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Dear Queen of Peace Catholic Academy Families,
Attached you'll find our Queen of Peace Catholic Academy Faith Form for the 2015-2016
school year. Along with our new online registration process this year, you’ll find that our
faith form has a new look. It consolidates information and outlines how you’re living out
your faith life through our community. Just as before, families indicate the ministries in
which they serve and now the form has been expanded to include which Mass you attend
and how often.
With five Masses each weekend, we need your help. Envelope usage creates a record of
your participation. On the envelope you may note the hours your family serves in ministry
and you’ll even see that you may write in your goal to follow Christ more closely in the
week ahead. Electronic payment households are also encouraged to use their envelope
weekly and mark that gifts are made electronically.
For those of you whose home parish is not Queen of Peace Catholic Community, please
have your pastor complete the form and return it to the school office.
Thank you for all you do and the sacrifices you make to ensure a Catholic education for
your student/s. Together we are able to build the kingdom of God and prepare our students
for the richness of a life lived in faith.
God Bless You,
It is not by accident that the collection is
taken up at the offertory. Along with
gifts of bread and wine, we offer
something of ourselves, the first fruits of
our labors, to be brought to the altar as a
sacrifice so that we may be made holy.
Don’t miss the “teachable moment” of
using your offertory envelope at Mass
each week to show thankfulness and
generosity. Your gift of time, talent and
treasure is your sacrifice and praise to the
Statement of Faith and Responsibility
Parent/s Name__________________________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________________
City/State___________________ Zip ________Email _______________________Phone_______________
I/we choose to provide our child/ren (named below) with a well-rounded, dynamic, advanced, Catholic
Name/s of Child/ren, Grade/s and School/s
I/we acknowledge that essential parts of that full preparation for life education are the practice of faith and
weekly church attendance as a family.
Name of Parish _________________________________________________________________________
I/we understand that in order to qualify for the active, fully-participating Catholic rate, I/we are registered
parishioners at the parish mentioned above, faithful to my/our continuing faith formation and sharing my/our
time, talent and treasure with my/our parish. I/we understand that my/our family’s level of participation
determines whether tuition is assessed at the active, fully-participating Catholic rate or the non-active/nonCatholic rate.
Our active participation in the parish is demonstrated by:
We attend the _______ (am/pm) Mass at least ______(#) weekends of the 52 weeks per year at the
parish named above. (Note: Regular attendance is defined as no less than 40 weekend Masses each
year. Your envelope usage enables us to record your Mass attendance. Even if your offering is made
electronically, your weekly envelope usage is still needed to create an attendance record.).
We are involved in the following parish ministries:
_________________________________ _________________________________
_________________________________ _________________________________
_________________________________ _________________________________
We gratefully support our parish financially.
We have completed and turned in our 2015 stewardship covenant card.
Parent/s Signature and Date
_____ This family registered at our parish on ____________________________ (date).
_____ The above family is active in our parish as outlined above.
Signature of Pastor