10th – Congregational Meeting @ 7pm
Wednesdays: Next Ladies Coffee, February 4th @
Jessica Martens’
Saturday: February 7th, Corporate Worship &
Prayer, 8-10pm
172 Main Street Landmark MB R0A 0X0
Phone: 355-4928
Email: [email protected]
Pray for those Serving
in Missions
Steve & Theresa Frey
Marvin & Yvonne Miller
[email protected]
Lac Seul
Jim & Hkaw Win Humphries
[email protected]
Dan & Regina Bumstead
[email protected]
James & Jessica Frey(Ariel & Jude) China
Prayer & Praise
Please pray for our leadership team along with
their wives.
Please continue to lift Loren & Tanis Giesbrecht
up in prayer. Loren’s dad recently passed away.
We encourage you to use our prayer & fasting
focus as you seek the Lord this week.
Prayer for the Nations
Country: Cambodia
Christians: 3.1%
Evangelicals: Evangelicals: 1.6%
Please pray for the horrific violence against the
Kachin people in Myammar to stop.
Pray for the ongoing situations between
Russia/Ukraine & Israel/Syria/Iran as well as the
violence being perpetrated by ISIS around the
Additional Notes
During the Christmas season, Joyce Forgo
found a ladies watch at the corner of 3rd St W,
and Poplar Bay. Please contact Joyce if you
think it might be yours, or if you have any
other information.
Home Groups
Home Groups are a great way to build
relationships while encouraging each other to
follow Jesus. If you would like to be part of one
of our home groups please contact one of the
groups below for more information.
Wollmann Group
Meets on Thursday Evenings
Ph. 355-4361 or email [email protected]
Youth Alpha
Our next evening for Youth Alpha will be next
Sunday, February 8th.
Computer Help Wanted
We’re looking for individuals to help with the
computer during Sunday service. This includes
managing songs for the worship team,
operating power point, announcements, and
recording the morning sermon. Please speak to
Paul if you’re interested.
Yoder Group
Meets on Thursday Evenings
Ph. 326-6974 or email [email protected]
Gerbrandt Group
Meets on Sunday Evenings
Ph. 355-4273 or email [email protected]
Monthly Giving Budget: $9,167
December Giving:
Men’s Retreat
Men’s retreat coming up March 6-8 at Reimer’s
farm. More details to follow.
The Family Table Program
Is a child sponsorship program run by Love’s
Door in Zambia. It is not an overstatement to
claim that this program changes lives for
eternity! Details on our website, or talk to Paul
or Russ.
Church Congregational
Please join us on Tuesday, February 10th at 7pm
for our annual congregational meeting. We’ll be
presenting our 2015 budget, sowing vision for
2015, and seeking to dialogue with each other.
Prayer and Fasting
We’re entering a time of corporate prayer & fasting
this week. Please check our website for details of
when we’re getting together throughout the week.
Pickup a copy of our prayer & fasting focus on the
back table or check your email.