Newsletter page 2 - Holy Trinity RC Church

Those who have died recently;
Mary Mahony, Nancy Hopkinson, Doreen Clarke,
Hildegard Fisher, Liam Browne,
And all who have No one to pray for them.
Those whose Anniversaries occur this week;
Magdalene Bull, Patrick Tyman, Teresa Bryan, Joseph
Matema, George Kerry, Ignatius John Partington, Stephen
Bernard Churcher, Fr Louis Drury, Fr Roger Birks, Fr John
Forest Holden, Eunice Mills, Shirley Cox, David Roy Rose,
Patrick Cashin, Mgr Edwin Henson, James Maher, Jack Black,
Sandra Duggan, Clare Brace, Michael Hickey, Michael Loftus,
Martin Ward, Frederick Keeton, James Marley, Festy Ward,
Richard Flynn, George Wilson, Georg Nowacki, Helen
Waterson, Violet Deane, Joseph Musker, Loretta Mackness,
Tadeusz Wybraniec, David Broadhead, Fr Albert Basil, Annie
Baltiche, Doris Castro, Rachel Crowson, Archbishop Edward
Bagshawe, Fr Stephen Hodskinson
Those who are sick;
John Scott, James Donovan, Joe Walsh, Peter Richardson,
Gordon Leask, Liam Boyle, Geoffrey Courtney, Amber
Harrington, Danny Marum, Martin Dempsey, Mary Reilly, Nick
Smith, Alan Wood, Margaret Rawlin, George O’Brien,
Margaret McGuinn, Maria Wright, Anthony Hoole, John Tyler,
Mary Gibson, Catherine Morris, Joanne Marum, Anne O’Neill,
Stephen Clark, Helen Ainly, Biddy O’Brien, Kathleen Botton,
Mary Jones, Rosanna Hughes, Hughie Furey & Anne Ryan.
The Year of Consecrated Life: The Day of
Consecrated Life falls on Monday February
2nd, which is also the Feast of Candlemas.
Pope Francis has asked us to pray and
give thanks for our Consecrated
men and women, sisters, brothers and
priests. We pray especially for the Religious within our own
diocese and in particular in our own parish of Holy Trinity
and for the Benedictine Hermitage in Elston.
Vocation to Solitude
To deliver oneself up, to hand
oneself over, entrust oneself
completely to the silence of a wide
landscape of woods and hills, or
sea or desert, to sit still while the
sun comes up over that land and fills its silence with light.
To pray and work in the morning and to labour and rest in
the afternoon, and to sit still again in meditation in the
evening when night falls upon that land and when the
silence fills itself with darkness and with belong
completely to such silence, to let it soak into the bones, to
breathe nothing but silence, to feed on silence, and to turn
the very substance of life into a living vigilant silence.
Thomas Merton (from Into the Silence)
Luncheon Club
The current team has run the Luncheon Club for the past
ten years but now we need a new team to take over so that
people in the Parish will continue to enjoy the opportunity to
meet and share a meal. Enquiries to Fr Michael via Sue in
the Parish Office or by txt/pho to his Mobile(during recovery)
Parish Diary and Community Centre
Tuesday 3rd February - Holy Trinity Baby &
Toddler Group. – 1pm to 3pm - £1 per
child – everyone welcome. 2.00pm Craft
Group – If anyone would like to join the group, they
are very welcome
Weds 4th February – 2.00pm Leisure Club: New members
Thurs 5th February – 2.00pm Catholic Women's Guild
6.00pm Slideshow for Children’s Cancer Charity followed by
KSC Meeting
Friday 6th - Family Friday Club Free Entry, Bar and Tuck Shop
Saturday 7th KSC Coffee morning – 3.00pm Choir Practice in
the Church: New members always welcome!
7.30pm Entertainment – Music with Sean Kelly
The Spiritual Bouquet. Prayers &
Dedications for the month of February are:
which has the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, we
consider the sick. We think especially of the rights for life
from cradle to grave, disabled rights, the fight against
euthanasia etc.
Meeting – KSC Next meeting is on Thursday 5th February
at 6.00pm – preceded by a slideshow showing the work of
Margarita Knibbs, for a Children's Cancer charity in
Ghana. There will be a coffee
morning hosted by the Knights on
Saturday 7th February, after
10.00am Mass and the proceeds will
be in aid of this Charity. Please come
along and support – everyone is
Happy Moments, Praise God. Difficult moments,
seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful
moments, trust God. Every moment, Thank God.
Holy Trinity FC - winner of the Fourth Draw for £50 in the
100 Club is No 14 - Steve Gallagher
Catholic Woman's Guild - The next meeting will be held at
2pm in the centre on Thursday the 5th of February
Church Linen Rota – volunteers needed – please contact
the Parish office
Situations Vacant
The Federation of English Martyrs, Oakham and St
Augustine’s, Stamford, Catholic Voluntary Academies is
seeking to appoint an Executive Head Teacher as from the
Autumn Term 2015 ( or earlier if possible). Full details are
available from EPM, The Federation’s HR providers, at
[email protected]. The closing date for applications is
February 6th 2015
St. Thomas Catholic Primary School, Ilkeston are
currently advertising the position of Head teacher due to
retirement. For more information please visit the School’s
website or contact the
School, email [email protected] or
telephone 0115 9320550. Closing date 2nd February 2015.