Freie Hansestadt Bremen - Neue Oberschule Gröpelingen

Neue Oberschule Gröpelingen, Ernst-Waldau-Str. 1a, 28239 Bremen
Bremen, 25.02.16
Dear parents and students,
dear colleagues and all other staff,
In this year’s enrolment process from Year 4 to Year 5 we are very pleased that our school got good
results again - this is a compliment for the good work of our team!
As new colleagues we welcome Melanie Gerlach, Sophia Klatt, Sergej Wittmann as well as Esra Cetin. Our new trainee teachers are Neriman Dönmez, Ayse Bashigit and Fatma Taskesen. From 5th to
13th February our second Skiing Trip went to Seeboden (Austria). Thanks to the organisation and accompaniment from Mr Bärmann and Mr Brunnecke 16 students from Year 8 to Year 10 took part.
On 18th February the president of the Bremen Parliament Mr Weber opened the exhibition „Der
Westen zeigt's euch“. The NOG took part too with the following students: Elham, Christian, Rozin, Andrei, Ali, Ademaro, Dana, Aleksandra, Hilda and Sifal. In co-operation with „Kultur vor Ort e.V.“ and the
artist Anja Fußbach as well as with the support of Mr Napierala the students created fabulous pieces
of art which will be exhibited at our school after the Easter holidays.
Our Year 9 and Year 10 students are currently on work experience. The Year 10 students who are
planning to continue with senior years are looking into the Senior School Rübekamp. This school is so
far the partner senior school for our school.
On 15th February our Badminton-Team came a close second place at the Bremen tournament „Jugend trainiert für Olympia“. Congratulations to our coach Mr Gefken and the following students: Marina
Buck, Jasmin Mettler, Lale Kaya, Daniela Braadt, Niklas Dumkowski, Lennart Lütjen, Tobias Schwarze
and Kadir Bucuka.
As part of the city partnership between Bremen and Izmir a trip is now financially and organizationally
safe for our students. Together with Mr Könen and Ms Locklair as accompanying teachers the group of
Year 9 students will fly from 8th to 13th May to the beautiful seaside town Izmir in order to get in touch
with the students there and to work on a joint theatre project.
It is never too early to start with the topic theatre: At the beginning of January our Year 5 students visited the Theater am Goetheplatz to watch the well-presented production of “Pünktchen and Anton”.
Finally some information about the time after the Easter holidays:
As agreed at the last school conference our whole staff team will complete a first aid course on 4
April 2016. Therefore lessons will not take place on that day. School starts back after the Easter holidays on Tuesday 5th April.
With huge regrets we need to inform you that our school secretary Ms Lessow will retire at the beginning of the Easter holidays. Despite the sadness we wish her all the very best for her so-called third
part of her life! The farewell ceremony for Ms Lessow will take place on Thursday 17th March at
1.45pm in the Year 10 market square.
Now I wish you all a very relaxing Easter holiday and for the students who participate in the Easter
Camp lots of fun and success with their learning!
Kind Regards
Sabine Jacobsen
- Principal -