HST011 342 Rutland Group Statement Session 1b

Submission on Behalf of the Rutland Group (No.342) re Session 1b – Housing
Need and Supply
Question 4a
The Local Plan is the vehicle through which the Council is required to demonstrate that they have
met the full objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing (NPPF, para 47). This is
the plan that covers the whole Borough, for which housing needs have been assessed. It follows that
the housing anticipated to be provided in the West Area must be capable of being weighed against
the need in the Local Plan. The proposed plan for the West Area should therefore be a partial review
of the Local Plan, such that key elements of the Local Plan, for example Policy SC1 and Table SC1.1
can be changed to reflect the additional housing capacity.
Question 4b
There is a need for the terms used to describe the plans for the West Area and Feltham town centre
to be clarified and used consistently, Partial Review of the Local Plan in relation to the West Area
and the Council to decide in relation to Feltham town centre.
Question 4d
Rutland consider the implications to be nil as the same requirement on local planning authorities is
imposed by NPPF at para 47; there is no need for local or regional policy to repeat national policy.