October 2014 Agenda and Sept 2014 minute[...]

Grantshouse Community Council
Thursday 9th October 2014 at 7.30pm
in Grantshouse Village Hall
If anyone attending these meetings, whether addressing the Community Council or not, should let the
Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary know if they wish to have their names omitted from any comments.
If there are no declarations, it will be presumed that there are no objections.
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Police Scotland
Neighbourhood Watch Report
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Matters Arising
Treasurers Report
Any Other Business
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Date of Next Meeting
(i) Thursday 13th November 2014
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Grantshouse Community Council
Thursday 11th September 2014
in Grantshouse Village Hall
Present: John Prentice (Chairman), Kym Bannerman, Marion Donovan and Pat Durie (Co-optee)
Apologies: Michael Cook (Councillor), Joan Campbell (Councillor), Angela Robertson, Ian Fleming and PC
Sharon Lakenby (CBO).
Police Scotland: This months meeting there were no police in attendance. A police report had been sent
and although there are some criminal activity within the Berwickshire Area, there was nothing reported for the
Grantshouse District.
Please remember the Non – Emergency number for the Police is 101
NHW: There is nothing to report this month. Everyone is asked if they see anything suspicious to the Police or their
NHW Co-coordinator Mr Walter Wyse on 01361 850 620.
Previous Minutes. This months minutes Proposed by Marion Donovan and seconded by John Prentice.
Matters Arising:
Village Clean Up: Tommy Myatt has done a fantastic job in the Village of tidying the area up.
Harelawside Road: Sb-local have been contacted into erecting speed and animal aware signs to the area.
Awaiting response. The Secretary will contact them again for an update.
Noticeboard: Craig Bannerman has repaired the noticeboard in the front street next to the bus stop of
Grantshouse Village and it is put back in place.
Wind Farm Funds: The grant of £2500 awarded by Drone Hill has not been released due to Foundation
Scotland requiring 2 quotes of which we could only get one. Funds have been sought from another source.
Village Bench: Sb-local have been contacted about the bench in front of the Village Hall (on the front street)
needing replaced as it is deteriorating. The Secretary will contact them again for an update.
Speed Test: The CC would like to know what method was used to collate the information regarding vehicles
and speed at Harelawside last year. The Secretary will contact Robbie Yates for more information.
Community Enterprise: The CC has secured enough funding to continue with the Consultation. The first
event will be for the Community to get together for Food, Fun and Future which will be on Friday 3 rd October
2014 at 7pm. There will be a meal and a drink (byo) also there will be a short word from a member of
Community Enterprise. Tickets are FREE and contact Pat Durie on 07789646120 to book and secure your
Treasurers Report: The 2nd Account is now open with the £500 small CC grants cheque to go into.
Two quotes have been received for a new fence along the top of the gully.
Tommy Myatt £612.94 and Andrew Myatt £816. Majority vote agreed to Tommy Myatt. The Chairman will
contact Tommy Myatt.
Planning Application: P.A. 14/00963/FUL Installation of 2 No wind turbines 44.6m high to tip, Land
South East Of Renton Barns Farmhouse has been received.
unanimously by of the CC
There was no objection met by majority
Vodafone Open Sure Signal: An Open Sure Signal unit is a larger version of our standard Sure Signal (which
creates 3G signal in your home or small office). It’s also ‘open’, so as long as you’re within range and have a 3G
device, you’ll automatically connect to it. This means you’ll be able to make clear calls and get online in rural
locations where you couldn’t before. The modem will need to be attached to an external wall ideally located for
maximum effect to all users in range. For more information please go to Vodafone's web page or click here
A.E.S. Drone Hill: The owners of Drone Hill (A.E.S.) have changed the ownership of Drone Hill Wind Farm
to SYND Holdco limited. SYND Holdco have committed to continue support of the Drone Hill Wind Farm
Community Benefit Fund under the same terms the A.E.S. Agreed.
AOB(Any Other Business):
Larch Trees: John Prentice will mark the trees requiring removal and contact Simon Wilkinson at SBC to see
if we can remove them ourselves. Quotes will be sought for this and an application to Drone Hill will be made.
Bus Stop: A query has been received into whether the bus stops in the area or new ones (that have been
requested) can have the same set up as they do in East Linton. This consists of a solar panel linked to an
information board displaying bus times, the bus stop is also illuminated. The secretary will enquire about this
and report back once information has been received.
Verges: The verges of the road opposite the public toilets at Harelawside are and have subsided. Can it be
looked into getting them repaired, unsure whether this is the council responsibility but will inquire.
Road Sign for Cafe: Angela Brown has asked if it would be OK to move one of their signs to the opposite
side of the road for Northbound Traffic as there is lack of signage there. The CC have no objections but Ms
Brown has been informed that BEAR may need to be contacted.
Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 9th October 2014 at 7.30pm in Grantshouse Village Hall.