May 2014 Minutes - Madeira City Schools

M adeira H igh School P T O Meeting M inutes
M ay 21, 2014
Mary Long called the meeting together at 9:32 am.
Members Present ± Mary Long, Angie Philpott, Sandy Feist, Steve Kramer and Peggy Groenke.
Steve reminded everyone that tomorrow night at 7:30 is Baccalaureate. He said at the last Board
meeting they had recognition for several groups including the choir, the Latin convention students
and the top seniors. The Board has hired 4 teachers. Laura Baker will be a new 6th grade math
teacher, Shelby Van Uum will be a new 3rd grade teacher, Chelsea Farrell will be a new first grade
teacher and Jennifer Bracken will be a new special education teacher. They have narrowed down to
selection of the new additional business teacher to 2 applicants and will announce that selection at the
next Board meeting. Also, Kelli Claxon will move to the High School to teach English and Stephanie
Ruehlmann will teach 12 grade English. The Middle School will have 5 teachers per grade level.
The Board also adopted the salary schedule.
7UHDVXUHU¶V5HSRUW± A ngie Philpott
Angie said she deposited $101 from Market Day. We also gave the After Prom $300 after the
variance was approved for that in April. We paid $445 on AP tests that was requested by Tom Olson.
The ending balance is $5,461.09.
New Business
1.Furniture Request - The motion was made by Mary Long to pay $326.23 for furniture for
and it passed.
2. Receptions -The PTO will be doing the Baccalaureate reception and the Graduation reception.
The servers are signed up and the cookies have been ordered.
3. Scholarship Committee Update ± We had several applications for the scholarships and both
scholarships were given out.
4. Secretary for 2014-2015 ± Mary Long nominated Debbie Graeter to be the secretary for the
upcoming school year and Sandy Feist seconded the motion. It was passed.
Standing Committee Reports
1. Ways and Means ± Sandy Feist reminded everyone that we have a fundraiser with City BBQ
on Sunday, May 25 and the coupons are on the web site that are to be given to City BBQ for
PTO to get credit for the sale.
2. After Prom ± Next year the After Prom co- chair people will be Michelle Mitchell and Cory
3. Market Day ± The next pick up day will be May 27 and the final one for this school year will
be June 17.
E xecutive Committee Reports
Approval of the April 2014 Minutes ± Sandy Feist motioned to approve the April minutes and Mary
Long seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.
A nnouncements
Graduation practice and Senior Picnic ± Today
Baccalaureate ± Thursday, May 22 7:30 pm
Graduation - May 24, 7:30 pm
Memorial Day: no school
Exams grades 9-11- May 27-May 29
Early Release - May 29 last day of school for students
Market Day ± Tuesday, June 17
Mary Long motioned for the meeting to be adjourned and Peggy Groenke seconded it.
Respectfully Submitted,
Peggy Groenke
Recording Secretary
*minutes pending approval at the next meeting