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29 O pen House 29 Sweet F.R.O.G. 12:00-­‐5:00 Let’s celebrate another great year of PTA events filled with families! W e’d to thank you, parents, for donating your valuable time volunteering like during PTA activities, cutting those tiny Box Tops (which brought in over $1000), buying raffle tickets, spending money at the Fall Carnival, and for bringing your family to Bingo Night and other fundraisers during the year. You worked your CROCODILE TAILS off! Our children have greatly benefited from each and every one of you. Please consider joining the PTA again and volunteering next year. The PTA board members are already gearing up for another family-­‐fun year. Check out our Facebook page to stay updated through the summer. Our first CROC Crew Color Me FUN Run was a huge success! Thank you so much to Danielle Kabban and Melanie Hayman for helping coordinate this COLORTABULOUS event. If you’d like to be on the planning team for next year’s run, please let a board member know. KWC families had such a blast, and we want to continue this new tradition. The PTA tries to balance family-­‐
activities while having enough volunteers to make each event fun excellent. Thanks again for helping us provide these types of events! During teacher appreciation week, our teachers LOVED their decorated doors and appreciated all of the treats the PTA provided them: lunch, coffee, snacks, breakfast. Nickole Hackney and Charlotte Mahnken set the stage for our Rock Star Teachers and did a fabulous job. on June 11 . We The PTA will also donate popsicles and cups for Field Day will be helping Mr. Wells find volunteers for field day, so look for a sign up genius in your inbox soon. Remember to turn in AmeriGas receipts and Box Tops in the front lobby. AmeriGas donates 2 cents for every dollar on your receipt, and Box Tops donates 10 cents each! We wish you a wonderful summer! We will see you at the Open House on August 29 and at Sweet F.R.O.G. right afterwards, from 12-­‐5:00, for our Maryann Childs Dorothy Warner Scott Wells Laura Vaughan Kim Zerbe Debra Sheets Wendy Keane ANNOUNCEMENTS AND RECOGNITION
Culbert has teamed up with SchoolKidz, a Staples company, to do your shopping for you! Ordering is available from May 1st through June 13th.
To order access: The school account ID for ordering is: 25716
The school kits will be delivered and will be available at the open house in the fall or on y our child's first day of school!
This is done as a convenience for our Culbert families and the PTA passes all the savings on to you.
Going to Colonial Williamsburg this summer? PTA families get a 20% discount. Click on­‐only/benefits-­‐and-­‐
discounts.html for more information.
As a way of the students and teachers to say Thank You to our Watch D.O.G.S. Dads for a great school year, we are honoring all of our dads that volunteered. Our Donuts with Dad Celebration is on Thursday, June 5th beginning at 7:25am. If you were a WATCH D.O.G.S. Dad, please check your calendars to see if you can attend this special morning. Treasurer’s Report
Money made from Spirit N ights:
Money made:
Skate Night: $249.00 Velocity Wings: $99.85 Haute Dogs: $110.00 Vocelli's: $167.00 Tropical Smoothie: $108.86
Box T ops: $434.90 Fun Run: $1195 Membership: $28 Afterschool activities: $660 first PTA Spirit Get Together of 2014/2015! Laurie Osterman Remember the clipping never stops! Keep clipping all summer to show support for our wonderful KWC!! Summer Staff Birthdays July:
September: 7/10 Laura Berish 7/5 Jody Wymer 9/1 Bradley Adams 8/7 Joyce Hibbits 8/30 Diane Dillow 7/13 Ramona H enriquez 9/1 Kathy Evans 7/7 Karen Smith 8/8 Alissa Hall 8/31 Diana Markel 7/8 Courtney Reed 7/19 Christy Morris 9/17 Laurie Broglio 8/11 Jackie Brownell 7/20 Jesse Iman elly Davison 7/8 7/8 KJ anelle O chs 7/20 T raci G off 8/24 8/28 JM ennifer olly T ew Q uante 9/26 BB ecky RM ise cCoy 9/27 ettie 7/21 Kathy Shuster Teacher Appreciation: $300.78 SOL testing (gums & mints) $46.06 Car magnets for PTA membership drive in the Fall: $223.34 th
Money Spent:
June Staff Birthdays Want to stay connected to KWC families? We’re on Facebook!! Kenneth W. Culbert Elementary School PTA President: Laurie Osterman [email protected]
Executive VP: Judy Bannerton [email protected]
VP Membership: Christina Navarrete [email protected]
VP Programs: Danielle Kabban [email protected]
Treasurer: Melanie Hayman [email protected]
Secretary: Viviani McLean [email protected]
Thank you to our amazing PTA coordinators for going above and beyond this year! NONE of these PTA events would've taken place without our awesome coordinators' time and talents. They are such a gift to our school, and we'd like to celebrate their efforts! Judy and I will be hosting a PTA Coordinators' Thank You Coffee on June 3rd. Coordinators should have received an evite with details. A round of applause for:
Reflections: Amy Berringer Movie Night: Debbie Kirk & Jimmy Willis WATCH D.O.G.S. Dads: Danielle Kabban Talent Show: Kieley Cox Fall Carnival: Melanie Hayman Hospitality & Teacher Appreciation Week Co-­‐Chairs: Charlotte Mahnken & Nickole Hackney Directory: Deborah & Tom Hill Spirit Wear: Monica Neumann Box Tops: Erin Supplee After School Activities: Christa Kelly & Karen Melton Volunteer Coordinator: Kimberly Marrin Web Master: Kevin Kelly Basket Raffle: Kimberly Marrin CROC Crew Color Me FUN Run: Danielle Kabban, Melanie Hayman, & Laurie Osterman *****ALL MOMS AND DADS WHO SUPPORTED AND VOLUNTEERED FOR THESE COORDINATORS***** Bingo Night: Erin Supplee
A big thank you to all of our dads for the success in this program!! See you on June 5th!! Jeremy Acker Roger B lair Tom Buckley Rusty Cox Prescott Engle Travis Fritz Steve Greenberger Steve Jencen Greg Levine Brian McGushin Mike O’Neill Paul Pitvorec Todd Ritchey Luke Sauter Joseph Andersen Andrew B lome Todd Buterbaugh James Crabtree Donald Fetch Jayson Fugal John Hall James Judd Pat Linehan Bruce McLean Chris Osterman Pete Poag Mark Rohrbaugh Scott Sloan Dennis Arndt Todd Boehnlein Brett Cameron Todd Drake Jeff Fiorello John Gannaway Tom Hill Michael Kabban Lloyd Mansfield Jonathan Miller Patrick Payne Steve Rath Morgan Josh Rubin Ryan Supplee Richard Bader David Bock Jerrod Carr Michael Elkon John Fleming Paul Gibson Andy Hunn Josh King Eric McCann Dan Navarrete Alexander Oppenhimer Bob Richardson Ronald Rubin We want to thank our generous restaurants and sponsors that sponsored our events for this year. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic support from our local community businesses!
Hamilton Service Center, Meadow Farms, Purcellville Tire & Auto, REAListic Fitness, State Farm, Fleming Painting, Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department, Harmony Pre-­‐
school, Mary Kay, Purcellville Pediatric Dentistry, Top Kick Martial Arts, Audi Contractors, Loudoun Valley Floors, TW Perry, Cheer Sports, Middleburg Bank, Brent Lucas Insurance Agency, Bank of Clarke County, Charlie Rossi, Country Terminate and Pest Control, John Regan Soccer, Shores Landscaping Services, For Goodness, Sake, SwimKids, Loudoun Golf & Country Club, Dulles Golf Center and Sports, INOVA, Great Country Farms and Bush Tabernacle KENNETH W. CULBERT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL