Bid Announcement 4420000884A and 4420001216A_skkmigas

No. 4420000884A & 4420001216A
BP Berau Ltd. (“COMPANY”) invites potential bidders to participate in re-prequalification process for bid No. 4420000884A &
4420001216A. This bid No. 4420000884A & 4420001216A shall refer to Pedoman Tata Kerja No. 007 REVISI-II/PTK/I/2011, as
amended on SKK Migas Decree letter no. KEP-0066/SKKO0000/2013/S0 dated 3 April 2013 and other amendment(s) from time
to time ("the prevailing Pedoman Tata Kerja No. 007") as work procedure guideline on supply chain management for Contractors
under Production Sharing Contract (PSC).
COMPANY is planning to conduct a 3D OBC reprocessing in Berau Bay (Papua) area with the objective of enhancing seismic
imaging of Deep Permian (1.6 – 2.2 seconds), below Deep Permian, and to obtain good fault definition. The area consists of
3 surveys with different azimuths which is planned to be merged. The data is very noisy and challenging to process, such
that a very high end sequence will be required including high end noise attenuation, separate P and Z processing, anisotropic
FWI velocity model building, OVT migration, Q-tomography and Q depth migration.
The Biostratigraphy analysis will be performed to support Tangguh Fields evaluation in West Papua. The analysis will be
done in CONSULTANT’s office in Jakarta. The quality of execution and analysis is very crucial in order to achieve high
precision and unambiguous results.
The main objective is to provide stratigraphic breakdown of the well, and, to subdivide the reservoir unit (particularly on
Permian and Jurassic age sediment), using the following analysis: Quantitative Palynology (including hot-shot), Foraminiferal
Analysis of picked residues, Larger Foraminifera in Thin Section, Nannofossil, Sample Processing, High Resolution
Palynological, High Resolution Nannofossil and High Resolution Foraminiferal. This project is currently planned to start in 1Q
Ubadari 3D OBC Seismic
Data Reprocessing
Big Scale Company
D.07.01 Survey
Consultancy Services for
Big Scale Company
D.08. Other Consultancy
Biostratigraphy Analysis
D.08.04 Other
for Tangguh Fields
Consultancy Services
All potential bidders which are interested in participating the re-prequalification process shall submit following requirements:
1. Application letter to participate
2. Shareholder Structure
3. Organization Structure
4. Valid original and copies of applicable business license (SIUP/IUT)
5. Valid original and copies of Certificate of Company’s Registration (TDP)
(For bidder who has already acquired BP's Vendor Registration Certificate (“SKT BP”), please submit copy of your SKT BP
and you don't need to submit documents from no. 4 and 5 above)
6. Commitment Letter to achieve minimum Local Content requirement as requested above, signed over stamp Rp. 6000.
7. For Bidder registers as Domestic Company shall submit a Statement of Domestic Company and supported with Company’s
Notarial Deed or Statement of Truth from Legal Consultant.
The above documents must be submitted to:
Registration period
Estimated Tender Schedule
Prequalification Document issuance
Prequalification submission
Bid Document issuance
BP Berau Ltd. Procurement Committee
Perkantoran Hijau Arkadia, Tower D, 1st Floor
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 88, Jakarta 12520
: 7 November 2014 – 11 November 2014
08.00 a.m. – 13.00 p.m.
: 7 - 11 November 2014
: 18 November 2014 for Bid No. 4420000884A
14 November 2014 for Bid No. 4420001216A
: December 2014
Bidders who pass the prequalification process will be invited to participate in tender process with cost of bid package Rp.
500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah) for Bid No. 4420000884A and Rp. 250,000 (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Rupiah) for
Bid No. 4420001216A
Jakarta, 6 November 2014
BP Berau Ltd. Procurement Committee