MINUTES no. 268
Minutes of Easington Parish Council held at Easington Community Hall on Monday
1st September 2014 @7pm
Cllr Clubley – chair of meeting
Cllr Douglas
Cllr Crowther
Cllr Graham
Cllr Swales
Cllr Longhorn
Apologies: Cllr Smith & Cllr Steenvorden
In attendance:
2 Members of the Public
Parish Clerk – Alison Whelan
Interests :
Pecuniary & Non Pecuniary
1. Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 7th July 2014, having been
circulated and read were signed as a true record.
1. Co-option of Councilor
Adam Stoyle was sworn in as a Parish Councilor following co-option
2. Public Forum
Janet Kettley raised the issue of storage at the Community Centre, the PC still has
boxes of documents which need to be moved. JK was asked to obtain the costs of
storage in the loft area of the community hall and feedback to the clerk.
Janet also raised some blocked drains particularly around the community hall – the
clerk was asked to raise this with ERYC
A member of the public requested pc guidance regarding clearance of rubbish and
litter which had been left out – Councillors advised to contact ERYC who would
arrange the removal of the items.
3. Finance
A Lusmore - £212.20 Pay for July & August
HMRC £8.60
S Exley - £171.60 Pay for June, July & August
A Whelan - £642.24 Pay for July & August
Groundtech £576.00 3 x cuts in July
Community Hall £65.25 5th April – 2nd June inc
Groundtech - £384.00 2 cuts in August
Cemetery fee £25.00 35/100
Northern Power grid £11.45
4. Planning
The Planning Sub-Committee is empowered to make the Parish Council’s
recommendations to ERYC. In order to have decisions fully recorded they are
included in the minutes.
Decision received from ERYC
Proposal: Erection of extension to existing warehouse building
Location: Perenco Dimlington Terminal Dimlington Road Easington East Riding of
Yorkshire HU12 0TY
Applicant: Perenco UK Ltd
Application Type: Full Planning Permission
Decision: Planning permission granted with conditions
Decision submitted to ERYC following consultation by the parish council
Proposal: Change of use of redundant milking parlour and part general purpose
agricultural building to 2 no. accommodation rooms ancillary to an existing bed and
breakfast business, including internal and external alterations.
Location: Westmere Farm B&B Easington Road, Kilnsea, East Riding of Yorkshire
HU12 0UB
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Andrew Wells
Application type: Full Planning Permission
Decision: The Parish Council subcommittee had no observations to make upon this
Proposal: Construction works to repair/upgrade existing coastal flood defenses along
an 845m stretch of coastline along the north bank of the River Humber
Location: Land West Of Easington Road Kilnsea East Riding Of Yorkshire
Applicant: Ms Jenny Cooke
Application type: Strategic - Full Planning Permission
Decision: Recommended the application should be approved.
5. Cemetery, Seats, Amenities Committees
Perenco have reported the path alongside the plant has now been cut back but this
has highlighted an increase in dog fouling along the path, they have asked if the
Parish Council could address the issue. The clerk was asked to obtain some dog bin
signs and investigate if a further bin could be located further along the pathway.
Coronation Clock: Pete Simmonds has the clock and it is fully working. Cllr Swales to
speak to Pete to arrange for the use of Cllr Clubleys equipment to re-site the clock
There has been notice given for one of the allotments – a notice is to be placed in the
notice boards for applicants and a draw would take place at the next meeting.
6. Community Issues
No issues
7. Flooding
Cllr Swales updated the meeting regarding the recent meeting, Cllr Cracknel had
requested that the flooding issue always be placed on the PC agenda – this was
agreed, and that a request for financial assistance be made to the gas companies –
this was agreed to ask the companies if they would be able to donate £1k annually for
20 years to fund any subsequent repair works and also to request a donation from
Eon and YWT towards funding of the works.
Cllr Swales also notified the Council of the next expected high tide on the 11.9.14
8. Wider Community Group
This was addressed within the flooding item.
9. Shape – Correspondence 9
10. Correspondence
1. Email:
Wonderful British Villages Photo competition –
2. Email:
Eon response re community fund – noted that the visitor centre
will be at Kilnsea and not at Spurn.
3. Email:
Vodaphone Rural Open Sure signal
4. Email:
ERYC Broadband East Riding project
5. Email:
ERYC local plan newsletter
6. Email:
Penny Brohn cancer care – free programme of support for
people effected.- item of the newsletter
7. Letter:
Department of Works and Pensions – The accessible Britain
8. Notes
Easington Parish Enhancement Fund Sub Group July 2014
9. Letter
10. Notice and Invitation Town and Parish Council event – Cllr Swales to attend
11. Letter
ERYC – Waves of Waste scheme
12. Letter
Ottringham Parish Council
12. Any other business
Please note - items brought under AOB requiring a decision will be included on the
next agenda.
Cllr Crowther raised a broken seat – Cllr Longhorm to investigate and advise on repair
Cllr Swales raised – Easington Beach Caravan park contractors had been seen tipping
grass cutting over the cliff edge, it is wondered if this is a new contractor whom is
unaware that this is not permitted, the clerk was asked to notify the site.
13. Date of Next Meeting – Monday 6th October 2014 at 19.00
There being no further business the meeting was closed at 20.37