September 6, 2014

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Rabbi Zwickler can be reached
via email at [email protected]
Shabbat—Ki TEITZEI– 11 Elul 5774- September 6, 2014
Early Mincha at the Ashur Shiva
home, 10 Porter Road 5:00 PM
Carlebach Minyan 6:45 PM
7:04 PM
7:10 PM
8:00 AM
Sephardim 8:30 AM
Main Shul 9:00 AM
Beit Midrash
9:15 PM
SZ K’Shema
9:41 AM
Rabbi Zwickler’s Afternoon Shiur 5:50
PM- "Embracing Elul's Opportunities"
Chevra Shas will not meet this
6:40 PM
7:52 PM
8:02 PM
Yosi Baumol from Sderot will be
speaking at Seudah Shlishit.
REFUAH SHELEIMAH: Please keep in
mind and in your tefillah the names of
those in need of a refuah sheleimah:
Chaim Aber ben Gittel
Eliezer Baruch ben Bina
Moshe Refael ben Shifra
Eliezer Zev ben Eta Raasha
AviNoach Yitzchak HaCohen ben
Pesha Itka
Reuven Berel ben Mariam Zelda
Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen ben
Devorah bat Rachel
Shoshana Malka bas Chaya Zelda
Fruma bas Chaya
Devorah Baila bas Basya
Sarah bas Freyda
Rivka Bat Miriam
7, 7:30, 8 & 9 AM
8:00 AM
7:05 PM
Late Maariv
10:00 PM
6:35 & 7:25 AM
Sephardim/ Selichot
5:30 AM
6:15 AM
7:05 PM
Late Maariv
9:45 PM
6:50 & 7:30 AM
Sephardim/ Selichot
5:30 AM
6:15 AM
7:05 PM
Late Maariv
9:45 PM
6:50 & 7:30 AM
Sephardim/ Selichot
5:30 AM
6:15 AM
7:05 PM
Late Maariv
9:45 PM
6:35 & 7:25 AM
Sephardim/ Selichot
5:30 AM
6:15 AM
7:05 PM
Late Maariv
10:00 PM
6:50 & 7:30 AM
Sephardim/ Selichot
5:30 AM
6:15 AM
Candles 6:53 PM
Mincha 7:00 PM
Eliezer Zwickler, Rabbi
Alvin M. Marcus, Rabbi Emeritus
Yosef Sharbat, Assistant Rabbi
Larry Liebman, President
The Torah handouts for the month of September are sponsored by Boni and Martin Moskovitz to
commemorate the Yahrzeit of Boni’s beloved father, Dr. Ralph Loebenberg, Raphael ben Mordechai, a”h.
Kiddush this Shabbat is sponsored by the members of the Kiddush Society.
WEB DVAR with Rabbi Zwickler—CHECK IT OUT!
Rabbi’s Message:
The Torah is our handbook for life.
Just as we are instructed in regard
to the process of marriage, we are
also taught the method used when
divorce is necessary. Our Parsha
delineates that the husband must
give his wife a “get” in order to
dissolve the marriage. According to
the Shulchan Aruch a man is
forbidden to give a get without
cause. The Gemara in Gittin quotes
Bais Shammai as saying that if a
wife spoils her husband’s food, the
husband may legitimately divorce
her if he wishes. A man once
approached Rav Yosef Chaim
Sonnenfeld, ztl the late Chief Rabbi
of Yerushalayim and asked him how
could the Rabbis be so harsh toward
Jewish women that they would
permit a husband to divorce his
wife if she merely spoiled his
food? Rav Sonnenfeld
responded “quite the opposite,
the Rabbis were being protective
of Jewish women”. If a man
were such a fool that he would
want to divorce his wife because
she burned his food, then it
would be better for her to be
divorced from him than to suffer
from him. Elul is a month that is
dedicated to focusing on the
progression of our various
relationships with Hashem, with
our spouses, our children, our
parents, our friends, etc. Let us
focus on the good in our lives and
appreciate the gifts we have been
given in order to be prepared for
the Yamim Noraim and the start
of the new year.
- The entire community is invited to
a Tisch, Friday Night, 9/12 at the
home of Sharon & Rabbi Eliezer
Zwickler, 25 Curtis Avenue.
Did you know.....that Rabbi Zwickler’s weekly parsha shiurim are
available online? Please go to and look for Torah
Learning on the Nav Bar, and then “Parshat Hashavuah”.
Beginning this Shabbat morning, September 6, 2014 "Parsha with Rabbi Zwickler” at 8:30 AM in the
Auditorium before davening.
We honor the memory of the following members of the armed forces and security forces of the United
States who were recently killed in Afghanistan: No new casualty names were released this week.
We would like to welcome Ligal Peretz to West Orange. She is an 18 year old Israeli Shlicha in Jewish
Federation's Rishonim program, being hosted by Renee & Moshe Glick for the next six months.
Annual Sisterhood Rosh Hashana Project
Pick up will be at the home of Feigy Cantor, 65 Stanford Avenue in West Orange on Tuesday,
9/23 from 1 pm – 9 pm and on Wednesday, 9/24 until noon. Our thanks to Sharon & Ed
Zughaft of Capalbo’s Gift Baskets and Deena Buechler of Chocolate Works for their help with
this Sisterhood fundraiser.
It’s time to order your Lulav and Etrog!
We are pleased once again to offer you beautiful lulavim and etrogim.
All orders must be in the shul office before Monday, September 29, 2014.
Standard $45 / Deluxe $60 / Select $80
Pick up will be on Monday, October 6, 2014
HIGH HOLIDAY SEAT SALE! Return your completed application to
the office ASAP.
KIBBUDIM: There is still time to buy kibbudim (aliyot and psichot) for yourself or
anyone - even someone who davens in another minyan. You can also pool with your
friends to buy someone a kibbud. This is a great way to honor or thank a friend.
Please contact our gabbaim: Main Shul: Larry Schiffman, BM: Gary Eisenberg and
3rd Minyan: Joel Segal.
SHOFAR BLOWING—Our team of ba'alei tokea is ready, willing and able to blow shofar for anyone unable to
make it to shul on Rosh Hashana. We have 3 requests for those asking our assistance: 1. Once you have
contacted the Shul office, please do NOT make your own arrangements. It would be unfair to the person who made
the commitment to come to your house. 2. Note that the Shofar Blower will come sometime after lunch and before
mincha. 3.The ba'al tokea will blow thirty kolos. That is the number required to fulfill the mitzvah. Please email or
call the shul if you are in need of shofar blowing at [email protected] or at 973-736-1407.
Sunday, 9/7 at 9:15 AM- Everyone is invited
to the home of Judy & Doni Israeli to support
the West Orange NCSY scholarship
breakfast honoring Roz & Stephen
Flatow. West Orange NCSY ran over 160
events this past year, engaging our teens
with their heritage in fun and meaningful
ways. For more information please contact
Robin Amster.
Monday, 9/8 at 8 PM – All women in the
community are invited to a Mikvah event, a
conversation with Nechama Price, “In The
Bedroom and Beyond”, all your questions
Tuesday, 9/9- Save The Date! Sisterhood
Book Club. More details to follow.
Wednesday, 9/17 at 6PM– Sisterhood pre–
holiday hat show at AABJD. Hats by Steven
Shabbat—Ki TEITZEI– 11 Elul 5774- September 6, 2014
Wednesday, 9/17– The Adult Ed committee
invites the entire community to a Rav Schacter
Shabbat, 9/19-20- "A Pastor's Journey to
Judaism" featuring Rabbi Yaakov Parisi.
Sunday, 9/21 - Join the The Great Shofar
BLOWOUT at Whippany campus. Join 1,500+
people blowing Shofar together to break the
Guinness World Record for largest Shofar
Ensemble. This event is sponsored by The
Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life. Any
questions, please contact Bob Lichtman or
Larry Rein. Sign up on the website: BE A PART OF
There’s nothing easy about
fundraising...actually, now there is.
Open a new
account or register
your current TD
account and the bank
will make an annual
contribution to our
Shul based on the
activity of all of the accounts. If you are
already a TD customer register your
account to Congregation Ahawas Achim
Bnai Jacob and David (code: A3754)
Are you looking to join a friendly neighbor for a meal during the chagim? Looking to enrich your
holiday meal by hosting an individual or family? West Orange Jewish ConnectionZ, a
collaboration of local synagogues' chesed committees, wants to help link you together. Sign up
at: [email protected] or call 973-818-7871.
Thank You to CSS, CSS members and volunteers for providing security detail at the shul on Shabbat. For more info or to volunteer, contact
Tammy Abramowitz.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Shul’s alarm system is ARMED from 11:15pm to 5:55am. The Arks are ARMED at ALL TIMES except during
scheduled minyanim. Please make sure NOT to enter the building from 11:15PM to 5:55 AM. Punching in the code to open the door DOES NOT
disarm the alarm. The police will be dispatched and you may be fined.
 AABJ&D Beit Midrash available daily from
6 AM to 11 PM as a place to learn Torah.
 Monday at 7:00 PM – Women’s Tehillim
group - Contact Ora Bloom for info.
 Mon-Wed 8:15–9:45PM and Thurs 8:1510PM. Teenage boys and male adults are
invited to learn with the West Orange Kollel
rabbis. Contact Steve Malech at
[email protected] or Rabbi Stone at
[email protected]
 Tuesday 10AM —Women’s Parshat
Hashavuah class/ R’ Zwickler.
 Tuesday 1PM, Class by Rabbi Yonah
Lazar at the Datalife offices, 500 Bloomfield
Ave. Verona. Everyone is welcome.
 Wednesday nights after Maariv in the
Sephardic Wing. Navi Shiur “From Judges to
Kings: Exploring the Lives of Shmuel and
Shaul" by Rabbi Yosef Sharbat. Please bring
your own Tanach. Source sheets provided.
Together on Tuesday
 Wednesday from 8:30-9:30 PM, Rabbi Ari
Elbaz of the West Orange Kollel.
NEW TIME!!! Wednesday at 8:45 PM – Havruta
learning- Library. The Group is learning
 Thursday at 8PM- Sephardic Shul, "Thoughts
on the Parsha" by R’ Sharbat .
Thursday at 8:30PM—Gemara Class, Masechet
Beitzah /Beit Midrash/ Rabbi Zwickler.
Shabbat 15 minutes after Kiddush begins- “The
Rav in Thought and Deed” / Main Sanctuary .
Tuesday, September 9-“The High Holidays
in Tales and Stories” by Chaim Lauer,
Hirschhorn educator and lecturer. Chaim
will get you thinking about the new year and
instill a fresh understanding for the Days of
Awe through his presentation of both well
known and lesser known Jewish tales and
stories. For more information contact,
Debbie Druce, Seniors Coordinator. 973736-1407 x240.
NEW!!! Join our expanding Sunday morning
Gemara Chabura after the 8 AM minyan. We
meet each week for 1 hour and cover about half
an amud (page) per week. We are currently
learning Masechet Makos, and should have our
first siyum this summer. For beginners to
advanced. For more information please contact
Moshe Glick [email protected]
 The Youth Deportment is back and
better than Ever!!!
 Onegs are Back! This Shabbat, 9/6- 1 hour
before Mincha at 5:30PM- All kids K5th grade are invited to come to shul for
awesome games, fun and friends!!!
 Shabbat, 9/13 - Birthday Ice Cream
Kiddush for September Birthdays.
Please contact us by Wednesday to
sponsor for your child's birthday!
 Sunday, 9/14 from 1-3 PM- Join the
AABJ&D Youth Department for a family fun
day of Apple Picking! Whitman's Farm
in Morristown, 1111 Mt. Kemble Avenue,
Morristown, NJ 07960. $11 per family plus
the apples you pick. RSVP to reserve your
spot at [email protected]
 Join the AABJ&D contingent that will help
set a new Guinness World Record for the
largest number of people blowing shofar at
The Great Shofar Blowout on
Shabbat Morning Shiur at 8:15 AM in the
Daf Yomi shiur on Monday & Wednesday
evenings at 8pm in the library.
Daf Yomi shiur every weekday morning in
the library after the first minyan.
Sunday morning September 21!
Contact [email protected] or
register and get more information.
 Baby Sitting for Rosh Hashana and Yom
There will be Rosh Hashana
babysitting on both days from 10:30 AM-1 PM
and on Yom Kippur during Kol Nidrei and in
the morning from 10 AM-2 PM. Registration
form will be sent out this week...stay tuned for
more details!
 If you have a child who would like
to participate in any event, but has a
challenge that makes it difficult for him/ her
to do so, please contact us
[email protected] so that we
can make accommodations as needed.
 We'd love to hear your ideas for fun programs
that you'd like to see happen
at [email protected]
 Join Jonathan Liebman and Deena
Goldman for a month of awesome Jr.
Teens Event!!!
 This Shabbat, 9/6 at 4:30 PM in the
AABJ&D youth lounge for Fun, Food, and
Friends! Come eat great snacks and play
awesome games!
 This Sunday, 9/7, get your mini golf game
on at Essex Golf Center at 12:15 PM!
Pizza will be served!! $10 per person.
 Mark your calendars!! Rosh Hashana,
9/25- Join your Jr. Teens friends for a
picnic and games in the park before
 Any questions or comments please
contact us [email protected]
DID YOU In 2011, 226 children were killed in drunk driving crashes. Of those, 122 (54% percent) were riding with the drunk driver. Brought
KNOW? to you by the SSC Committee. (Substance Sensitive Community )