Current Bulletin - St. Odilo Church

Divine Mercy April 12, 2015
The Shrine
St. Odilo Parish
National Shrine of the Poor Souls
St. Odilo Church is the only parish in the United States dedicated to the Souls in Purgatory.
It was founded and sanctioned as the Shrine of the Poor Souls
by His Eminence, George Cardinal Mundelein, in 1928,
with a special indulgence of 200 days granted upon each visit to the shrine.
Rectory: 2244 East Avenue, Berwyn, IL 60402
School: 2301 S. Clarence, Berwyn, IL 60402
Convent: 2319 S. Clarence, Berwyn, IL 60402
CCD Office: 2301 S. Clarence, Berwyn, IL 60402
Web Address:
Rev. Anthony Brankin
Rev. Msgr. Richard Saudis
Mr. Alfonso Salgado
School Principal:
Mr. William Donegan
School Secretary:
Mrs. Virginia Uphues
CCD Coordinator:
Mrs. Idalia Gonzalez
Mass Schedule:
Monday thru Friday: 6:30 and 8:10AM (Sat. 8AM)
Saturday: 8:00AM, 4PM
Sunday: 7AM (Sp.), 8:00 (Eng.), 9:30 (Latin) &
11AM (Eng.) & 12:30PM (Sp.)
Holy Days: 6:30PM (Eng.) the previous evening; 6:30,
8:10AM, 12:00 Noon and 6:30PM (Sp.)
Church is open: Weekdays from 6AM - 4PM
Confessions: Saturday 11:15AM - 12Noon & by
Rectory Office hours: Monday thru Friday: 9AM -9PM
Saturday 9AM-9PM Sunday 9AM-9PM
(708) 484-2161
(708) 484-0755
(708) 680-0909
(708) 484-5321
(708) 788-0565
Music Director:
Mr. Paul Rau
Parish Bookkeeper:
Mrs. Beth Ritzenthaler
Mrs. Gail Kunce
All Sacraments and ceremonies are available in
Italian, Latin, Spanish & of course English.
Baptisms: Every Saturday at 10:30AM & Sunday at
1:30PM. Parents are required to register for baptism
with a priest. Parents should be registered parishioners.
Please call to make an appointment.
Marriages: Arrangements should be made at least six
months in advance with a parish priest. Please call the
rectory to make an appointment.
Visits to the Sick: Please inform the rectory for
hospital or homebound visits.
Quinceaneras: Cotillion Masses are available for our
girls who have been confirmed-please call.
Ramblings - Fr. Brankin
Holy Saturday - 2015
On behalf of Monsignor Saudis, all the sisters in the convent, our parish staff, school and
CCD, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy and Holy Easter.
How beautiful is Easter. One reason it is so beautiful is that the harlots and the hucksters have
not been able to change Easter into a scheme to make money for themselves.
Of course, they do not stop trying.
Every year they make every effort to steal Easter from us—in the same way they have stolen
Christmas. But it just doesn’t work with Easter. They ply us with Easter egg hunts. They pelt
us with Pastel bunnies and choke us with Marshmallow chickens. But the just cannot do Easter
without the Risen Jesus. Every one knows why—because without Jesus, Easter means nothing.
Actually—without Jesus—this world means nothing. Our lives mean nothing. All our activities
mean nothing. If there is no Jesus—if He did not rise from the dead—if He is not God who
offers a similar resurrection to us, then every effort we make in our lives is foolish.
And why? Because without the hope of a future life of happiness, there is no point to this life.
Think about it—if there were no resurrection from the dead, then what really is the point of
this life? Where does it go? Nowhere but to the hole in the ground at the end of the joke we
call life.
Are we supposed to be satisfied that we have seventy or eighty silly years of meaningless
activity that ends in a grave?
Are we supposed to be content with a life that is a confused stew of joy and sorrow that is
burned up in the crematory? Annihilation is some sort of goal?
If there is no heaven after this earth, then—quite literally—our lives are pointless—because
they point to nothing.
That is why this celebration of Easter is so important. We need to affirm and reaffirm daily
our belief in eternal life because that is what will help us live this life.
It was Satan who brought death into the world—and he wants nothing more than for us to
despair of this life—by making us doubt the next life.
He wants us to doubt heaven—He wants us to doubt hell. And that way we make a wreck of
He has done everything a brilliant angel can do to get us to embrace death, to celebrate death
to accept death as our friend—and abandon the God of Life. Where do you think the campaign
for abortion has come from—or the drive for mercy-killing—or even contraception and gay
marriage—it is the campaign against life—against life—old or young. And so if he can get us
to doubt the next life—by worshipping this life—and all its lies and propaganda and promises
and seductions he will have won.
Why do you think our baptismal promises begin with “Do you renounce Satan and all his
empty promises? Do you renounce all his pomps and seductions?”
What do you think that means? It means that we are renouncing the presence of Satan in the
media—in the internet—in the politicians. It means that we better be aware that Every button
we push—every screen we look at is a lie told by the father of Lies
It means that the glamour of this life is an illusion created by the Prince of this World.
If he can get us to ignore heaven—If he can get us to doubt heaven—he will have paved our
path to hell.
We must believe in the afterlife. We must believe in the resurrection—we must believe in
Easter—for we will live our lives best on earth if we live them in the hope of heaven—and
that is what Easter is all about!
Divine Mercy Holy Hour
at St. Odilo Church
April 12, 2015 at 3PM
Blessing of the Sacred Image of Divine Mercy
Stations of the Cross and Rosary
Chaplet of Divine Mercy and other Mercy prayers
Following Benediction - Veneration of
First Class Relic of Saint Faustina Kowalska
Today baby bottles will be distributed after all the Masses for Women’s Care Center of La Grange, a local
crisis pregnancy center dedicated to helping women facing unexpected pregnancies so they know they have
alternatives to abortion. Please bring home a bottle and fill it with change and dollars over the next two
weeks. Bottles will be collected the weekend of April 25 and 26, as you come to Mass. Thank you for caring!
Catholic Charities West Suburban
Services Needs Your Help!
As the year progresses to Spring and Summer, we still reach out for help for our friends in
need. We look to all of our regional Parishes to help us out. In this stressed economy, the
homeless, those who have lost their jobs, and families who continue to try to function, and
keep food on their tables for their families, look for assistance from Catholic Charities.
Last year we came to St. Odilo and the response was overwhelming. We will never be able
to thank you for your generosity. We are back again this year, asking for help. This food
drive will take place the weekend of April 18 and 19. Please know whatever you are able
to donate, will be making some family very happy. The number of people in need
continues to grow daily.
May God Bless you for all that you do.
Dear Friends
Thank you so much for the Easter goodie bags you
prepared for our needy children here at St. Agatha.
They were delighted with them as were their parents
who aren’t able to afford them
May the Risen Savior bless you all abundantly this
Easter for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
Father Larry Dowling
Sister Patricia Kerz
St. Agatha Church
Group Contact Information
Armory of Christ-708-681-6879
Guadalupanos-708-484-2161 Legion of Mary -708-623-9280
Knights of Columbus-708-204-3761
Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima -708-484-1204
Little Flowers-469-487-9506 or [email protected]
Market Day-708-484-0755 ESL-708-287-7347
Spred-708-714-2885 Ushers-708-788-8136
Vacation Bible School is collecting plastic milk bottles and egg cartons. Please rinse the
milk bottles out before placing them in the box in the vestibule. Thank You!
Beginning Thursday, April16th at 7PM
with an introductory session and
continuing for 10 weeks in the
Pine Room at the Rectory.
Cost is $25.00 to cover the materials.
Sign up before and after all Masses
at St. Odilo Church
on April 11th & 12th
Call the Rectory at 708-484-2161
Please remember the sick - Regina Szatkowski, Josephine Sprovieri,
Michael Termini, Ernest Karamas, Charlie Turek, Dolores Termini,
Alice Kowalski, Henry Kereluk, Marlyn Misek, Barbara Andrews,
Bertha Martinez, Joseph Cairo, Rosario Garcia, Sharon Voelz, Lynne
Manning, Fernando Davalos, Sr. Johanna Trisoliere, Rosa Gonzalez,
Joan Janda, Rev. Jim Clavey, Senorina Castillo, Robert Williams,
Marco Tulio Camacho, Patricia Stalzer, Kimberly Lightford, Louise
Kuzin, Milly Kosinar, Shirley Klein, Danny Gale, Carmel Tahir, Frank
Horsky, Steve Gutierrez, Ruth Petkiewiz, Linda Lancaster, Ernie Kin,
Amelia Juliano, Cardinal George, Arlene Sparti, Jim Kinpel, Gussie
Ellis, Iris Scurlock, Martin Oborski, Kyle Mochl, Arthur Mantucca,
Clelia Reato, Dorothy Honek, Karen Halter, Greg Florek, Eric
Manning, Sylvia Levine, George Kasper, Rudy Herrera, Andre
Nickerson, Dick Burns, Norma Kmet, Marge Shatas, Mary Ann
O’Malley, Ramon Marentes, Frank Stepnowski, Jody Stepnowski,
Jim Reilly, Diane Reilly, Richard Wenc, Carolyn Johnson, William
Stepanek, Karen Lewis, Mark Alexander, Paul Rosko, Joseph
Kirchoff, our Veterans, Patricia Mars, Barbara Defina, Louis Russo,
Ralph Cannataro, Mike Kadrowicz, George Fuoco, Eddie Shishkoff,
Mark Hruska, Mike Morales, Baby Carmody, Frances Rapacz.
6:30AM-John Dedowicz (Grandson)
8:10AM-Julia Adamczyk (Andy & Ljubica Karkowsk)
6:30AM-Ana Silvana Juarez (Silvana Perilla)
8:10AM-Anna Migala (Kunce Family)
-Susan Miles (Hansas Family)
-Anne DiBattista (Joseph & Darlene Wodarczyk)
-Steve Balazic (Steve Cigan)
-Adrian Martinez (Alicia Martinez)
6:30AM-Tony Vaikus (Daughters)
8:10AM-John Sullivan (Family)
3PM-Divine Mercy (CH)
6:30-Birthday Blessings for Alex Andrejek (Linda Andrejek)
8:10-Bultas & Tufo Families (Len Tufo)
-Eduardo Vergara (Family)
-Helen Chovan (Jackie Kirsch)
-Felix Biver (Bernadette Ouska)
-Adrian Martinez (Alicia Martinez)
6:30-Edward & Marie Petrigilano (Family)
8:10-Sal Termini & Rose Ann Seminara (Wife & Mother)
8AM-Blessings for Benjamin Fasana & Barbara Prohaska Fasana
12PM-Memorial Mass
4PM-Raymond & Augustine Stalmasek (Son)
7AM-Michael Senese (Madeline Senese)
8AM-Rosalie & Benjamin Kvasnicka & Joe Rogoz
(Kvasnicka -Novak Family)
9:30AM-Joseph & Helen Chovan (Jackie Kirsch)
11AM-Charles & Lillie Riedl (Gail Kunce)
12:30PM-Enrique Delgado (Eusevia Delgado)
Please remember all those God has called to Himself from
our parish family, especially Pedro Ruiz ,Theodora Zavala &
Dorothy Gutschick.
I-Christopher Mounts & Erika Rios
March 29, 2015
Last Year
Thank you!
Fr. Brankin
6:30-Legion of Mary (PR)
3PM-Jr. High Choir (SCH)
7PM-Little Flowers (PH)
3PM-Hanbells (CH)
7PM-School Board (LB)
7PM-Festival Choir (PR)
3PM-Children’s Choir (SCH)
6-8:30-ESL (PH)
7PM-Bible Study (PR)
7PM-Armory of Christ (CB)
6PM- Family Fun Night (PH)
2:30-Arts & Crafts (PR)
April 18 & 19
Altar Servers
A. Bonadonna
J. Garcia
B. Ouska
K. Gleeson
C. Gleeson
P. Gleeson
L. Banet
J. Carlos
M. Marin
R. Marin
C. Diaz
C. Ramirez
A. Cruz
R. Navarette
E. Cerino
D. Oborski
S. Sandoval
M. Saavedra
A. Rivera
A. Gamboa
E. Lopez
S. Rollins
A. Cisneros
P. Cisneros
E. Hron
F. Miller
D. Wodarczyk
M. Kasper
B. Banda
C. Cano
Jose Garcia
E. Coronado
M. Garcia
L. Gonzalez
E. Marquez
L. Reyes
L. Centero
J. Diaz
John Garcia
Servers for week of April 13: A. Gamboa, Jose Garcia, E. Lopez