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 NMI Prayer Mobilization Line
November 19, 2014
“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”
1 Chronicles 16:11 NIV
PLEASE MAKE NOTE: With the Thanksgiving Holiday next week, we will not publish an email
edition of the Prayer Mobilization Line (PML). The next edition will be published on December 3,
2014. New and urgent requests will be posted on PML’s Facebook page throughout the
Thanksgiving break –
Street Kids Camp
MADIO, meaning to be clean inside and out, was the theme of a camp held in Madagascar last
month for street kids. One of those kids was Dona, an orphan. During the camp, Dona showed
great improvement as she was given individual attention, fed three meals a day, bathed, and just
loved. When Dona arrived at the camp, her hair was orange, a sign of malnutrition. After her few
short days of receiving regular food and care, the orange in her hair had started to change back
to its natural, dark color.
Praise God for this year’s Madagascar Street Kids Center*camp, for Dona’s physical
improvement, and for the 379 other children who attended. We believe that God is working in the
hearts and lives of the children. Please pray for Dona, the children who participate in programs at
the Street Kids Center, and the work of the Church of the Nazarene in Madagascar
*Madagascar Street Kids Center is officially called “AMI-4.” AMI-4 represents four characteristics
the center encourages children to develop. The “A” stands for ankizy, the Malagasy word for
child, and the four characteristics all begin with “MI”: mino (believe), minantra (learn), mitombo
(grow), and mikajy ny sony (respect his or her rights).
Kidnapped Pastor
On Friday, November 14, we received word that a Nazarene pastor serving in a “sensitive area”
had been kidnapped and that a heavy ransom was being demanded. The church went to prayer.
On Saturday, November 15, we received this word from a field leader, “Give thanks to the Lord.
Because of your prayers God opened the doors, God is always faithful. Pastor that was
kidnapped is back home. Details of the nature of his release are not available.” Thank you Lord
Jesus for your protection and faithfulness. Please pray for security in sensitive areas of our world,
we don’t want issues like this to make the believers and leaders leave the places where they live.
Fuente de Vida Church’s Plant
Praise God for what is taking place at a church plant in Quito, Ecuador. The Fuente de Vida
(Fountain of Life) Church planted the new church which is about 45-minutes away from the
mother church. The plant has six families attending and they worship under a tent. Last weekend
they showed the JESUS Film and thirty people came to the front to receive prayer. Pray for the
six-families of the church plant as they minister to the people who attended the film showing. Pray
for the members of the Fuente de Vida church as they support the people at this new church.
Sierra Leone – Hope in Seeming Hopelessness
Nazarene JESUS Film leaders in Sierra Leone continue to invite people to see the JESUS film,
and they lead many to the Lord in the midst of the Ebola outbreak. The leaders are seizing the
opportunity to offer hope in what some call a hopeless situation. Rev. Vidal Cole says, “I am
moved to tears at their steadfastness in sharing the Gospel message where illness and even
death could strike. Their dedication is an example for us all and a fulfillment of what we are called
to do, to lay down our lives for our brothers for the cause of Christ.” Well done good and faithful
servants, may the Lord keep you in His embrace!
Malawi Storm
Please join us as we pray for those affected by a sudden storm that blew over Malawi Lowershire
District in Africa on the afternoon of the 11th of November 2014. The storm damaged half of the
district house, destroyed 3 Nazarene church buildings, and many homes in the area. Pray for the
provision of material for repairs and for peace as they process the loss.
Orality Training in Senegal
Leaders in Senegal engaged in three days of training on narrative storytelling in October in order
to reach people in their communities. Each zone leader was given the task to develop three new
preaching points this year utilizing the same method Jesus used—storytelling. Storytelling
effectively transcends the barriers of culture and religion when sharing the Gospel. Pray for the
leaders of Senegal, that they will not give up, but continue the call of God to reach those who
don’t yet know Christ in a country where so many people have yet to hear the Good News.
December Missionary Prayer Focus
During the month of December, Verne E. Ward, director of Global Mission will be praying
specifically for the following missionaries. Please join Dr. Ward and pray for:
Peni and Talisua Fakaua, Papua New Guinea
Clarance “Dale” and Emmalyn German, Swaziland
Peter and Jenny Isaac, Vanuatu
Pierre and Emmauise Jacques, Haiti
Nathaneal Picavea, Costa Rica
David and Betsy Scott, Croatia
Carol Skinner, Hungary
Arthur and Antje Maria “Annemarie” Snijders, Eurasia Region
Please remember to pray for missionaries who serve in creative access or secured areas.
District Superintendents
Please join NMI in praying for these individuals who God has called to shepherd pastors and
churches around the world in the role of District Superintendent.
Today’s district superintendents are from countries on the South America Region:
Edilberto Solano Castro, Peru Sur
Jose David Acosta, Peru Sur Central
José Rivera, Peru Utcubamba
Jesus Bernat Pintos, Uruguay Norte and Uruguay Sur
Serafin Camargo, Venezuela Andino
Julio Rivera, Venezuela Centro Occidental
Carlos Cordero, Venezuela Lago
Rafael Trejo, Venezuela Llano Occidentales
Eudo Prado, Venezuela Primero
May the Lord add His blessing to the work of these district superintendents.
Thanksgiving Offering for the World Evangelism Fund
Across the globe we use funds from the Thanksgiving Offering to preach the Gospel, to offer a
drink of water in Jesus' name, and to alleviate human suffering. Please pray that the funds
received in this year’s offering will be effectively used to make Christ known in the nations. Thank
you, Lord, for your continued provision for the ministries of the Church of the Nazarene.
General Superintendents
Please pray for the ministry and safety of the general superintendents who are traveling this
Jerry D. Porter
J. K. Warrick
Eugénio Duarte
David W. Graves
David A. Busic
Gustavo A. Crocker
Thank you for your praying!
“God’s seasons are not at your beck. If the first stroke of the flint doth not bring forth the fire, you
must strike again. God will hear prayer, but He may not answer it at the time which we in our
minds have appointed; He will reveal Himself to our seeking heart, but not just when and where
we have settled in our expectations. Hence the need of perseverance and importunity in
supplication.” —C.H. Spurgeon