Decision No. CIC/YA/A/2014/000747 dated 30-01

August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place,
New Delhi-110066
Date of Hearing
Date of Decision
Shri Dilip Kumar Routh
Shri Vinod Seth, CPIO & Asst. Commr.
Shri P.K. Chaudhary, RC & CPIO Burdwan
Shri A.K. Agarwal, RC & CPIO R-III
Coal Mines Provident Fund Organisation
Information Commissioner
Shri Yashovardhan Azad
Relevant facts emerging from appeal:
RTI application filed on
PIO replied on
First Appeal filed on
First Appellate Authority (FAA) order on
Second Appeal received on
Information sought:
Appellant sought information with respect to form PS-6 for settlement of widow/ orphan/
children/disabled pension after the death of the employee.
Relevant facts emerging during hearing:
Both the parties are present and heard through video conference.
Appellant sought the above information by filing an RTI application dated 30.09.2013. PIO &
Regional Commissioner, CMPF, Asansol, vide reply dated 06.11.2013 provided information to
the appellant on points (i) to (iii). PIO CMPF Hqrs. Dhanbad provided the information with
respect to point No.(iv). FAA vide order dated 09.01.2014 disposed of the first appeal with the
observation that the information available on record has been provided.
Appellant submitted that the correct information has not been provided to him as Sahaj form
was replaced in place of PS-6. Respondent submitted that they have not received any direction
from the appropriate authority to replace Sahaj form in place of the statutory form PS-6. They
have also submitted that the necessary guidelines on the subject have also been issued from
time to time for the beneficiaries. They further submitted that the information sought and
available on record has been provided.
After hearing both the parties and on perusal of record, the Commission is of the view that the
information as available on record has been provided to the appellant.
The appeal is disposed of accordingly.
(Yashovardhan Azad)
Information Commissioner
Authenticated true copy. Additional copies of orders shall be supplied against application and
payment of the charges prescribed under the Act to the CPIO of this Commission.
(B.D. Harit)
Deputy Secretary & Deputy Registrar