Dear Friends, I am thrilled and humbled by your election of me as

Dear Friends,
I am thrilled and humbled by your election of me as the senior rabbi of Temple Sinai. Thank
you for your confidence in me and for all of your support. I am so proud to lead this
community, and am very excited to be at this point in the life of our synagogue.
Thanks to the members of the search committee, who had challenges and scrutiny that not
all search committees face. Thank you for all your time, your hard work, for reaching out to
all members of the community to ensure everyone who wanted had a voice, and for your
integrity through this process. I am grateful to you for all that you have done for us as a
Jacqueline Mates-Muchin
Ilene Keys
Yoni Regev
Rabbis emeriti
Samuel G. Broude
Steven A. Chester
Executive Director
Paul Geduldig
Education Director
Sue Bojdak
Preschool Director
Ellen Lefkowitz
Thanks to the Executive Committee and the Board. Through their leadership, the Board and
the Executive Committee got us through this transition period in a very careful and thoughtful
way. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to this community.
Board of Trustees
A special thank you to our Congregational President, Mike Baker. Thank you, Mike, for your
wisdom and your patience and for the way in which you have led our community these past
few years.
Vice President
John Tamor Citron
Thanks as well to the Professional Team, whose creativity and talent are beyond measure. I
feel so fortunate to look into the future with all of you at my side.
We have an amazing partnership. Working together as professionals, as lay leadership and
as members of the community gives us strength to reach for our collective Jewish ideals and
values. That strength enables us to care for and support each other within the community.
That strength enables us to demonstrate our dedication to the world around us through
social justice work. And, that strength enables our commitment to learning and to Jewish
tradition. It is those values that originally gave rise to the First Hebrew Congregation of
Oakland 140 years ago. It is those values that have enabled us to flourish so that, today, we
are the largest Jewish community in the East Bay. And, it is those values that will make us
grow and thrive as an institution and as a community for many, many years to come.
Temple Sinai is a special place. I feel blessed to be a part of this community every day. And,
it is a great honor to be your senior rabbi.
Thank you.
Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Muchin
Temple Sinai 2808 Summit Street Oakland, California 94609
Telephone (510) 451-3263 Fax (510) 465-0603 Email [email protected]
Michael Baker
Geoff Piller
Vice President
Louise Epstein
Vice President
Dan Fendel
Vice President
Matti Fromson
Vice President
Seth Rosen
Lucy Harris
Jenny Ettinger
Jennifer Alderman
Barbara Barza
Jon Braslaw
Jonathan Carey
Robert Einspruch
Amy Jo Goldfarb
Steve Goldstein
Neil Jacobson
Moss Kardener
Liana Katz-Savell
Terry D. Kramer
CeCe Langs
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Zell Nathanson
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