Decision No. CIC/BS/C/2012/000542/4499 dated 05-02

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File No. CIC/BS/A/2013/000532/4499
05 February 2014
Relevant Facts emerging from the Appeal:
Mrs. Pratibha Mehra
194-E Civil Lines,
Behind Civil Court,
Bareilly – 243001, U.P
CPIO & Joint Director (Training)
Regional Directorate of Apprenticeship
M/o Labour & Employment
ATI Campus, Govind Nagar,
P.O. Udyog Nagar, Kanpur - 208022
RTI application filed on
PIO replied on
First appeal filed on
First Appellate Authority order
Second Appeal received on
No Reply
No Order
Information sought:
The applicant has sought the following information:(1) Whether any restriction were imposed on admission and examination in 2008-09, in any
Private ITI’s/ITC’s (already affiliated with NCVT Trades) in Bareilly District through RDAT,
Kanpur? [Yes or No]
a. If yes then provide information regarding following:a) When and why the above aforesaid restrictions were imposed. [Please provide
detailed certified documents in support of this]
b) Please provide the certified photocopy of the entire file related to above aforesaid
restrictions, which should include the remarks/file notings made by all officials/clerks.
c) With regard to each official/clerk who handled the above aforesaid restrictions
dossier[both when it went down the hierarchy and up the hierarchy], please provide
the following:Date of receipt in his/her office
Date of dispatch from office
Number of days taken to process the above aforesaid restriction
d) What is the normal stipulated time period in the Director’s office for
handling/deciding such aforesaid restrictions?
b. If No then provide information regarding following:
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If there is No such imposition of any restrictions, made by this Directorate, on the affiliated
Private ITI/ITC and if still such affiliated Private ITI/ITC and its trainees suffered from such
imposition? Who is the official responsible for this grievance? What action will be taken
against him/her?
Grounds for the Second Appeal:
The CPIO has not provided the information.
Relevant Facts emerging during Hearing:
The following were present
Appellant: Mr. Rajesh Mehra appellant’s representative through VC M: 9412738286
Respondent: Mr. Sanjay Kumar CPIO’s representative through VC M: 8765727895
The appellant’s representative stated that the respondents vide their letter reference no.
RDK/RTI/State/2011-12, dated 18/12/2012 have informed that ‘Admission and Examination of
Private ITI/ITCs doesn’t come under the purview of the RDAT Kanpur’ and he will be satisfied if
the same is confirmed by way of declaration. The CPIO’s representative stated that he will go
through the records and either provide a declaration as above or give a revised declaration.
Decision notice:
As agreed by the CPIO’s representative a declaration as above should be provided to the
appellant within 15 days from the date of receipt of this order.
The appeal is disposed of accordingly.
Information Commissioner
Authenticated true copy:
(R. L. Gupta)
Dy. Registrar/Designated Officer
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