MS College Career Fair

Middle School College and Career Readiness Night
April 22, 2015
College AND Career Readiness
In this session, learn how students can make the most of their high school experience by exploring career
options and earning college credit through career-technical education pathways. Also discussed will be
projected in-demand careers and the preparation needed for those careers.
Best Practices & Strategies for High School Preparation
Is your child ready for high school? College? Come to this session to learn about high school graduation
requirements, college entrance requirements, and college and career readiness resources.
College Sports Recruiting Simplified
Is your student interested in playing sports in college? This session will answer your questions about what to
expect in the recruiting process and why you’ll still want to do everything you can to academically prepare
yourself for high school and beyond.
High School 101 for Resource Students & Their Families
Get answers to your questions about making a four-year plan; learn about supports provided through the high
school Resource Program; and review strategies to increase your student’s success during this very important
time in life!
Los Mejores Practicas y Estrategias para Prepararse
Su hijo(a) esta preparado(a) para la preparatoria? Para la Universidad? Asista a esta session para aprender sobre
los requisites para graduarse de la preparatoria, requisites universitarios de admission, y recursos para estar
preparados para la Universidad.