Bulletin February 1, 2015 - St Athanasius Orthodox Church

This Week in the Parish
Saturday, January 31
• 4pm Great Vespers & Church Dedication
• 5:20pm Wine & Cheese Reception
• 6pm Banquet
Sunday, February 1
Publican & Pharisee Sunday
• 9:30am Hierarchal Divine Liturgy & Ordination of
Subdeacon Simeon to the Holy Diaconate
• 12pm Parish-wide Potluck (Team I - setup/cleanup)
• 12:30-1:15pm Bread Ministry (Team B)
• 6-7:30pm HS Girls Meeting
Sunday, February 1, 2015
Publican & Pharisee Sunday
Forefeast of the Meeting of the Lord in the Temple
Readings for Today
2 Timothy 3:10-15
Luke 18:10-14
Monday, February 2
Meeting of the Lord in the Temple
•7am Festal Matins for Meeting of the Lord in the Temple
•8am Festal Liturgy for Meeting of the Lord in the Temple
Tuesday, February 3
• 11am Moleben for Local Needs
Wednesday, February 4
• 6:30pm Vespers
• 7:20pm Christian Education: Video of Interview
w/ confessor Fr. Roman Braga
Friday, February 6
• No Matins Today
• 7pm Men’s Night at Carl’s
Saturday, February 7
• 6:30pm Great Vespers (no confessions)
• 7:30pm Inspired, sponsored by St. Elizabeth Sisterhood
Sunday, February 8
Prodigal Son Sunday
•9am Sunday School
•10am Divine Liturgy
•12pm Fellowship Hour (Team II)
•12:30pm Children’s Book Party
•12:30pm-1:15pm Bread Ministry (Team C)
•6-7:30pm Youth Group Meeting (scavenger hunt)
This weekend we will Dedicate our new Church building,
and Ordain Subdeacon Simeon Siskar to the Holy Diaconate!
On Monday, February 2 we celebrate the Feast of the Meeting
of the Lord in the Temple and our 13th anniversary
as a parish of the OCA. Glory to God!
St. Athanasius Orthodox Church
100 Lime Lane, Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356
The Most Blessed Metropolitan Tikhon, Primate of the OCA
The Most Reverend Archbishop Nikon of Boston,
Locum Tenens of the Diocese of the South
Reverend Justin Patterson, Rector
Church Office Phone: 859-881-8144
Fr. Justin Cell: 859-361-2823
Office Email: [email protected]
Fr. Justin Email: [email protected]
Welcome Guests and Visitors! Please sign our guest book and let
one of the greeters know you are visiting with us today so Fr. Justin can
welcome you at the end of Liturgy. Please feel free to ask us any
questions you may have about our service. Holy Communion is open to
all baptized Orthodox Christians who have fasted from food and water since
midnight, had recent Confession, and are at peace with neighbors.
Welcome to our Dedication/Ordination Weekend! We are honored to have so many visiting clergy, their spouses, former parishioners, and friends with us to celebrate this weekend with us. Everyone is invited to stay after Liturgy to enjoy fellowship and a potluck in the parish hall. Parish-wide Photo will be taken outside in front of the church immediately
following Liturgy (our first at this new location).
Feast of the Meeting of the Lord in the Temple is Monday, February 2. We will
serve Matins at 7am and Liturgy at 8am on this feast day.
Moleben for Local Needs is prayed each Tuesday at 11am. All names on our
prayer list are prayed for by name as well as names submitted prior to the
service. Service lasts ~30 minutes and everyone is welcome!
Vespers at 6:30 on Wednesday. Our Christian Education class will follow. Fr.
Justin will show a video of an interview with confessor Fr. Roman Braga.
No Matins on Friday, February 6.
Budget Update as of Jan. 25
Budget YTD = $80,979.36
Offerings YTD = $64,114.29
Difference = ($16,865.07)
Attendance Jan. 25
Mortgage Principal
Adults: 66
as of 12/31/2014
Children: 51
Visitors: 6
St. Elizabeth Sisterhood is sponsoring the following upcoming events:
Saturday, Feb. 7 after Vespers--Inspired! Monday,Feb. 9, 7:30pm --Scent of Holiness discussion at Ellie Sutter’s
Friday, Feb. 20, 7pm--Parish movie night featuring The Priest by
Vladimir Khotinenko at Ellie Sutter’s.
Men’s Night at Carl’s house on Friday, February 6 at 7pm
Inspired! will be held on Saturday, February 7 following Vespers. Featured
speakers will be Kriss Whitman, Danny Partin, and Tommy Evans. Plan on
supporting this event, planned by Mattie Greathouse, to help us get to know
our fellow worshipers better.
Catherine's Pascha Book Party for kids will be next Sunday after the
fellowship hour. Michelle McCallum will read this book by Charlotte Riggle
about the Orthodox celebration of Easter. Order forms for books will be
provided: $10 for paperback and $25 for hardcover. New Icon of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr Former parishioner Daniel
Werner painted this beautiful icon for us. If you feel piety towards St.
Elizabeth, please consider making an offering to offset the cost of $750.
Ellie lives at 247 Glendover Road, Lexington, KY. For questions or
more information contact Mary Bradshaw.
Thanks to Mr. Don Lourie, Josh's father, for donating the new Royal Doors of
the iconostasis to the church.
Basket for Subdeacon Simeon is in the conference room if you would like to
place a small gift for his Ordination to the Holy Diaconate and/or make a small
contribution to the remaining balance on his new vestments
No Confessions next Saturday (Feb. 7). Fr. Justin will hear confessions on
Sunday during Sunday School or call him for an appointment.
Bread Ministry
Jan 31
Feb 1
Bert Walther
Ben, Patrick, Jared, JP,
Michael, Liam (dk), Silas (dk)
Rebecca Walther
Lilliana Greathouse
Alina Rizea
Team B (Gann’s,
Ben Worthington)
Potluck( Team I
John Mize
Rebecca Wilson
Laura Walther
Mary Cook
Feb. 7-8
Ryan Winter
David M, Ian,
Jared (dk), Michael (dk)
Suzannah Reeves
Grace McCallum
Alina Rizea
Team C (Olga Saito,
Volunteer Needed??
Team II
Jordan Henderson
Volunteer Needed??
Tim Powell
Sarah Holiday
Feb. 14-15
Rick Cook
Patrick, Jared, JP,
Silas (dk), Liam (dk)
Beth Walther
Mandariah Reeves
Mary Bradshaw
Team D (Lisa Powel,
Linda Frangedakis)
Potluck (Team
III cleanup)
Alina & Daniel Rusu
Mary Cook
Ellie Sutter
Feb. 21-22
Simeon Siskar
Patrick, Jared, Liam,
David (dk), Silas (dk)
Robyn Cook
Teresa Powell
Mary Bradshaw
Team A ( Sarah Holiday,
Frederica Lewis)
Potluck (Team
IV cleanup)
Paul & Linda
Tim Powell
Rebecca Wilson