April 05, 2015 Easter Sunday Of The Resurrection Of The Lord

April 05, 2015
Easter Sunday Of The Resurrection Of The Lord
Thank You
Thank you to everyone who donated ester
lilies and helped decorate our Church for
Easter Sunday. It takes all of you to make
this happen year after year.
Mass Intentions/Intenciones de las Misas
Easter Vigil Saturday, April 4
7:00p.m. Pauline Higuera †, Norma, Alfred & Donald Daniel †
Jesus y Josefina Ordaz †
Sunday, April 5th.
8:00 a.m. Adeline Nelson †, Pauline F. Higuera †
Raymond Castanon †, Trinida Vasquez †, William Franco †
Apolonio Damian †, Julio & Stella Serenil †
Intention of Christy Harvey, Intention of Arthur Vasquez
9:30 a.m. For all Parishioners of St. Joseph’s
11:00a.m En Honor de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
Por las Almas del Purgatorio
12:30 p.m. Mercedes Rodriguez y Mercedes Moreno †
Jesus Martinez y Sergio Oliver †
Wednesday, April 8th.
8:00a.m. Socorro, Ignacio & Victor Uribe †, George & Emma Barros †
Intention of Irigoyen Family
Thursday, April 9st, .
Ricardo Arreguin †
Friday, April 10th.
Alberto & Petra Deleon†, Ricardo Arreguin †
Saturday, April 11tht.
5:30 p.m. Loretta Pollock†, Ezequiel I. Hernandez †
Ramona Garcia †, Sally Aguilera †, Patricio & Juan Pallares †
Intention of Richard Gonzales, Intention of Jeanette Cooksey
7:00p.m. Heromino Castrillo†, Ricardo Arreguin †
Jesus y Josefina Ordaz †
Guadalupe y Consuelo Ledesma Reyes †
Intencion de Pedro Hernandez
Sunday, April 12th.
8:00a.m. Adeline Nelson †, Michael Nash †, Tino & Jerry Franco †
Intention of Andrew Bruno
9:30a.m. Lupe Corsno & Thomas Mata †, Domingo Ruiz Sr. †
Catarina & Meliton Pallares†
Juan & Adela Dominguez †
Intention of Cora Nicacio
11:00a.m. Por los Feligreses de la Parroquia
12:30p.m. Silviano Acosta †,
Intencion de la Familia Mercado
Congratulations to the children and
adult who received their sacraments on
Easter Vigil
Felicitaciones a todos los niños y adultos
que recibieron sus sacramentos el día de vigilia.
Gospel Summary
On Friday afternoon when Jesus died, the women
had not been able to finish the customary preparation
for burial. The Sabbath began at sundown on Friday,
so Mary of Magdalen hurried to the tomb Sunday
morning to complete her task. She found the tomb
empty. Certain that Jesus’ body had been stolen, she
ran back to get the other disciples. Peter and the other
disciple also found an empty tomb but with Jesus’
clothing rolled neatly and placed where his body had
been. The disciples still didn’t understand about the
resurrection and Mary wept. As she cried, two angels
appeared asking why she was crying. She then saw a gardener and asked him
where the body might be. When he called her by name, Mary immediately recognized Jesus.
Reflection for Families
Most parents have discovered by now that things aren’t always as they seem. A
poured out bottle of laundry detergent wasn’t really mischievous behavior, but
rather an attempt to surprise you with a generous gift of service. Or secret whispers are not an attempt to hide some wrongdoing but rather an effort to plan a
surprise for you. Things weren’t as they seemed to Mary Magdalene either that
first Easter morning. Our errors in perception often work to remind us that God’s
plan is not always obvious, but that we are challenged to trust in the promise of
the resurrection.
Retiro para Primera Comunión
On Easter Sunday, Christians
celebrate the resurrection of the
Lord, Jesus Christ. It is typically
the most well-attended Sunday
service of the year for Christian
churches.Christians believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus
came back to life, or was raised
from the dead, three days after his death on the cross.
As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ
by crucifixion is commemorated on
Good Friday, always the Friday just before Easter.
Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus paid
the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in
him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.
Las clases de español tendrán su retiro abril 11 en
el salón católico. Donaciones de aperitivos son bien recibidos en la
oficina de CCD Antes del día 9 de abril.
Qué aaaa
Gracias a todos los que donaron flores y ayudaron a
decorar nuestra Iglesia para el domingo de Pascua.
Gracias a todos por ayudar año con año.
First Communion Retreat
Spanish Classes will have their retreat-April 11th
at the Msgr Lopez Hall. Donations of snacks are
greatly appreciated, can bring by CCD office no
later than April 09.
Women’s Health Care Workshop
A two hour Women’s Health Care Seminar will
be presented at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
in Bakersfield on Sunday, April 26 from 3pm –
5pm. This wor kshop is open to all and especially helpful to couples, marriage prep teachers,
deacons, catechists & those in lay ecclesial formation. Credit hours may be applied toward specialization, master catechist & lay formation certification. Cost is $10 per person & $15 per couple. Registration is
on line at www.dioceseoffresno.org / Family Life Ministry, on the
mail-in flyer or with bilingual secretary, Edith Maldonado at
[email protected]; 559-488-7474.
Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Place symbols of Easter such as lighted candles, eggs, and lilies on your dinner
table today. Ask some “wondering” questions about how these items might have
become symbols for Easter. What do they suggest to us about the gospel story
we read today? How can we be symbols of the Easter message to each other and
those outside our family?
Discussion Starters
1. The symbol that means the most to me at Easter is…because…
2. Mary Magdalene recognized Jesus’ voice when he called her name. One time I
know Jesus called my name when…
3. I will share the Good News of Easter this week by…
What Is Easter?
Pray For Those Who Have Died Recently
Oremos Por Los Fieles Difunos
Victoria M Cavasos†
Ramon L Noriega†
Raul Sosa Ramirez†
es Pascua:
Pascua es la celebración más importante de la Iglesia Cristiana, donde se conmemora la Resurrección de Jesucristo al tercer día después de haber sido crucificado, según los evangelios
canónicos. El término Pascua proviene del latín" páscae",
La Pascua forma parte de la Semana Santa donde en el
Students may pick up Guadalupe Society Scholarship forms at St. Joseph Church Office. Please ask Molly for the scholarship form. Thank
you and good luck
Los estudiantes pueden recoger las formas para aplicar para las becas escolares de
la sociedad guadalupana. Por favor pregunte a Molly en las oficina de la iglesia San
José. Muchas gracias y buena suerte.
Thank you/Gracias/ Sociedad Guadalupana
Your Donations/Ofrendas de la Semana
Regular Collection $ 7,497.00
This week we will have second collection for
Parish Improvement