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Mordechai & Adina.
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Happy Birthday to All!!
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11 Shevat, 5775
Parsha: Beshalach
January 31, 2015
It happened on the seventh day that some of the people went out to gather, and they did not find. After Moses said that no
manna would fall on Shabbos, Dasan and Aviram tried to trick the people into thinking that the manna had fallen on Shabbos by
scattering some on the ground at sunrise. Birds came and ate all the manna they had spread before the Bnei Yisroel woke up.
Had the people seen even a small amount of manna on Shabbos after Moses had said that it wouldn't fall might have caused a
tremendous amount of confusion, which could have led to a rebellion against Moses. Once a year we show appreciation to the
birds by feeding them bread. Birds naturally eat. By eating all the manna they didn't do anything that goes against their nature. In
fact they didn't even know that they were doing a great kindness, they just saw bread and ate it. Why then do we reward them
yearly? It is true that birds eat, and eating the manna was not an act against their nature. However, because the eating of the
manna was favorable for us, we need to be grateful for it. Being grateful is not dependent on what drove the benefactor to do the
act; rather it is for the one receiving the kindness to show appreciation - regardless of the intentions of the giver. Focusing on
what you're lacking leads to misery. When one has a sore throat he can focus on his throat - which will then make him gloomy,
or he can focus on the fact that he's breathing fine, his business is going smooth... On average, 90% of things in our life are
good. The key to happiness is to be appreciative - focus on the 90%!
Rabbi Eli Scheller aish.com
NOW. Order online or at the Shul office now through 2/22.
Each bag costs $18.00 and will be available for you to pick
up at the Shul a few days before Purim.
All orders & payment are due by Feb. 22.
Free Continuing Adult Education
at YI Aish LV
Shabbos /Saturday
8:15 am Pre-Shacharis Class
3:45 pm Women learn—Rabbi Wyne
4:00 pm “Survey of the Talmud”
for MEN w/Rabbi Anderson
2 Classes + Hands-On Learning =
YOU doing Shabbos!
GREAT for beginners and
the cautiously curious about how to observe
and ENJOY Shabbos!
Member Occasions
1/30 - 2/5
Bob Dubin
Ayala Ben-Shimon
Lenard Schwartzer
Bob Brown
Ray Zetoony
9:00 am Weekly Parsha
10:15 am The Kashrus Class w/Rabbi
11 - 17 Shevat
7:00 pm Talmud for Men
7:00 pm Laws of Shabbos
7:30 pm Tools for Extraordinary
Henna bat Moshe,
Rabbi Laxmeter CLASSES
Noach WeinbergZT’L
The human brain is a
sophisticated filing
cabinet. Organize in
12 Shevat
brother of Jay Lefkowitz
7:00 pm The 12 Minor Prophets w/
12 Shevat
grandfather of
Etan Goldman
Avraham ben Hirsh
Tuesday’s w/Rabbi Wyne
Insights from
Samuel Goldman,
14 Shevat
grandmother of
Michael Laxmeter
Gideon ben Sidney,
15 Shevat
brother of Bilha Stein
Schana Meir ben
Shmuel Ha Levy,
16 Shevat
brother of Michael Laxmeter
“When one finishes a mesechta, there is a
mitzvah to be joyous over the occasion.”
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