BISB PTA Minutes 16 Oct 2014

BISB PTA MEETING - 16th October 2014
In attendance:
Gina Panarisi Phelan (Chair), Donna Scharpf (Secretary), Katja Legien-Schifferer (Treasurer), Anna Denisenko (Grade/Year Rep Coordinator), Radka Doubravska, Ivana Novakova,
Sylvia Lim, Carmen Castano, Minjeong Kim, Katarina Bujnakova, Nele Van Peteghem, Marjo
Kuusilehto, Adin Mercan, Tiziana Aleandri, Yumi Park, Natalia Verbraeken, Petra Van Der
Hoek, Sanja Kezic, Jen Hoo Lee, Khan Seo, Moonhee Cha, Eun Hee Kim
Teachers/Administrators Present: Beverley Caddington
1. Opening of the meeting: 8:30 AM
Gina opened the meeting, welcomed all attendees
2. New Board Members: Gina announced that Andrea Szuchy Klein and Nishi Shetty will be
the new co-Class/Grade Rep coordinators for the PTA. She said they’ve met with Grade/
Class representatives already and that the list of coordinators for each class/grade are
now posted on the bulletin board as well as the PTA page of the school website for anyone
looking to find out who their class rep is.
2.Treasurer’s Report: Katja gave a treasurer’s report. We’ve earned approximately 200 euros each from the two bake sales so far and have allocated some funds for napkins, plates,
and other supplies for the bake sales, which gives us a Total Account Balance of 2,575 Euros.
3. Last Year’s PTA Funded Events: Gina listed the events, which the PTA sponsored last year. She reiterated that there is a form posted in the Faculty Lounge (or which Donna
Scharpf can send to anyone), whereby teachers, staff, and parents may request funds for
a particular project or event they feel that the PTA should consider funding. Nele and
Katja brought up a funding idea for school or the PTA to pay for extra footballs and uniforms for the U8s and U10s since uniforms are provided for U13s, U15s, and U18s. ACTION: Donna contacted Mr. Cox and Mr. Cook. They assured us that there are already
footballs in the outdoor locker and uniforms for the smaller players. They will communicate this to the U8 and U10 coaches.
3. PTA Committees:
a. School Food Committee: In Ms. Kanclirova’s absence, a parent member of the
School Food Committee updated the PTA on its progress. The new contract is still in the
“tender/bidding” stage. The school and committee are reviewing local laws dealing with school
cafeterias in Slovakia (including a law which requires only approved recipes to be used), and
it’s not been an easy task to take into account the wishes and cultural eating habits of all the
nationalities at the school. The committee is meeting regularly and will report each PTA
b. International Day (October 24th): Ms. Caddington, chair of this committee, reported on the schedule of events for that day: The Primary children will visit and participate
in four 45-minute workshops from 8:30 - noon. One of the workshops will be created and run
by Secondary students. Another workshop will be the “International Cafe” where parents will
host tables of food and cultural items in the small gym. The International day workshop will
open at 8:50 AM. Parents will have time to set up at 4 PM on October 23rd and the morning
of October 24th before 8:50 AM. Secondary students will visit the International Cafe from
10:15 - 10:45 AM. Slovak Roma Dancers from Karlova Ves, a Drum expert, and hopefully a
Flamenco dancer and a martial arts demonstration will occur at a general assembly. At 1:15 PM
there will be a parade with 35 flag bearers of all the countries of the school. Parents are
encouraged to come. The PTA will provide plates and napkins and small cups. Drinks and
soups are discouraged unless they are a very unique cultural thing. Otherwise, country reps
are asked to bring only room-temperature, small finger-food, easy-to-eat items. ACTION:
The office will send out a detailed letter to all parents and staff announcing the event and
schedule for the day and inviting parents to participate.
c. Primary School Events committee: No report this meeting.
d. Secondary Events Committee: No report this meeting.
e. Booster Club (Sports Committee): No report this meeting.
4. PTA Groups
PTA Facebook Group: Gina announced that the private PTA Facebook group is up and running and is called “British International School Bratislava PTA Parents Corner.” If you send a
“friend” request to and don’t get accepted soon, please email [email protected] to be added to the group.
Women’s Tennis Group: Anna Denisenko is Chair. More ladies are encouraged to join Friday mornings at 9 AM.
Men’s Soccer Group: Ohad Freund is chair, Sundays, 4 PM - 6 PM, at the school for all
BISB Fathers to join.
English Conversation Group: Gina Panarisi will start after half term, Thursdays after
drop off in the canteen. Those interested in practicing and improving their English skills
should come. English speakers encouraged, too, to help keep the conversation going.
5. Upcoming Events:
a. Bake Sale hosted by Year 3: PTA is asking Year 3 parents to donate cakes (homemade or store-bought) and bring in to school by 11:30 AM on Friday, 7 November. Sellers are
wanted, too, that day from 11:30 AM - 1:45 PM. RSVP to [email protected] if you are a year 3 parent
who can bring in goodies and/or help sell that day. ACTION: Gina will send out reminders to
the Year 3 parents and ask for Year 3 parent volunteers to help sell.
b. Springtime trip to Theater for Primary students: Ms. Caddington said that there will
not be a Christmastime theatre trip like last year but a springtime one. The school is getting
in touch with the SND (near Eurovea) to organize a day-time showing with English
explanation/translation for the opera The Magic Flute. Details to be announced in the future.
Donna volunteered to give contact details for the director there, if the school needs it.
6. Questions for Teachers/Administration:
a. When will be the Annual Secondary Drama/Musical Production?
Ms. Eastwood replied that The secondary Production of “Fame” is in the school calendar as
the 26-27th May 2015.
9. Meeting Adjourned — The meeting ended at 9:10 AM. Next meeting will be November
20th at 8:20 AM in the Canteen.
Respectfully Submitted: Donna Scharpf