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Visit of 29th Jan - 1st Feb 2015
Dear Members and Friends of The Christian Community in Christchurch,
I hope that you have had a good start to the new year. When on holiday we have a break
from the normal routine of life, from all those things that can easily be too much and the
cause of stress. Finally we can rest and catch up on some sleep! - But is this really so? All
too often we cannot easily switch from one mode of living to another. For many people,
these days, sleep does not come easily just because we have some spare time.
Visiting Priest:
Hartmut Borries 09 525 2305
[email protected]
Contact Hartmut during the
visit at the home of Donald
ph:03 332 2933
Services are held at:
Hohepa Recreation Centre
23 Barrington Street, Spreydon
Carrying Group:
Hartmut Borries
09 525 2305
Heidi Gilgenberg
03 331 7207
Paddy Gilgenberg 03 332 2458
Benjamin Wolpert 03 328 7526
Donald Palmer
03 332 2933
Chris & Sigrid Mc.Turk
03 3129 208
Christchurch Treasurer
Benjamin Wolpert 03 328 7526
Clifford van Wely
03 325 5778
[email protected]
Paddy Gilgenberg
03 332 2458
Marinus La Rooij
03 331 7677
Ulla van Erp
03 337 0024
National Council Rep.
Donald Palmer
03 332 2933
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There is something else, which hopefully we haven't
experienced. But it can happen to anyone. When we are no
longer in our normal environment, having to answer to our
daily responsibilities, we are no longer held up by our daily
routine and we sink. Yes, you may know what I am trying to
describe, we sink like a stone thrown into a pond, into lethargy
and some low region of the soul where light is lacking. Why is
that? Because we are not made of wood! Wood doesn't need to
do anything in order to stay afloat. The human being needs to
move, needs to be active in order to stay afloat. We need to
swim. Inactivity makes us sink; we won't stay where we have
been, we go backwards and downwards. Holidays have the
danger of doing this to us, when we confuse them with
In olden times this was well known. The day of rest was
reserved for spiritual activity. All usual work stopped so that
there was space and time to reconnect with the Divine. What
happened on the Sabbath or Sunday was different from all
other days. These were days of celebration and worship, truly
holy days of re-creation, because people knew how to
reconnect with their creator.
At the beginning of the year it may be a good time to look at
our religious practice and see how we can be strengthened by
it. We may not want to return to a world of breathless activity
and stress. Everyone needs a break, needs truly holy times
each day, week and month. Not only once a year in summer.
“Following a Spiritual Path – Shepherds and Kings” will be our
theme for Friday evening, when we will look at our inner
journey in connection with Epiphany and Christmas.
For Sunday after the service we plan a community meeting
with some music and singing and an opportunity to look back
at the last year and forward to the coming year. A good time to
share ideas and explore possibilities for the time ahead.
Wishing you well for the coming weeks until we will meet
again at the beginning of February
Hartmut Borries
Tuesday, January 6.................Matthew 2:1–12
Sunday, January 11..................Matthew 2:1–12
Sunday, January 18.....................Luke 2:41–52
Sunday, January 25.......................John 2:1–11
Sunday, February 1.....................Luke 13:10–17
February 8.............. Matthew 20:1–16
February 15 .....................Luke 8:4–15
February 22 ...............Matthew 4:1–11
March 1.................... Matthew 17:1–13
Sunday, March 8........................Luke 11:14–36
Sunday, March 15..........................John 6:1–15
Sunday, March 22..........................John 8:1–12
Advent festivals...what a joy celebrating
together the beginning of the Christian year
with a great group of people. Children
joined in singing like angels, the stories
were told with enthusiasm and creating
strong pictures we can carry with us into
the New Year.
Amazing creations have been made over
the four Advent Sundays. I treasure the
experience of seeing earth, rocks, plants
and animals adding to the form and
walking the spiral and watching others.
Thanks to all the people and families who
prepared and contributed to each of the
Advent Sunday celebrations.
This year we are looking for others who
would like to prepare and share in our
colourful festivals, where we can deepen
our understanding of the meaning and also
grow in our spiritual life walking closer
with Christ.
Don’t forget our Community
meeting (AGM) after the Sunday
services at Hohepa on 1st February
at 11.30, where we can reflect on all
that’s happened in The Christian
Community both here and
nationally as well as look forward
to the year ahead.
At Hohepa Recreation Centre,
23 Barrington Street, Spreydon
Friday 30th January
Setting up of the
Talk: Following a Spiritual Path
– Shepherds and Kings
At Helios medical centre, 275 Fifield Tce.
(rear door)
Saturday 31st January
Act of Consecration
of Man
Study Group
Carrying Group
Sunday 1st February
Family Gathering
Children’s Service
Act of Consecration
of Man
Morning tea followed
by Community Meeting
Future Priest Visits:
January 29th – February 1st
March 5th – 8th
April 3rd – 5th
May 1st – 3rd
July 2nd – 5th
July 30th – August 2nd
September 3rd – 6th
October 1st – 4th
December 3rd – 6th
Easter Sunday
St. Johnstide
2nd Advent
The Little Market... a great opportunity to
bring, buy and exchange: Art work, crafts,
books, some eggs and garlic and maybe
some surprises.
Bring your items, produce, some cash, and
a basket in January
Contact for this weekend:
Sigrid 03 3146 999
Every little item counts- making a big
Thank you for your contribution to The
Christian Community in New Zealand