Church Bulletin for the week of December 14

St. Andrew Parish
3rd Sunday of Advent
The gift shop at Mother of Sorrows Pioneer Shrine in Mabou will be
open Saturday, December 13 th & Sunday, December 14th from 1 to 3 pm
all merchandise in the shop will be 50% OFF. Telephone 902-945-2221.
December 14, 2014
Pro-Life calendars are now available for purchase at the glebe house at
the cost of $20 each. Please phone Pat at 902.863.4846 if you wish to
purchase-they would make a great Christmas gift.
Weekend of Grace for Women - The 9th annual Weekend of Grace for
Women, with keynote speaker Dr. Mary Healy, will be held
May 1, 2 and 3 at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax. Dr. Healy was recently
appointed as a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, a group of
biblical scholars who serve as consultants to the pope on biblical
matters. She speaks nationally and internationally on topics related to
Scripture, the theology of the body, and the spiritual life. Attendance
through pre-registration only and registration is now open. Early-bird
registration of $155 before December 31, 2014. Visit
PLEASE NOTE: The Heatherton Kitchen Party which was scheduled
for this weekend has been cancelled and will resume again in January.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
3868 Hwy 316, St. Andrews
Visit the community website at
Immaculate Conception &
St. Francis DeSales
Pastor, Charles Cameron
[email protected]
902-863-4846 or
fax 902-863-2346
5:00pm Giant’s Lake
6:30pm St. Andrews
Baptisms are held on Sundays
drop by the office to register.
Marriage contact Father
Charlie Cameron at 902-863-4846
Preferable six months prior to
your wedding. Marriage Course,
April 25, 2015, call 902-863-5987
[email protected]
Heatherton - 9:00am
St. Andrews - 10:30am
Monday 9am Heatherton
Tuesday 6:30pm Paq’tnkek
Wednesday 9am St. Andrews
Thursday-9am Heatherton
Friday 9am St. Andrews
Pastoral Council
Chair, Henry VandeWiel 902-863-4268
Vice-Chair, Sisca MacHattie 902-863-1717
Secretary, Pat MacLean 902-863-5072
Reconciliation, see the Christmas
schedule on the next page.
St. Andrew’s Parish Religion classes will resume Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014.
St. Francis DeSales Immaculate Conception St Andrews Bell Tower
Pope Francis Challenge: "The joy of the Church is to give birth; the joy of
the Church is to go out of herself to give life; the joy of the Church is to go
out to seek the sheep that are lost; the joy of the Church is precisely the
tenderness of the shepherd, the tenderness of the mother," Concluding his
homily, the Pope called on the faithful to pray for grace of being joyful
Christians, because some may have organizational perfection in the
Church, yet are barren and do not give fruit of joy. "May the Lord console us
with the consolation of a Mother Church that goes out of herself and
consoles us with the consolation of the tenderness of Jesus and His mercy
in the forgiveness of our sins."
Christmas Poinsettias or a donation for flowers in memory of your loved
ones is now being accepted. Please mark your intention so that the name
can be included with the ’St. Andrews Christmas Memoriam ’.
Scheduled Ministries: Sat., Dec. 20 at 6:30pm/Sun., Dec. 21 at 10:30am
Children’s Liturgy: Penny MacDonald, Maggie MacDonald
Altar Servers: Ceilidh, Hannah D / Nella, John Albert, Maria
Communion: Marg. James, John / Annette, Theresa, Joanne
Lectors: Mary W, Owen / Harry, Garry
Hospitality: Jerry, Mary / Jamie, Duncan, Rodney, Les
Social Action Committee: If anyone knows of an individual or family
in our community who could use a little financial support this Christmas
season, please contact the glebe or Sisca MacHattie at 863-1717.
Prayers for Priests and Deacons in the Diocese of Antigonish for the
month of Dec. is now available near the bulletins. Please take a copy.
Inviting All Children: The Knights of Columbus are inviting all children
age 5 to 15 years to draw a picture of a Christmas Stable scene and
colour it. The drawing is to be original, free-hand on regular 8 x 11
computer paper and is to be brought to your parish church on Sunday
Dec. 21st where it will be posted for all to see. Please print your name
and age in the bottom right hand corner.
The Parish Council invite children to the last practice for the Children’s
Pageant for the Family Mass on Christmas Eve, December 24 at 7pm
that will be held at the church on Saturday, December 20th at 10:30a.m.
Religious Formation Classes: Classes will resume for grades 1-8 on
Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at the school.
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Thank you for your contributions and support: December 7th we
received $1,385.10 in 94 envelopes and loose; Maintenance Levy $1770
(total $3,837) Living with Christ Missals $51.60 and Christmas Cards $75.
Church envelopes for the 2015 year are available at the main entrance of
the church. The envelope numbers have changed for everyone in an
effort to reduce costs; we have reduced the number of boxes we order. If
you are not on the list and would like a packet of envelopes, please take a
packet with a clear label and be sure to fill out the information on the first
envelopes you use for your contributions or call 902-863-4846.
St Andrew Parish Social Events Committee will have their
Christmas Bake Sale on December 13/14 in the Martha Room following
the masses. We will have two draws on Sunday following the sale; one for
a homemade Christmas Fruit Cake, and another for the ‘Christmas Family
Basket’. Tickets have been sold in various locations and from committee
members, if you did not get your ticket; some will be available at the sale.
We thank everyone for their support!
Parish Communal Celebration – Sunday, December 21 at 1:30pm
St. Andrews December 14th -3:30pm to 4:30pm
December 24th -1pm to 2:30pm
Other times for confession: For the next two weeks Fr. Charlie will be
available (Heatherton) for confession Sunday mornings from 8:30am to
Mass time, and December 24th 11 to 12:30pm.
St. Ninian's – Saturday, December 20th - 10am to 3pm
Monday December 22nd 9:30am to 10:30am
Tuesday December 23rd 9:30am to 10:30am
Dec. 7, 2014 - Did you know that there are five communities of women
religious in the Diocese of Antigonish – Congregation of Notre Dame,
Les Filles de Jésus, Sisters of St. Augustine, Sisters of Charity and
Sisters of St. Martha?
The cleaning of St Francis DeSales Church will take place at 7pm on
Monday, December 22 at 7pm.