February 2015 - Church of Saint Paul

by Father Tim Norris
Dear Parishioners,
Happy Feast Day! The Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul (January 25)
is a yearly reminder of how God has a calling and plan for each one of us,
even if we are great sinners or seem to be unlikely candidates for God’s
service, as was St. Paul. We may live out that calling in different ways,
whether as lay people or clergy, in married and family life, or in the
consecrated religious life, but all of us have a basic vocation to be Jesus’
disciples and to bring Jesus’ presence to those around us, so that they too
can know Him and the power of His grace to save us and give us new life.
Pope Francis has designated 2015 as the Year of Consecrated Life. In
this year we want to give special thanks to God for all the women and men
who have served and continue to serve the Church in so many ways in the
consecrated life. Through their dedication and union with the Lord by
living out the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, they inspire us all
to give ourselves more fully over to God and the work of His Kingdom.
We are blessed to have a number of vocations to the consecrated life from
our parish, including Sr. Christine Marie (Gina Liebsch), Br. Damien
Joseph (Benjamin Novak), Sr. Mary Faustina (Emily Kenney), Br. Mary
Peter (Joseph Kenney), Sr. Mary of the Heart of Jesus (Sheila Kenney),
and Julie Taube (Order Consecrated Virgins - Living in the World). Please
prayer for God’s blessings on them and all living the consecrated life, and
that God will continue to raise up many new vocations to the consecrated
life from our parish and throughout the world to serve His Holy Church.
God bless,
February 2015