Hayley Channer Australia Areas of expertise: Korean peninsula

Hayley Channer Australia
Areas of expertise: Korean peninsula, Northeast Asia, WMD, Australia's
security partnerships. Hayley Channer has been with ASPI since June 2012.
Her main research interests include Northeast Asia, WMD related issues,
Australia's security partnerships, and human security. In early 2014 she
was a Visiting Fellow at the East West Center in Washington DC
researching the US rebalance to Asia and what US allies in Asia can do to
support the rebalance. In 2013 she spent time as a Visiting Scholar at the
National Institute of Defense Studies (NIDS) in Tokyo where she analysed
Australia-Japan defence relations. She has presented at international
conferences in the US, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia and published on
subjects such as Australia-Japan-South Korea defence cooperation, North
Korea's nuclear weapon program, and Australia's defence cooperation
program with Pacific Island countries. Before joining ASPI Hayley worked
for former Australian Ambassador John McCarthy AO and for the
Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) national office. She
completed a Master of International Studies at the University of
Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, who might rightfully be called the Dean of this Roundtable 2, has characterized
Hayley as “one of the rising stars in Australia”.