This Week - January 18 -January 25
1:30 PM
Korean Service
Monday, January 19
7:00 PM
ESL Conversation Class
8<to December 15
Tuesday, January
9:30 AM
Ladies Tuesday Blessings Bible Study
Friday, January 23
11:00 AM
Family Prayer Time
Saturday, January 24
8:30 AM
Men’s Breakfast
Sunday, January 25
10:30 AM
Worship Service
1:00 PM
Family Luncheon (see insert)
1:30 PM
Korean Worship
January 30-Feb 1
February 5
February 28
March 15
Dangerous Question #2 “Who Is Jesus”
Pastor John will be sharing with us this morning from
1 John 1-14 and other scripture.
Missions Fest (Vancouver)
Seniors Luncheon
“Improving Your Serve” at Blue Mountain
Mission Focus with Scott Campbell
Note Of Thanks “Thank you Church Family for your cards, visits,
lovely flowers and especially your prayers when I was in the
hospital in December. They were very much appreciated. Happy
New Year to you all!”
~ Love Olga Papou
1. Those under the care of the Great Physician
Esko Kauppinen (in hospital for Palliative care passessment)
Diane Peters
Many with the cold and flu virus
2. Those attended by our Elders & Watchcare Ministry
Menno Home Velma Johnston, Olga Papou, Lydia Froese
Menno Pavilion - Roy & Siggy Smith
Menno Terrace E. - Vera Vose,
Menno Terrace W. - Jean Bickle
Cedarbrook (Mission) Herman Hall
Sherwood Manor - Lucy Welwood, Coron Nicholson
Tabor Home Phyllis McLean
The Cottage Esther Edwards
Assist’d/Indp’t Living - Margit Blomkvist, Shirley Navratil,
Rae McAllister, Jean Ashton, Dan Nicholson
3. Missionaries.
Pray for our Missionaries Dan & Evangeline Birtles serving in Mexico
Pray for Dan and Vange as they work with Wycliffe Bible Translations.
Working together with their team to translate the scripture in to the Zapotec
language. Praise that their son Michael is feeling better after his illness of
Mono. Praise their daughter Antonia is adjusting to Canada and college.
* Mark your calendars for a Missionary Focus evening with our Missionary
from Quebec, Scott Campbell. Sunday March 15th.
January 18, 2015
4. Our Church Family
Praise for the great time we had with Bernard Mukwavi last weekend.
Pray for many in our church suffering with colds. Pray for those dealing with
grief. Remember Ruth Klassen at this time.
5. Our Children, High School & University Students
Pray for our children, students and teachers as they attend school and work
Worship Service 10:30 AM
Korean Service 1:30 PM
Contact Information:
Pastor John Wyness: 604-996-9304
Email: [email protected]
6. Our Community, Province and Country
Pray for our city Abbotsford. Help each one of us to reach the lost for
Pray for British Columbia. May this Province be an example of Christ,
to the rich the poor and in between. We all need the Saviour.
Pray for Canada. Pray for our Men and Woman in service here in Canada
and abroad. Protecting us as a nation.
7. BCBC Church Of The Week
Pray for Blue Mountain Baptist Church in Coquitlam. Pastor Curt Bruneski
is lead Pastor and Brad Bruneski is the Youth and Worship Pastor.
Abbotsford Baptist Church is affiliated with the British Columbia
Baptist Conference and the Baptist General Conference of Canada
Church Office:
Marilyn Kauppinen: 604-853-5821
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours:
Tuesday to Friday
9am - Noon
Korean Contact:
Pastor David Kim