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ln!. J. Etttnomics und Accouttting. l/ol. 4, No. 2. 2013
Stock option freud detection and an analysis for its reasons:
Arabic Republic of Egypt case
Trtkia M. Alaa Eldeen arul Ahned F. Elbaytumi
The finenciel condition of Nigerian benks: en evatuetion
Jonathan Njoku and Eno L. Inango
On the informetion content of eudit opinion: evidence from the Tunisian
Stock Exchange
Faten Hakim Ghorbel and Mohamed Ali Omri
Examining bclief adjustment model on investment decision making
Luciano Spica Almilia and Supriyadi
Voluntary disclosure in the annual reports of Fijian companies
Umesh Sharma and Howard Davqt
lnternational Journal of Economics and Accounting
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lnt. J. Ettmomic's und Acuunting. Vol. 4. No. 2. 2013
Examining belief adjustment model on investment
decision making
Luciana Spica Almilia"
Perbanas Business and Banking College,
Nginden Semolo No. 3zl-36 Surabaya 601 I 8, Indonesia
E-mai I : [email protected]
*Corresponding author
Faculty of Business and Economics,
Gadjah Mada University,
Jl. Nusantara, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 5528 l, lndonesia
E-mail: [email protected]
Abstrrct: This research aims to examine the influence of order effecB and
of sequence (EoS)] or belief
adjustment model on investment decisions making. The contribution of this
research to the accounting litcrature is the cxistence of Belief Adjustmcnt
model developed by llogarth and Einhorn that will be resred in this study in
rcsponse mode [a step by step (SbS) ard an end
setting the investment decision.
Experimcnt mcthod is used to examine the research hypotheses. Final
participant(s) in this research werc (are) 93 people who are accounting students
majoring in accounting at the private university in Surabaya lndonesia. The
resuls of this study show that a step by step (SbS) response mode tends to find
significant recency efTect, while judgment that require only onejudgment at the
end of the evidence series. Meanwhile, an end of sequence (EoS) response
mode tends to find no recency effect.
Practical implications of the research is to understand the impact of the
presentation of accounting information, lhe order of information presentation,
and the presentation of information investment decision pattern. For lhe Capital
Market Supervisory Agency (BAPEPAM), this research may contribute to
setting policies rclated to information order and disclosure pattem.
Kcywords: slep by step; SbS; end of sequerrce; EoS; order effect; recency
effect; investment decision.
Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Almilia, L.S. and Supriyadi
(2013) 'Examining belief adjustment model on investment decision making',
lnt. J. Economics and Accounting, Vol.4, No.2, pp.l69-183.
Biogrrphicel notes: Luciana Spica Almilia holds a Master of Science from the
Accounting Department at Cadjah Mada University - Indonesia. She is a
Senior l,ecturer at the Deparunent of Accounting, Perbanas Banking and
Business College, Surabay4 lndonesia- His research interest is in the fields of
information system and financial accounting. She has already published in
international joumals such as lnternatiottal Jownal of Business Infurmotion
Systems, Journal of lndonesia fuonomic and Business, university of the Thai
Chamber of Commerce - lnternotiorral Jownal of Business and bonomics,
and, Accounting and Taxation.
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