Deep forest Rainbow gathering
“Each one of us is like a water drop in the atmosphere of possibilities and it is our togetherness which summons forth the Light triggering, the
diversity of colors in our hearts!”
-MahatmaraBrothers and sisters of all ages and races, dedicated to Natural spirit way of life, in deep humbleness and thankful awareness, we invite you to the
Macedonia local Gathering which will be held in the in the enchanted deep forest above village Belitsa. Continuing in the same spirit we are
focused on the healthy spirit and body, without the limits of addictions and doubts. Making step towards personal elan, source of wisdom, light
giving, light and love thru peace and harmony with nature.
Place: Kichevo region, Drugovo municipality,vilagee Belitsa(Белица).
Time: the official start of the rainbow is on 28.05.2014 and it ends on 27.06.2014,
Full moon: 12.06.2014.
Seed camp: 22nd of May.
-the food that we cook is strictly vegan.
What to Bring: Bring your self with Open heart and love towards nature and all living beings .
-musical instruments,
-warm sleeping bags, warm clothes because the village is high in the mountain,
- pots, cutlery and drinking cups,
-please bring organic soups and if u can use less paper.
Leave: all fears, doubts, prejudice, ego and false identity, intoxications and all kind of addictions.
Love, Light, Peace and happiness . WE are all brothers and sisters.We are one in harmony with nature.
Directions to the Rainbow
Skopje to Kichevo
Skopje – Tetovo – Gostivar – Kichevo
There are buses from all major cities.
Kichevo to Belitsa:
Driving directions Kichevo- Belitsa 18.2km
If u drive with car direction Skopje-Kichevo take the main road that goes to Bitola.
Than you enter municipality Drugovo(Другово) and after 18km on the right side of the road there is a sing Belitsa(Белица). You enter the village
and drive until the end of the village. After this point just follow the dirt road. The first thing u will see is a hydro station (it is written EVN, until
here is manageable to drive with car).Than continue walking straight on this road and start following the rainbow sings. From the end of the village
until the rainbow is 40 minutes walk.
Parking place: you can leave you car at the hidro station (evn sing).
There is also local bus that drives Kichevo - Belitsa
Time table of the bus: 06:00h, 14:00h, 18:00h (starting point Kichevo bus station).
Cost: 80 denars (1.50euro)
U can also take taxi from Kichevo to Belitsa it coast 360 denars (6euros).
Contact: 0038975514398, 0038978345937.
More down on the page there is a google map with directions