Bulletin - St. Mary Roman Catholic Church

Sunday, February 1, 2015 – 4th Sunday in
Ordinary Time
5:30 pm
Jeannine Blais
8:30 am
Eleanor Milam
11:00 am
For the People
Monday 2/2 Feast of The Presentation of The Lord
No Mass
Tuesday 2/3 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Joseph Simons Family
Wednesday 2/4 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Ian Matthews & Family
Thursday 2/5 Memorial of St. Agatha, Virgin & Martyr
Sam Chico
Friday 2/6 Memorial of St. Paul Miki & Companions,
June DeBiase Cooley
In the event of a Funeral Mass, Closing or Delay of
School – there will be no daily Mass.
Sunday, February 8, 2015
5:30 pm
8:30 am
11:00 am
For the People
Donna Faye Bodiford
Tony & Barbara Audia
Sunday, February 1st
Religious Education
Parent Meeting – Peace Hall
Kidzone (ages 6 month to age 3)
Youth Group
Monday, February 2nd
Social Committee meeting
Wednesday, February 4th
Sunday, February 8th
Religious Education
Kidzone (ages 6 month to age 3)
7:00pm - 8:30pm Diocesan Youth Ministry Night
Next Weekend’s Ministry Schedule
SATURDAY, February 7th, 5:30 p.m. Mass
Lectors: Cathy Merovich & Wanda Fizer
Eucharistic Ministers: John Cavalier, Pat Ford, Maria
Garcia, Tanya Musick, Lovely Joseph, Jim & Pauline
Parrish, Janice Price, Sandy Vanin, Judy Yednock
Ushers: Vicki & Darrel Auch, Mary Lynn Cocco, Pius
Joseph, Kristina & Isabella Rollo, Roger Swyck, Paul Yue
Altar Servers: Christian Sedney – Cross
Roxy Vasil & Vinitha Joseph– Servers
SUNDAY, February 8th, 8:30 a.m. Mass
Lectors: Scouts
Eucharistic Ministers: Barbara Born, Mike Callen, Ida
Chico, Helen, Michael, Demitria, Marty & Joann Derrico,
Brian Donnelly, Lisa Ann Gresko, Stephanie Simpson
Ushers: Chuck Donnelly, Cindy Miranov, Doug & Marie
Patchen, Katy & Karen Petros, Regis Rouamba, Tony
Altar Servers: Jack Hudson - Cross
Kevin Donnelly & Luke Hudson – Servers
Joseph & Thomas Yanchak - Candles
SUNDAY, February 8th, 11:00 a.m. Mass
Lectors: Dale & Jackie Stemple
Eucharistic Ministers: Heather Brun, Joseph & Mona
Feghali, Christopher Fletcher, Colin Frosch, Dody
Kolanko, Matt Lacy, Alex Lugo, Debbie Payton, Kathy
Switzer, and Stephen Zitney
Ushers: Virginia Aultman-Moore, Barbara Fedikovich,
Vince Kolanko, Phillip Koloff, John Sellaro, Scott Stupar,
Alexis & Mark Switzer
Altar Servers: Aimee Fletcher – Cross
Charlie Kerzak & Ben Fletcher – Servers
Michael Fletcher & Andrew Kerzak – Candles
Michael Fletcher - Thurifer
Our 8:30am Liturgy is live on the radio on
1300AM WCLG every Sunday.
Friday, February 6th
The Bread, Wine & Tabernacle Candle the week of
February 1st are in memory of Samuel Chico, Jr. from
Saturday, February 7th
-11:00am Baptism Prep
St. Ursula Food Panty - Hygiene items needed: bar
soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc.
Baptism Prep Our next baptism preparation class is
scheduled for Saturday, February 7th, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. If
you desire to have your child (under age 7) baptized,
register for the class by calling Kathy at 304-225-1163.
Youth Ministry Night Sunday, February 8th, from
7:00 – 8:30pm. The Diocesan Office of Youth and
Young Adults Ministry and the missionaries from the
Bishop Hodges Pastoral Center will be offering a
program entitled Collide: True God – True Man. The
evening will be a fun, action-packed, faith-filled
explosion of faith for students in the 7th – 12th grade.
We also invite parents and other adults interested in
helping with youth ministry to join us. The evening is
FREE and is here in St. Mary Peace Hall.
Elimination Dinner
Saturday, February 14th at 6:30pm
St. Mary Peace Hall
The price is $65.00 per ticket which admits 2 for
dinner, drinks and a chance to win $1200.00. Free
babysitting will be available. We will be selling
tickets after mass or at the office.
Empty Bowls
Annual Soup and Bread Luncheon to combat
local hunger is Saturday, February 28th at Mylan
Park from 11:00am to 2:30pm.
Tickets are $15 each, but children 10 and under eat for
free. (Children eating for free do not receive a ceramic
bowl.) Tickets are available for purchase at the Parish
Office (Monday – Friday) 8am – 4pm.
If you would like to volunteer by serving soup, helping in the
kitchen, or baking 5 dozen cookies, etc., sign-up sheets are
in the back of church.
This Week’s Stewardship of Time and Talent
In gratitude for God’s gifts of time and talent to us,
we gratefully acknowledge and salute:
Those who helped with the Bulk Mailing.
Giving Summary
Last Sunday’s Offering
Church in Latin America
Building Fund
Message of the Week
Mark 1:21-28
“The people were astonished at his teaching, for he
taught them as one having authority and not as the
scribes.” Jesus was doing something different. His
teaching was new, fresh, surprising. And just in case
those who heard him doubted his legitimacy, Jesus
proved his authority by more than words; he cast out
evil spirits. When the people witnessed Jesus
commanding “even the unclean spirits” and saw that
these spirits obeyed him, they were “amazed” at this
“new teaching with authority.” What our Jewish
ancestors experienced is recorded for us to bolster our
own faith. Although we were not there to see these
events unfold, if we meditate on the reality of today’s
Gospel story we will also be astonished and amazed.
Jesus is more than a teacher. He is more than a kind
man with an attractive philosophy. Jesus has power
over the spiritual world! His authority over us is real.
And he exercises this authentic authority for our own
good. He has the power to do away with evil and to
set us free, both through his teachings—passed on to
us in the Bible and in the Church—and through his
action in our lives. We only need to follow his lead.
Questions of the Week
Mark 1:21-28:
Why do you think Mark records an exorcism as Jesus’
first miracle?
Deuteronomy 18:15-20:
Why do you think Moses’ prophecy ends with such a
dire warning?
1 Corinthians 7:32-35:
How does your faith life assist you in being “free of
Our parish is participating in
Living the Eucharist. This
Lenten spiritual program
provides us with opportunities
to grow in our faith through
learning more about the Eucharist, participating more
actively in Sunday Mass, and Living the Eucharist
each day as a disciple of Jesus. This weekend and
next are our Sign-Up Sundays. We will share with
you more about this spiritual renewal program and
you will have the opportunity to sign up for a small
The small groups meet six times during Lent. Sign up
and make this Lent an enriching spiritual experience!
Financial Statements have been mailed to all St. Mary
registered members. If you did not receive one or you have
any questions please call the parish office. 304.599.3747
Confirmation will be celebrated on Tuesday, April
28th with Bishop Bransfield. Any adult who would
like to be confirmed please contact Sister Rachel at
304.685.7733 or [email protected] for
Social Committee Meeting - MONDAY evening
(Feb. 2) at 6:30 p.m. in the Library Lounge at St.
Mary. Our agenda will include, but not limited to,
the results of the 12 Days of Christmas ticket, the
Elimination Dinner (Feb. 14), the parish Mardi Gras
(Feb. 17), six pierogi dinners beginning Feb. 25 and
other upcoming events. New members always
Food Service Cards – Please be advised, Food Service
Worker cards are required for all those preparing and/or
serving food at St. Mary functions. Classes are offered at
Monongalia County Health Department 2nd Tuesday of the
month. Call 304.598.6702 for more information.
Our Lenten Pierogi Dinners at St. Mary Church will
be 25 February through 1 April. Keep an eye out
next weekend for the ‘pierogi tree’ festooned
with paper eggs, which have suggested items to
Thank You from Mingo County - Thank you all for
your incredibly generous response to the WVU
Newman Center's shoe and winter coat drive for
Christian Help of Mingo County. I was touched to see
not only an incredible amount of donated items, but
also many new and high quality items that were
never even used. The parishioners of St. Mary's
definitely go above and beyond the call of duty! I
took some of the donations to Kermit myself, some I
sent, and a few I ended up giving to Christian Help of
Morgantown, where it will also go to good use. Once
again, thank you so much for your incredibly
generous response, God bless you all! – Adam Rossi
Latin Mass - The next Latin Mass will be at St.
Patrick Church, 210 Center Ave, Weston, WV on
Sunday, February 8th, 2015 at 6:00p.m. Our celebrant
will be Fr. George Manjadi. As the Extraordinary
Form Mass follows the 1962 Missal and the 1960
liturgical calendar in effect at that time, the Mass on
February 8th will be Sexagesima Sunday.
Care of the Sick, Homebound, Hospitalized or those in
Nursing Homes – When a parishioner is confined at home
or in a hospital or nursing home, please get in touch with
Sr. Rachel at 304-685-7733. She will be happy to make
arrangements to bring Holy Communion. If the Sacrament
of the Sick (Anointing) is needed, contact
Fr. DiBacco at 304-599-3747.