February 1, 2015: The Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

February 1, 2015: The Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Holy Eucharist at 8:00 a.m.
Service begins on page 67 of the Book of Common Prayer.
Morning Prayer (said) at 9:45am at the Lady Altar
Holy Eucharist at 10:30 am
We provide all the text for worship in the leaflet. The hymns,
however, are in Common Praise, located in the pew racks.
Coffee Hour. A time of refreshment and conversation is held after the
10:30 service each week at the back of the Church. All are welcome.
Readings for Today
Deuteronomy 18:15-20, Psalm 111,
1 Corinthians 8:1-13, Mark 1:21-28
Readings for Next Sunday: The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
Isaiah 40:21-31; Psalm 147:1-12, 21c
1 Corinthians 9:16-23; Mark 1:29-39
Weekly Prayers Cycles
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Diocese of Luwero, Uganda.
Canadian Cycle of Prayer: The Provincial Synod of the Ecclesiastical
Province of Canada.
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Bishop Linda Nicholls.
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada: Dean, council, &
congregations of the Ottawa Valley & Seaway Areas of the Eastern
Illustration for today: Called The Exorcism, this miniature
illustration comes from the personal prayer book (breviary) of
the Duc du Berry by the Limbourg brother’s studio. It dates
from 1416. Reserved for the Third Sunday in Lent in the
prayer book, the details of this piece bring us a serious looking
Jesus (dressed in purple in the front left) casting out a demon
from a younger person being held by their mother by
pronouncing a blessing. The dark shadow of a dragon,
symbolizing the demon, floats over the head of the person
while a crowd of onlookers stand in awe at the power of Jesus.
Advisory Board: The Advisory Board will meet today after
the 10:30 a.m. service in the Britton Room.
Archbishop’s Motion for Vestry. A copy of the 2015 Vestry
Motion called Taking Action on Climate Change is available at
the entrances. Over the coming weeks, I would like to invite
you into conversation on this wide-ranging and challenging
topic. Different from previous motions provided by the
Archbishop for consideration, we have been asked to see how
we may engage in this topic on a parish level.
Income Tax Receipts for 2014. Please see Claudine Chow
after the services today to pick up your Income Tax receipt.
Monthly Mass in Spanish/misa en español. The next mass in
Spanish will be held on Saturday, February 7th at 6:00 pm.
Refreshments will be served after the service in the Britton
Nuestra próxima misa en español celebramos el 7 de febrero a
las 6:00 pm. Tengamos los refrescos después la misa en la sala
de Britton.
Pancake Lunch. We will hold our annual Pancake Lunch on
Sunday February 15. If you would like to help, please speak
with Kathy Hodge or Phyllis Dennis.
Family Day 2015. The office will be closed on Monday
February 15 for the Family Day long weekend.
Annual Vestry Meeting. Our Annual meeting of Vestry will
take place on Sunday February 22, 2015 after the 10:30am
service in the Church Hall. Please note: there will be only
one service that day. Please forward Vestry reports to Mary
(electronically if possible) as soon as possible. The Vestry
report will be available via the parish email; will be projected
on the large screen during the meeting, and in hard copy.
A light soup lunch will be provided before the meeting.
Nominations for Vestry. The nominating committee will soon
be putting together the slate of elections for this year’s Vestry
meeting. If you would like to nominate someone for election
(with their permission), please speak with Kathy Hodge.
Silent Auction Fundraiser: Our Silent Auction fundraiser
will be held on March 14 (Saturday). Please see the insert for
ideas of items that could be donated to make this event a great
success. If you would like to be part of the organizing team for
this upcoming community event, please speak with Dilys Jones
or contact the office.
Newsletter for Lent. Our next edition of Glad Tidings will be
available on Sunday February 22. The deadline for
submissions or articles to the office is Sunday February 8.
St Jude’s Cycle of Prayer. Beginning soon, we will introduce
a weekly cycle of prayer drawn from within the families and
ministries at St Jude’s into our services. If you have any
questions about this, please speak with Father Greg.
Flowers and Candles: If you would like to donate flowers and
candles, the sign-up charts are now in the Narthex. Please print
clearly the name of the persons that the flowers/candles are for
and your name.
Reel Faith @ St Jude’s. The next
installment of Reel Faith will be,
‘Quartet’ (PG-13) on Saturday
March 7th The film will begin at 3:30pm
in the Britton Room.
A retirement home for musicians sets
the stage for the most dramatic
celebration of the birth of Verdi
England has ever seen.
Greetings from Bible Buddies Sunday School
Education for younger members (called Bible Buddies Sunday
school) meets in the Britton Room during our 10:30 am service
each week. If you would like more information or to help out
with Sunday school, please contact Monique Hodge through
the office.
Needed: The Prayer Shawl Ministry is in need of people to
knit or crochet prayer shawls. If you are able to assist with this
ministry please contact Karen Ball who will provide you with
yarn and the pattern or you can contact the church office. Any
assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.
I was just wondering? Will return soon.
Please don’t forget to ask those questions that you are
wondering about!
Honorary Assistants
The Rev. Gregory Carpenter
The Rev. Eric Howes
The Rev. Canon Brian Prideaux 416-693-7338
Loving God, we uphold those who are ill or in hospital:
Rashad, Donald, Pansy, Rita, Verna, David, Mary Lynn, Betty,
Cathy and Wayne, Ron, Elvina, Ray, Nori & Shelly, Audrey,
Kamal, Winnie, Laurolin, Charlotte, Elma, Sam, Stan Hall.
God of Love, we uphold our shut-ins, our homebound and
nursing home parishioners:
Jean, June, Lorna, Harold, Gwen, Mildred, Bill, Lola, Etta,
Balwant & Shanta, Frank, Maria.
Lay Pastoral Assistant
Augusto Nuñez
Monique Hodge
Kathryn Ellett
Fredy Gonzalez
Parish Secretary
Mary Wilcox
Choir Director & Organist
Senan Whelan
Hector Agudelo
Church of St. Jude, (Wexford)
Congregation formed in 1848
10 Howarth Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, M1R 1H4
Phone 416-755-5872
Fax 416-755-8068
Altar Guild
Betty Lamb
Anglican Church Women
Betsy Worthington
Loving God, we uphold before you those with chronic or
long-term illnesses:
Elsa, Anna, Theresa, Eileen, Lynette, Geri, Dwayne, Shirley,
Emily, Ron McCorry, Sybil, Joe, Becky, Marie, the Carter
Family, Robert, Isabelle, Marvyn, Lawrence, Rick, Dave,
Linda, Doritt, Naome, Michael, June, Tom, Shanela, the White
family, Scott, Irene & Family, Eugeny, Bill, Susan Anne.
Booking of Church Facilities
Parish Office
Cemetery Board
Ken Drope
Choir (Thurs. 7:30 p.m.)
Christian Education – Adult
Madeleine Ironside
Fr. Greg
Christian Education – Children
Monique Hodge
Sunday Coffee Hour
Joe Samuels
Envelope Secretary
Claudine Chow
Fellowship Club
The Barkers
We remember those who are in need:
Alexander, Sean, William, Gina, Ethan, Martha, Alexander.
Food Bank Coordinator
Martha Baquero
Gardening Committee
George Grace
We remember those who have died:
Greeters Group
Mary Wilcox
Lay Administrators
Karen Ball
Lay Member of Synod
Walter Jones
Judy Boundy
Ken Drope (alternate)
Mary Wilcox
Outreach Committee
Evelyne Carter
Property Committee
Nicolas Castañeda
Readers Guild
Karen Ball
Servers Guild
Monique Hodge
Sidespersons Association
Derek Smith
Sound System
Ted Fullerton
Nancy Pearson
Alcoholics Anonymous
Friday at 7:30 pm.
Beavers – Tuesday evening
Judi Baker
Brownies – Monday evening
Michele Fryer
A Child’s Place Day Care
Michael Slaney
We welcome you to this vibrant Anglican parish
community that has served this part of Toronto since
1848. We hope you will find our parish to be an open
and welcoming faith community.
We are fully
wheelchair accessible.
Hearing assist devices
available upon request.