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December 2014 / January 2015
DON’T FORGET! FRANK HENNESSY AND FRIENDS in the Village Hall on Saturday November 29th at 7.30 pm
Doors open at 7.00 pm.
The Hennessy’s are Wales’ most travelled and popular Folk Group. From the 1960’s to the present time Frank, Dave and Iolo have
produced a fabulous fusion of Celtic music along with a highly developed sense of humour. Frank
produces and presents his two-hour award winning show—Celtic Heartbeat—every Sunday evening at
6.00 pm on BBC Radio Wales. Joining them for a guest appearance will be local poet Les Barker
who is best known for his comedic poetry and parodies of popular songs and his appearances with
the Mrs Ackroyd Band. As well as touring Britain, Les has taken his unique brand of humour all over
the world.
Tickets £5 from Ann Ankers 752710. Kings Head 752960 (or at the door if not all
sold beforehand). Bar, refreshments and raffle.
Residents will probably be aware from local press reports at the time, that following a
review by the Schools Inspectorate, Estyn, a number of issues were identified that
unfortunately led to the school being placed in to ‘special measures’ in December
Essentially, what this means is that staff, the governing body and the Local Authority
are placed under additional scrutiny whilst they work together to address the issues,
and demonstrate to Estyn on subsequent assessments that sufficient improvement has
been made in order to take the school out of special measures.
Whilst parents have received regular updates from the school on the progress
made to address the issues, it was felt that all residents would also be interested to
receive an update and consequently we contacted the Headteacher, Susan Williams,
who was happy to provide the following progress report outlining the situation as at
early October.
“Bwlchgwyn School is a happy vibrant community, which has come through
the difficult past twelve months thanks to the dedication of its staff and the support of
the parent body. The school has been supported by the Local Authority and by GwE,
(the North Wales consortium commissioned to secure the best conditions and to
enable the highest standards to be achieved in our schools).
So far, there have been two revisits from Estyn, and another is expected in
late October or November. The Inspection report published in December 2013 made
nine recommendations, and each revisit checks the progress made towards meeting
them. The Governing Body receives a report on each revisit, but these are not
published on the Estyn website. There are four levels of judgement given to each
recommendation; not yet addressed, partly addressed, largely addressed, and fully
At the first revisit in March, one recommendation was fully addressed, six
were partly addressed, and two were not yet addressed. Not all recommendations
have to be fully addressed for a school to be taken out of special measures and the
final report when this is achieved is published.
At our last revisit, which took place in late June, one recommendation was fully
addressed, four recommendations were largely addressed, and four recommendations
were partly addressed. The school is optimistic that the next revisit will again be
positive, as much work has been done throughout the holiday period and during these
first few weeks of term with the aim of being taken out of special measures at the
earliest opportunity.
In July 2014, 100% of our 14 year 6 pupils achieved the expected level or
higher in English and Science, and 93% in Maths. At the end of Foundation Phase,
100% of our 11 pupils achieved outcome 5 or above in Mathematical Development
and Personal & Social Education, and 92% in Language, Literacy & Communication.
At the start of this academic year the school has 90 full time pupils and 16
nursery pupils who attend in the mornings. There is currently a waiting list for Early
Years places’”
Our PCSO Lyn Davies has been on sick leave
for some time. Her temporary replacement is
James Humm whose contact details are :Tel 07880156915, email
[email protected]
BVHA needs volunteers to fulfil specific roles
on the management committee as follows:
Communications: We need a person with
an interest and skills in marketing and
promoting the Village Hall through all channels – particularly
social media. We’re looking to promote its use in the future
and we recognise the need for someone to take on this role.
Events coordinator: We also need someone with an interest
in staging events in the Hall’s own right: looking at different
ways to use the facility and arranging (with the help of the rest
of the committee) events which will bring income and profile to
the Hall.
Both of the above roles will entail attendance at committee
meetings of which there are likely to be around 10 per year.
Other volunteers: For those who want to assist but don’t
want a regular role, we’d like to set up a list of people who
could help with one off events, or with regular maintenance.
If you’re interested in any of the above, contact Jerry on
07777 660783 or by email at
[email protected]
The Revd Chancellor Pam Powell, currently
vicar of Llansanffraid-ym-Mechain and
Llanfechain and Area Dean of Mathrafal
(in Powys), is to be the next priest in charge
of Christchurch, Bwlchgwyn and St Mary's,
Brymbo. Pam will also be required to spend
time working for the diocese as Transition
Missioner, which means that she will be
overseeing a team of mentors helping
churches to deal with the various challenges and pressures that
so many of us face these days, with fewer clergy, plenty of old,
underused buildings and the ongoing need to nurture active
congregations that can engage with their communities. Pam is
a former school teacher who has served in this diocese since
she was ordained in 2003. There will be a special service to
welcome her into the area on Sunday January 18th at 3.00 pm
at St Mary's, Brymbo, to which well-wishers from the
community are warmly invited. This service will replace the
usual 9.30 am morning service.
School closes on Friday December 19th
and reopens on Tuesday January 5th.
Inset day on Monday January 4th.
is now available at
and anyone wishing to put village information on
it should contact Simon Stone on
[email protected]
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.
In response to your request for articles for the Bwlchgwyn Bulletin, I think that I might have
a slightly unusual hobby, especially for a 71 year old!
I compete in Classic Motorcycle
Racing, both here in the UK and on
the continent. I have seen some
beautiful places and met some very
interesting people, including several
former World Champions, who still
put a great deal of time and effort
back into the sport which they love.
I have competed in the MC Piston
Bustio to Colombres hill climb, run
in the Asturias region of Northern
Spain (10 times ) and was the only
non-Spaniard at the El Sardinero
Road Races held on the outskirts of
Santander in 2011 and 2012. I was
given a special dispensation to
compete here as a reward for my
long service at the Colombres hill climb.
I rode in the 2010 Grossglockner Trophy Hillclimb in Austria. This was over 12.9 Kms with
27 hairpin bends, starting at a height of 3,500 ft and finishing at 6,000 ft, with the road still
snow-lined in June ! My time on a 1959 200 Ducati was just over 14 mins. with visibility on
the last third of the course being down to less than 100 metres. (Rather scary that one!)
The attached photograph, taken by my friend John Tipping, was at the bi-annual MCW
Motorsport Historiker event held in August 2012 at Sankt Wendel in the Saarland Region
of Germany. As the only British entry in the 250 cc class I was flying the flag for Wales on a
1962 Italian Aermacchi machine. I was also the only Brit in the 50 cc class on a replica
Kreidler. My entry for the 2014 event was cancelled for the reason below.
Having competed in various forms of motorcycle sport for over 50 years, including
Grasstrack, Speedway, Trials, Sprints and Hill climbing, it all came to a rather abrupt halt at
the first meeting of the 2014 season, on 5th April at the twisty 3 Sisters circuit near Wigan,
where I slid off and was then hit by the following rider, the impact causing very serious
internal injuries, from which I am still recovering. This was my one and only major accident
and has been life-changing, to say the least. But that is another story.
Glyn Trevor.
Tuesday 23rd September 2014 at the Kings Head
Suggestions were requested for how to spend a sum of money available to Bwlchgwyn from
the 'Environmental Pot' for improvements to the locale. After discussion, the following
suggestions were agreed:
Tidying up of the area around the War Memorial; Shrubs need attention, the letters on the
memorial itself have faded and need re-painting, the repair required of a post that has been
knocked down. The possibility of siting of a new plaque at the view point that looks out
West towards Moel Famau was discussed. Adrian Williams suggested it could show the
names of the crew of a WW2 bomber that crashed in Bwlchgwyn on a training flight from
an airfield near Whitchurch.
Updating of street signs in the village (specific mention given to the bent sign on Ruthin Rd
and signs on Fron Heulog Hill). It was agreed that WCBC should be consulted first, to see
if they would fund this.
Dave Lenaerts suggested that the pavement on the main road between Wesley Road and
the Moors Inn might be reinstated.
Thursday 13th November 2014 at the Kings Head
The meeting was attended by our temporary PCSO James Humm. The crime report for the
last two months consisted of three incidents.
Street lighting failures should now be reported to Steve Tilston—tel No on page 3.
Speed restrictions to be placed on the Brymbo link road due to the number of speed
related incidents over the past 4 years. A new school is to be built in Brymbo and serious
road works will be taking place in the Brymbo area over the next few weeks.
Discussions over possible changes to the Four Crosses cross roads will be taking place
shortly due to the number of accidents in that area.
A lengthy discussion took place about the length of time it is taking to sort out the lease
problems between WCBC, BCC and the BVHA. It was felt that nothing much had been
achieved since discussions began in March and that possibly interested parties should make
their feelings felt to BCC—write or email one of our Community Councillors (see Useful
Contact Numbers).
Thanks to Cherry Tree Country Clothing, the Willows Restaurant, Minera Building
Supplies, Les Barker and Dave Kelly for offers of raffle prizes for the above. Any other
offers of prizes or help during the day, evening and for the tidy up on the following morning
will be gratefully received. Contact Ann on 752710 if you can help.
We’re just past the six months mark, would
you believe! The BVHA has now been
responsible for running the Village Hall for
half a year (just over at the time of going to
press) and the committee has just had a
review of progress to date – we thought
we’d let you know where we’re up to.
Tenure: We’re still a long way from
agreeing a formal lease – the problems with
the land/building ownership need to be
thrashed out between WCBC and Brymbo
Community Council before we can move
towards that. The BVHA is just a (very)
interested spectator in those discussions
and we await decisions on it with interest.
In the interim we’re in the process of
finalising a Service Level Agreement with
WCBC which can give us some formal
status as managers of the Hall pending
agreement on the other issues. We’ll keep
the community up to date with
developments on that as they happen.
Finance: Thanks to the excellent efforts of
Russ, our treasurer, with support from the
rest of the committee, we look as though
we’re on target this year to post a small
loss (as opposed to the rather larger one
we’d expected in year one) whilst still
keeping user costs as low as possible.
Willingness on the part of the community
to book the Hall for various events and
celebrations has helped this – and the users
have to date been very pleased with the
facilities. We’ve also focused on reducing
costs where we can – energy use being a
big factor – and we’ll continue to do this in
the future. However, the Hall could still be
more used and we realise that we must
focus on this over the next two years or so.
Day to day: Sheila and Judy have the
booking process running very smoothly
now, and we’ll look to move towards an
online facility as soon as it becomes
practicable. The rest of the committee
opens and closes the Hall for one-off
Cleaning/caretaking: This is currently
managed between the users, the committee
and one or two significant others: a big
thanks to Claire and her team for assistance
with a periodic deep clean. But we need
more help. We’re heavily reliant on the
same faces at the moment and would
appreciate an increase in numbers – see the
recruiting advert on the front page. I’d also
stress the need for users to be thorough in
cleaning after your sessions. Frankly
speaking we could be better at this.
The future: We have some ideas about
developing the Hall – depending heavily on
identifying funding – but we’d welcome
some more. As a committee, we’ve been
down to four attendees for the last three
meetings and it’s not enough to maintain
the status quo and to look at further
development: and the status quo is not
sustainable in the long term. I’d ask for
anyone who’d like to become involved in
running and developing the Hall to answer
the recruitment advert we’ve placed
elsewhere. We need your input and ideas
More soon, Jerry – Chair BVHA.
A few weeks ago we packed our sandwiches and flasks and headed off on a bird watching trip to
Burton Mere Wetlands Nature Reserve on the Dee Estuary. The Reserve has been owned by the
RSPB since 1986 and was enlarged by the purchase of land at Burton Marsh Farm in 2006 and
Burton Mere Fisheries in 2008.
The Reserve is a real ‘hot spot’ for nature and is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals
(harvest mouse, water vole, hare), bats (Daubenton’s), insects and wild flowers. In winter, the
Reserve is home to a wide range of geese, waders and ducks. Indeed, in October 2104, there was
a count of 1800 Teal, which had gathered following migration from Northern Europe and 1600
Pink footed geese which had arrived from their breeding grounds in the Arctic Circle and Greenland.
It should be noted that the reception building is beautifully designed and has a large stove in the
centre to keep visitors nice and warm. Consequently, it is an ideal place to go if you want to
introduce your family to nature watching. I must admit that for most of the morning I was
grumbling to my wife that bird watching was not like this in the old days. In those days we used to
spend hours on freezing cold January mornings looking for birds on the banks of the River Dee and
Mersey. I reminded her that on occasions, we used to get so cold that we couldn’t feel out feet or
our fingers. She didn’t respond much to my grumbling. I think she just switched off after a while
and enjoyed her cup of hot tea and the warmth of the fire.
After settling down and setting up our equipment, the first bird that we saw was a cattle egret. This
was a lifetime first for us all, so you could imagine our excitement. This bird is usually located in
southern France, Spain or northern Africa. It is a large bird, about the size of a Herring Gull. Its
plumage appears all white at a distance and it has a heavy yellow bill. You may have seen
photographs of this bird taking a ride on the back of sheep or cattle. The habitat was perfect for
the egret, because cattle had recently been moved onto the Reserve to help to manage the
marshland environment. The Cattle Egrets spend time close to livestock and grab insects and
worms that their hooves disturb. This egret was true to form and was regularly walking around and
between the legs of the cattle.
We spotted large numbers of Black Tailed Godwits, Canada Geese, Greylag Geese, Mallard,
Shelduck, Widgeon, Teal and Shovelers on the marsh. In the woodland we spotted Goldfinch, Great
Tit, Blue Tit and Nuthatch. We were disappointed not to see any Marsh Harriers or Hen Harriers,
both of which had been recently reported.
We were determined to see a Hen Harrier, so we moved on to Parkgate, where they are regularly
seen. It should be noted that just 4 pairs of Hen Harriers bred in England in 2014. In total, there
are 662 pairs of Hen Harriers in the UK, with just over three quarters found in Scotland. Like most
birds of prey, the female is larger than the male. This bird breeds in open terrain, moorland and
young conifer plantations. In Winter, it migrates over moors, coastal marshes and marshy
meadows. However, after walking up and down the promenade a few times, dodging people eating
fish and chips and eating ice cream, we decided that it was not to be and headed home. This
proved to be a typical day bird watching. We had the highs of seeing a bird for the first time and
the lows of not spotting a rare and endangered native bird.
If you have any news on nature, then please send details to [email protected]
Louise Bethel has lived in Bwlchgwyn for over
12 years and registered as a childminder in July
2014. She is married with two children aged 6
and 3 years and has been a full time mum for
6 years. Prior to having children Louise worked
in the care sector as a Registered general
Nurse, a Project Worker supporting adults with
learning disabilities and a Senior care worker in
a residential home.
The Childminding business will be run from the
family home and aims to provide a flexible
service enabling children to learn and develop
through play in a safe, secure and warm home
based environment. A wide range of activities
and experiences suitable to the age and stage
of development of each child will be provided.
Whilst her first language is English she will be
able to speak and integrate basic Welsh on a
daily basis. Living within walking distance of
Bwlchgwyn County Primary School and with the
intended opening hours of Monday to Friday
from 8 am to 6 pm she will be able to drop off
and pick up from there on a regular basis.
Louise is registered with the Care and
Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW)
who are the regulating body that have allowed
her to register as a Childminder and will
continue to inspect her to ensure that a
professional, high standard service is
maintained, thus ensuring the safety, welfare
and development of children in her care. She
has completed several relevant courses
including First Aid and Food Hygiene obtaining
certificates in all of them.
The childminding service is open to all
children and families and Louise welcomes any
queries. Please feel free to contact her;
07949310200 or (01978) 501216, or email;
[email protected]
Just a reminder to all new mums in Bwlchgwyn and the surrounding area that they can come and
enjoy a coffee and a chat with other mums at their local Parent and Toddlers, whilst their little ones
New on maternity leave? Bring baby along – they’ll enjoy the stimulation of our song time, our
baby toys and the buzz of all the older children at play, while you can enjoy chatting to friendly
faces about all things baby. Just £1 for babies under 6 months. Lynne the Health Visitor offers a
drop in clinic to check baby’s weight etc, every 2nd Friday of the month – the next one is on
December 12th
Older baby / toddler, but not been along before, or maybe grandparents or daddy have the kids
that day? Everyone is welcome and Dads, Aunties and Grandparents are all coming along with
little ones to our friendly group. Just £2.50 per child (siblings £1.50).
This autumn we have enjoyed many fun themed sessions including a sporty tots
session, a Halloween party and making pop up fireworks for bonfire night. Mums run it
themselves so can choose the snacks and craft activities they want for their little ones! A-Star
Sports are running a session for us in December – check our Facebook page for dates. AND we
have ELSA from FROZEN and another special visitor attending our fantastic FROZEN themed
Christmas party on Friday 19th December at the Village Hall. Children will enjoy entertainment
and each receive a special gift. Buy tickets in advance only please by visiting a parents and toddler
session on either Wednesday or Friday. On a serious note, although mums are attending regularly
from as far afield as Wrexham because they like the variety of activities on offer, lots of our
Bwlchgwyn mums and tots are moving on as mums go back to work, or little ones move on into
early years. So, please come and use this local group while it is still around and don’t wait until
baby is older – it really is suitable for all. So come along on a Wednesday and Friday each week in
term-time from 10am – 12pm at Bwlchgwyn Village Hall, Stryt Maelor.
Go to: www.facebook/playbwlchgwyn, or phone Jane on 07904 125 924.
Coedpoeth Police Station—348184
Gresford Police Station—348224
PCSO Lyn Davies—07854336942
[email protected]
Control Room on 0845 6071002
Dog Warden Service—292041
Wrexham Council – 292000
Pride in Your Streets - 298989
Brymbo Community Council—
Bethan M Hughes. Clerk & Financial Officer
Councillor David Kelly – 752317
Community Councillors
Steve Tilston (planning issues and street
lighting)– 759251
Bruce Woodfine-Jones )—757028
Melina Jones (public footpaths)– 756530,
WCBC Public footpath issues—
Mr S Hanratty - 297151
Manweb emergency number—
0845 272 2424
Water Board emergency—846946
Rev. James Harris 753133
[email protected]
Please send articles / news / information for the February/March edition to any of the people listed below before Friday January 25th 2015.
Diane Davis, 01978 721215, [email protected] Fiona Simmonds 01978 755848, [email protected]
Ann Ankers 01978 752710, [email protected] Anyone wishing to make a donation for adverts or website please contact Gareth Evans
[email protected] or 07957942555. Cheques to be made payable to Bwlchgwyn Residents Association and can be sent to Gareth Evans,
3 Pen-y-Dyffryn, Cefn Road, Bwlchgwyn, LL11 5YE.
BWLCHGWYN RESIDENTS – The next meeting will be held
at 7.30 pm on Tuesday January 20th at the Kings Head pub . Come
and support your village .
WOMEN’S INSTITUTE – Gwynfryn WI. Meetings will be held
on the second Tuesday of the month at Plas Pentwyn, Coedpoeth.
The next meetings will be December 9th and January 13th. Visitors
and new members always welcome.
Any enquiries please ring the secretary Pam Blaze 01978 757607.
Ankers 752710. £2 per session, held on the second Monday of
each month (except August) at the Village Hall. Doors open at 7.30
pm with talks starting at 8.00 pm. Raffle and soft drinks available at
a moderate cost. The next meeting is the Annual Christmas Buffet
and quiz. The 2015 season starts on January 12th with Ian
Robinson from Llandegla talking about ’Mixed Cactus and
Wednesday and Friday sessions are parent and toddler groups at
the Village hall from 10.00 am—12.00 noon at £2.50 per child.
Contact details Heulwen 07894561336 / Jane 755189 /
[email protected] /
playbwlchgwyn.). The health visitor (Lynne) runs a drop in clinic
alongside the playgroup every 2nd Friday of the month. The parent
and toddler sessions are self funded and run by volunteers.
Donations gratefully received and we are looking for parents to
help run sessions.
The Monday session is a supervised playgroup at the Cabin Crew
HQ, for children aged 2 plus where the children are looked after
by the playgroup leader 1.10 pm—3.10 pm for £5. Nicola Roberts
756718 [email protected]
INDOOR BOWLS contact David Lenaerts 756134. Held in the
Village Hall every Monday from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm. £2.00 a
session. Bowls provided, informal, no special shoes or equipment
SCOUTS, CUBS AND BEAVERS contact Mike Dawson
359499 email [email protected]
Held in the Village Hall, Tuesdays in term time.
5.00 – 6.00 pm
6.00 – 7.30 pm
7.30 - 9.00 pm
Explorer Scouts 7.30 - 9.00 pm
BABY CLINIC contact 752776. Held in the Village Hall second
Friday of month, 10.30 – 11.30 a.m. Drop-in clinic for well babies
run by Health Visitor or Nursery Nurse. No charge. Next sessions
are Fridays December 12th and January 9th.
KARATE Steve Tilston 759251 Village Hall, Wednesday and
Friday 6.00 – 9.00 pm .
TAI CHI Call in and make some new friends, Bwlchgwyn Village
Hall, Wednesdays 8.00 to 9:00 pm. £3 a session.
01766 771772. Village Hall, fortnightly, Fridays 12.30-5.00 pm. A
group of approximately 10 families who home tutor their children
from a Christian perspective. Age range, babies to 16 years.
LIBRARY VAN – –from 10.20 - 11.25 am on December 3rd and
January 14th at the War Memorial. Enrol on van. New members
very welcome, please bring I.D. Wide range of books including
Children’s and large print. Books not available on the van can be
ordered either in person or via the Library website. Very friendly
and helpful. Current members, can you bring your library card if
you have one.
Saturday 6th December – Country and Western Singer
New Years Eve – Fancy Dress, Karaoke and Disco
If you are disabled or have difficulty getting to your local library, a
homelink library service is provided by Wrexham County. This
offers a home visit every four weeks, and provides access to a
whole range of library and reference services, including books,
audio books on tape and CD, music CD’s, and DVDs. For further
information please contact Cefn Mawr Library Tel no 820938.
7th—2nd Sunday in Advent, Holy Eucharist 9.30 am
14th—3rd Sunday in Advent, Holy Eucharist 9.30 am
21st –4th Sunday in Advent, Service of lessons and carols 6.00 pm
24th—Christmas Eve, Crib service 4.30 pm
25th—Christmas day, Holy Eucharist 9.30 am
28th—1st Sunday after Christmas, Holy Eucharist 9.30 am
4th Second Sunday after Christmas 9.30 am Holy Eucharist
11th First Sunday after Epiphany 9.30 am Holy Eucharist
18th Second Sunday after Epiphany. Induction service for Rev.
Chancellor Pam Powell, 3.00 pm at Brymbo Church
25th Conversion of Paul, Apostle 9.30 am Holy Eucharist
SCAFFOLDING available at very competitive prices. Call Paul on
07921 356346 or 07921 523324 for a no obligation quotation.
Qualified hair stylist and nail technician. Includes gel and acrylic
nails. Perms, colours and highlights at half of what you'd pay in a salon.
Evenings available for consultation or more advice. Call Julie on
01978 752796 or mobile 07592 930367.
Kelly’s Cuts for bathing, clipping. nail clipping, micro chipping and lots, lots
more. Pamper packages available. Call Bethan on 07840 313668.
For details of Excursions, Holiday Tours, Private Hire please contact the
garage on 01978 757281 between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to
Friday. 49 and 55 seater coaches available.
[email protected]
Local registered plumber for Gas, Oil and LPG. Services available
include :- Full central heating installation. Service and repair. Bathroom
installations and general plumbing. Call Guy 01978 755537 or
077610 46231.
We install & service solid fuel stoves, chimney liners and offer a chimney
sweeping service. Very competitive prices. Hetas registered. Call Paul on
07921 356346 or 07921 523324 for a no obligation quotation.
CHERRY TREE COUNTRY CLOTHING ...the ultimate in country
clothing and outdoor wear!
We are retailers of all of your country, outdoor, hiking and travel needs.
Choose from our range of tweed jackets, shirts, walking boots and shoes,
outdoor wear, hats, gloves, socks, gifts and accessories. Shop online at or in-store at 19 Well Street,
Ruthin, Denbighshire LL15 1AE. For advice or enquires please phone
01978 437029
Registered Childminder in Bwlchgwyn. Providing a flexible childminding
service, enabling children to learn and develop in a safe, warm home
based environment through play. Monday to Friday 8.00 am - 6.00 pm
Call 07949310200 or (01978) 501216 or
email; [email protected]
CABIN CREW—Nicola Roberts 756718
[email protected]
Nursery Plus—from 3 years old, open from 10.30—3.15 pm weekdays
in termtime. Afterschool Club 3.15—6.00 pm
Holiday Club—3 to 11 years during school holidays and inset days 6.15
am to 5.30 pm weekdays. Fees start from %15 per day. Regular
bookings not required. On the last Wednesday of every month,
during term-time, Jo Jingles will be at the Cabin Crew between 1.30 and
3.00 pm. Cost per family is £4 for each session.
The Hall is available to book for large or small, casual one - off or more
regular events. If you want to look around or book the venue please do
ring Judy or Sheila on 07950 977985. Hall (inc kitchen) £30 for 3 hrs
+ £10/hr afterwards. Lounge £20 for 3 hrs + £3/hr afterwards.