Week 10 - Kellyville Ridge Public School

‘Learn, Grow, Succeed’
Term 1 Week 10
4th April 2014
Cnr Singleton Road & Greenwich Street
Kellyville Ridge 2155
Phone: 888 304 80
Fax: 888 304 82
Website: www.krps.nsw.edu.au
Monday 7th April
Tuesday 8th April
Tuesday 8th April
Wednesday 9th April
Thursday 10th April
Thursday 10th April
Friday 11th April
Friday 11th April
Monday 28th April
Tuesday 29th April
Monday 5th May
Parent Teacher Interviews – KGL,KR.1S,1A,1E,2S,2R,2N, 3R,3M,4D,
Parent Teacher Interviews – KWR,KF,1F,1KJ,2D,2B,3H,4K,4S (note:
change of date),5A,6K,6RW
Glenwood HS – Gifted & Talented class – assessment day
Parent Teacher Interviews – KM,KH,1PC,2G,3B,4Z,3/4D
State Swimming Carnival
ANZAC Ceremony
Easter Egg-stravaganza - Last day of Term 1
Second Hand Uniform sale – 8.30am – CASH SALES ONLY
------------------------------------------------Staff Development Day
Students return
School Cross Country
Notes Home 
Permission to play Rugby League – selected students
Music Camp – Attendance notification – as soon as possible
ICAS Competition – application & payment – Monday 7th April
Family Information Updates – Tuesday 8th April
Music Camp – deposit and permission note – Thursday 10th April
Stewart House Envelopes – Friday 11th April
Band Fees – Term 1 payment to be finalized by Friday 11th April
Kellyville Ridge OOSH operates from the school hall from 7.00am till
8.30am and 3.00pm till 6.00pm.
For more details contact Cubbyhouse Before & After School Care
1300 553 583 (Head Office) or 9629 4217
(Kellyville Ridge OOSH)
From the Principal
Special Assembly
Thank you to all our parents who attended the Special Assembly this week. The children who
received awards were very excited to not only receive their award but to have mum and dad at the
Class Education Pack
Parents are urged to finalize payments for the class education pack before the end of term. The
majority of students in each class now have their books and have already started work. Please
contact the office if you require a copy of your invoice or your require assistance with the
purchase of these packs.
Family Information Update & School Funding
Thank you to all those parents who have already returned the family update sheets. These updated
sheets are extremely important to us because some of the information contained on these sheets
determines the way our school is funded.
Schools are essentially rated based on the education and employment of the parents in the school
community. The Department of Education and Communities has identified that the highest single
predictor of variation in student performance is parental education achievement.
As such, the Family Occupation and Education Index (FOEI) has been established across all Public
schools in New South Wales. This index score is obtained from enrolment data and is based upon
families’ responses to the following questions:
occupation group
est school education level
highest non-school qualification level.
The score that our school receives for FOEI impacts on the amount of funding we will receive.
Therefore it is very important that our records are up to date and that all families return
completed information BY TUESDAY 8th APRIL.
School Holidays
Next Friday is the last day of Term 1. Children return to school on Tuesday 29th April. Families
that may be taking an extended holiday of 15 or more school days are reminded that written
permission needs to be obtained from the Principal. Forms are available from the school office and
inquiries can be directed the Mr Duncan (Deputy Principal).
Last Newsletter for Term 1
As this is the last newsletter for Term 1, I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of the
staff and myself to wish all our families a wonderful holiday.
Mrs D. Edwards
A reminder that all library books will need to be returned by
Friday 11th April to ensure stock can be collated and shelved
before the beginning of Term 2.
From the Deputies
Visitors to the School
Please ensure that you come to the front office if you come to the school for any reason during
the day. In the interest of child protection and in the unlikely case of an emergency, we need to be
able to keep track of exactly who is on the school grounds at any given time.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Students’ Belongings
As the weather becomes cooler, and students start to wear jumpers and jackets, we are noticing
that the number of “lost property” items is growing in the baskets outside the hall.
While we are on holidays, it is a great chance to check all of your child’s belongings and make sure
that their clothing, lunch boxes, drink bottles etc. are all clearly labelled
with their name and class. This will help us to return them to their owners.
Easter Activities
Easter is rapidly approaching and we are going to run our Easter Eggstravaganza again this year. Details are provided later in the newsletter. We
are asking once again for donations of Easter eggs for the P&C Easter
Guessing Competition (Raffle). Last year, we had enough eggs to make up
prizes for every class and I am sure we can do just as well this year.
Easter eggs can be sent to the office for collection. Raffle books have
come home this week and prizes will be drawn at our Easter
Mrs J.Maher
Mr I. Duncan
Winter PSSA
Trials for Winter PSSA will begin next Friday 11th April. The Winter sports are Rugby
League, Netball, Newcombe Ball and Soccer. Students interested in trialing for Rugby
League have received a permission note that needs to be signed and returned to school
before Friday 11th April.
If your child is interested in these trials and did not receive a note, please see Mr
Operation Art 2013 News
Each year our school has participated in Operation Art. Schools in New South
Wales are invited to participate in Operation Art, an initiative of The
Children’s Hospital at Westmead in association with the New South Wales
Department of Education and Communities. Our art show will be open for
viewing in Term 2, Week 1 from Tuesday 29th April – Friday 2nd May.
Parents are invited to view the 5 finalists from each class displayed in the school hall when After
School Care is completed in the morning from 8.30am– 9.00am.
We look forward to another wonderful display of beautiful visual artworks from Kindergarten to
Year 6. Thank you to the students and teachers for showcasing their many talents.
Mrs Vicki-Lynn Smith
Operation Art Coordinator
On Monday the 31st of March, Mr Platt and 9 of our school leaders travelled by bus to
Darling Harbour to attend the National Young Leaders Conference which was held at
Qantas Credit Union Arena.
Our host, Murray Bunton, was the funniest spokesperson you could ever find! We had 5
guest speakers who were: Mike Martin, The Honourable Bob Carr, Coen Ashton, Andy
Griffiths and Australian of the Year, Ita Buttrose. Every Speaker had a story to tell and
to hear about their life experiences was very interesting. In between each presentation
there were some amazing performances by students from across the state. It was a great
experience meeting schools from far and near.
School Leaders
This event is held over a weekend and is aimed at students K-6 that have a
particular interest or talent in a variety of areas. It includes number of
workshops including “Mummies and All that Stuff!” (suitable for Year 1 and
Year 2), “Sporty Science” (suitable for Years 3 and 4) and “Forensic Science”
(Suitable for Years 5 and 6).
There are 38 different workshops in all. The workshops will be at Glenwood High
School and run on the weekend of Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th June.
Application forms are available from Mr Jones. Applications close on Friday 16th May 2014.
There will be a second hand uniform sale on Friday 11th April at 8.30am outside
the school office. Items start from $5.00.
PLEASE: cash only
Anzac Day Service
The Anzac Day Service will be held on Thursday 10th April at
9.15am. Community members are warmly invited to attend the
We would like to ask parents and students if they could donate
some fresh flowers or greenery on the morning of the service.
It would be appreciated if flowers and greenery could be handed
into the office by 8.30 am that morning.
Thank you for your anticipated support and attendance.
Easter Eggstravaganza!
Friday 11th April
9.20 amK-2 Easter Hat Parade. Students from Years 3-6 will then join us for the P&C Easter
10.45 amRecess. Parents may like to join their children for recess and then visit the
decorated egg display in the school library.
It’s time to get busy creating!
Years K-2 students are asked to decorate an Easter hat or an Easter basket that they
will wear or carry with them during the school’s Easter Hat Parade.
Years 3-6 students are asked to create a decorated egg (blown or hard boiled).
Displays must have a title such as, ‘Dame Eggna Eggerage’ with fantastic glasses and a gorgeous
dress, or ‘Andre Eggasi’ with a bald head and a tennis racquet or ‘Mrs Eggwards’!!
Please do not bring these to school until Friday 11th April.
We are again collecting Easter eggs for the Easter baskets to be
raffled on 11th April at the Easter Egg-stravaganza.
We are asking if all students can donate an Easter egg. Eggs can be left
at the school office.
Each family will have received a book of raffle tickets to sell for the Easter Guessing Competition.
Tickets stubs are to have purchaser’s name and contact number clearly written on them.
Money and tickets need to be returned to school by Monday 7th April.
Unsold tickets are to be returned to the office and additional booklets are also available from the
Easter Colouring In Competition
A colouring in competition sheet has been sent home with the
Kindergarten students.
Entries are now due back at school and will be posted to the Greenway
office of our Federal Member, Ms Michelle Rowland.
The prize is a chocolate Easter egg hamper and the winner will be
announced during the week commencing Monday 7th April.
Have fun colouring and good luck!!
All lost property will be sent to Stewart House at the end of term unless collected.
Lost property baskets are located outside the hall.
Kellyville Ridge Public School P & C Association
Minutes Extract - Wednesday 12th March 2014
Present: Debra, Jenny, Vicki-Lynn, Karen M, Elisa, Julian, Alison, Jo, Elizabeth, Karen H, Esther
and Kristy
Apologies: Narelle
Minutes recorded by Esther
Meeting opened at 7:35pm
Principals report- see attached
Additional information
Murals around the school as part of the 10 year celebrations
Implementation of new DET Computer system still causing many headaches for school and
office staff. Some data is still being given incorrectly forcing a lot of information to be
sorted manually. Finance is being held centrally by DET which means school cannot pay
suppliers etc. Reports once submitted cannot be recalled meaning everything has to be
printed and kept as record
Alison suggested the P & C give a small gift to the office staff as a way of supporting themhigh tea or movie voucher. Karen and Esther to go to Norwest Crowne Plaza to purchase
high tea vouchers.
Fundraising report- In 2013 raised just under $7000
Mother’s Day stock ordered, stall to be held on May 8
Easter Raffle- Deb to organise class list and cover slips for us books to go home end of
Week 9
General business
A KRPS mum has approached the school offering to do a jewellery party for fundraising,
discussion about how to make it fair for all people who have own business/party plan,
suggestion of a market day, note for expression of interest to go home for a twilight
Swimmimg caps- it was mentioned that at the recent ridges carnival that KRPS hats did not
stand out in the water. Meeting agreed to look at new caps for swimmers, also to look into
cost of some school teardrop banners.
Mr Kammerer requested a donation of $1000 to go towards purchase of new apps. School
now has Surface Tablets as well as Ipads. Voted and agreed to donate $1000
Ridge Rocks- 5th Dec and musical festival 10th October both to be held at Hillsong
The policy for homework in Years 1 and 2 has changed, Jenny asked that people could be
prepared to provide feedback. No work sample folders this year
It was brought to attention that the silver seats out the front of the office are covered in
sticky sap and leaves, also the garden chain causing a trip hazard. Deb to follow up.
Meeting closed 8:45pm next meeting 2nd April note change of date due to parent teacher
The school canteen has begun operation for
the new school year and we are always looking
for volunteer helpers. A 2014 canteen price
list will come home shortly. Lunch orders for
the canteen can now be done on-line and
information appears to the right.
A canteen helper’s slip also appears below. If
you are interested in helping in the canteen,
please complete the attached slip and return it
to school ASAP. Dads and grandparents are
warmly welcome. Emergency helpers are also
required if you are able to fill in occasionally at
the last minute – your help would be most
Please note that food brought from home cannot be heated in the
Please only send food in containers that your child can open themselves. Plastic is the
best option as tin cans can be difficult to open and also quite sharp.
7th April
8th April
9th April
10th April
11th April
Lakshmi &
Lakshmi &
Lakshmi &
Lakshmi & Katie
Lakshmi, Justine
& Kayley
I am able to help on the following days (please list)
__________________________________ _________________________________
 weekly
 monthly
 once per term
 please add my name to the emergency list. I can help (please specify days
and/or times) ______________________________________________
NAME: _____________________________ CONTACT NUMBER: _______________