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World Focus
“We were encouraged by being
a part of World Focus in June.
I think our last WF was in 1996.
What a year to return!”
– Ridge and Connie Orr,
Cooperative Missionaries
with OMF
Feedback from our World Focus Conference this
summer at Bonclarken in Flat Rock, NC, has been
positive and encouraging. From missionaries, children, leaders and laypersons we have
heard the good news that the Conference was worthwhile and to some, life changing. And
we give God praise for this. Following are a few quotes from five of the many missionaries
who attended the event.
“We had a number of delightful and fruitful conversations during World Focus. One
which was especially memorable was Sarah Ellen’s conversation with a young woman
who is seriously considering God’s call on her life as a missionary. Sarah Ellen was able
to encourage her by saying that we had two daughters who are in missionary service and
was able to introduce her to Rebekah (Germany) and Emma (Scotland).”
– John and Sarah Ellen Carson, MT3
“The Lord was gracious, and World Focus turned out a success. We ended our time
at Bonclarken with a two-day missionary retreat [after World Focus]which included a
lovely time of Bible study, prayer and fellowship with missionaries we’d only read about
previously. We feel grateful to be a part of such an incredible group.”
– Dariusz and Brooke Bryćko, candidates to Poland
“In the Short-Term Missions booth, children were given the opportunity to “Go on a STM trip.” They selected their country, currency,
language and what they needed to pack. With their little suitcase,
they showed their passport and boarding pass, and found their seats
on the plane. We talked about how long the flight would be and
pretended to serve them their lunch. Upon “arrival,” we looked at
pictures of previous trips and talked about what they would do on a
STM trip. One boy said right away that he knew what to do.... ‘tell
the children about Jesus!’ He got it absolutely right!”
I recently had the privilege of reading a letter sent from a Pakistani
pastor to Ron Brunson, one of our retired missionaries who, with his wife
Pam, continues to provide invaluable ministry and service in volunteer
missions for World Witness. The Brunsons were missionaries to Pakistan
for several years. Rev. Sohail Sardar writes this letter to “Dr. Ron,” his
friend and former co-laborer in Pakistan, and I share it as a reminder to
you that our work for the Lord, our prayers and our support for missionaries bear ongoing,
powerful, eternal fruit for the glory of the Lord. Here is that letter.
“Hello Respected Sir! How are you Dr. Ron? I hope
that you are fine in Jesus Christ. I am glad to writing you
this letter after a long time. I never forget all that time
which we have spent with you and indeed we learn a lot
from you. I would love to mention that throughout of my
ministerial career you contribute a big role. I still remember you took me as a volunteer worker for ARP Youth
Ministry in 2008 and in 2009 you send me to ZBI and
then with your encouragement and guideline you send me
to Gujranwala theological seminary on 2011.
“Respected Ron with your care and guideline, now I Rev. Sohail Sardar (seated left)
am graduated (Master of Divinity) from Gujranwala the- and his father, Pastor Sardar
(standing behind him) meet with
ological seminary on 22nd March and presbytery ordain Mark Bhatti, Mission Property
me on 28 June. Synod Exactive gave me responsibility of Manager, and Andy Howard, Field
Director (both seated at right).
ARP Church’s Christian Education.
“Dr. Ron still you are in our Heart and we never forget your work, indeed it was marvelous. Still we appreciate your heart for Pakistan especially
for Pakistani youth and Sunday schools. We have need still your guideline. We have need
Christian Education program in our church more than before. . . .
“We love you Dr. Ron and Pakistani Church have need you again with new tasks and
goals for the spiritual revival and for the thousands souls.
“In Prayers, Rev. Sohail Sardar”
Scotland: Pray for God’s provision as the Pikes and Olsons prepare for service in Scotland. Pray for
opportunities for both families to share their ministry vision with churches and small groups.
Change Service Requested
Short-Term Ministry: Pray for those children and youth who heard the Gospel during the various summer camps and outreaches. - Pray that whole families will come to Christ as a result of the Gospel seed
sown over the summer. - Pray for Shelia Osborne and the fall events involving short-term missions.
One Cleveland Street, Suite 220
Greenville, SC 29601
Chile: Pray for the English classes and the children’s Jesus
Club and for the Youngs and Kings as they minister in these
outreaches. - Pray for God’s comfort and provision for the
children who attend the Jesus Club who seem to be often left
alone, without proper care. - Pray God will send more students
and children to these outreaches.
Asian: Pray for Cooperative Missionaries, Ridge and Connie Orr, as
they teach children and adults in Bible studies.
September 2014
– Juan Carlos and Ruth Bonilla, Spain
by Rebekah Carson
“The reason I’m asking you all these
questions is because I want to be a missionary!” said the young girl who approached
me at World Focus.
What a joyous time of seeing and celebrating what God is doing all over the globe,
as World Witness workers from around the
world gathered at Bonclarken in Hendersonville, NC, for World Focus. Speaking to
this nine-year-old, who already feels called
to full-time missions work, was a highlight
for me. After sharing with her what I get to
do in Germany, she even voiced interest in
perhaps moving there one day! Praise God
for sensitive hearts who hear His voice and
willingly respond in faith.
I have committed to praying for this girl
weekly, along with others who expressed
an interest in full-time ministry overseas. Is
there a young, or not-so-young, person in
your church who is interested in full-time
Christian service? Would you commit to
praying for and encouraging them as they
pursue this call? May the Lord continue to
raise up harvesters for the harvest!
by Jeff and Suzanne Allers
- Shelia Osborne, Short-term Ministry
“World Focus was a wonderful reunion of many World Witness missionaries and all of
the ARP agencies, where we were able to share what God is doing around the world. It
was a blessing to spend time with so many families and pastors that pray for and support
our family.”
September 2 014
by Frank van Dalen, World Witness Executive Director
An article from a German newspaper,
“Die Welt,” in 2012, entitled, “Why Eastern Germany Is the Most Godless Place
on Earth,” said that according to a recent
study, atheism is very much alive and well
in the eastern part of Germany. More than
60 percent of Berlin residents have no registered religious affiliation, and Berlin has
been described as the “atheist capital of
For this reason, we return to Berlin, as
of August 1. We are being sent to “pass on”
the good news of God’s saving power and
eternal plan for the Germans who have not
yet heard. God’s face literally beams with
joy as He considers His family and those
who are coming to faith in Him.
We are thankful for our time of refocusing and renewal at Bonclarken and for the
support of the Reformation ARP Church
families during our
time of home assignment. At the World
Focus Conference in
June, we were overjoyed to see the Lord’s
amazing work in all
Allers at the airport the countries World
Witness serves.
As we return to Berlin, we rejoice to see
our friends and renew relationships with
our Philipp church. Jeff will be working
with the church and local Christian school
to begin a youth ministry partnership, while
continuing to investigate partners and locations for a future multicultural ministry. We
are thankful for your prayers and support.
Please do not forward or post this information
on any website without permission from World Witness.
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The Board of Foreign Missions of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
“The promise is for you and your children and for all who are
far off – for all whom the Lord our God will call,” -Acts 2:39