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The Crane
The newsletter of Hiroshima International School
26th February 2010
Dates to note
Please make a note of the forthcoming events.
Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th February – Model United Nations (MUN) at Marist International School
Saturday 27th February to Sunday 7th March – Spring break
Monday 15th March – Grade 5 PYP Exhibition Information Evening
Grade 5 PYP Exhibition
from Matt Sides, PYP Coordinator
What: PYP Exhibition Parent's Information Evening
Who: Parents of grade 4 and 5 students
When: Monday March 15, 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Where: Mr Sides' classroom at H.I.S.
Why: To provide information on what the Exhibition is and how the parents can actively become involved
in their child(ren)'s journey through the PYP Exhibition.
More detailed information about the Information Evening will be in the next issue of The Crane.
Programming Club
from Nigel Barker
I am planning to run an after school Python programming club again this year, between Spring Break and
Golden Week. It will cover programming fundamentals, and no previous knowledge is required. It will
include creating interfaces with buttons and boxes for your programs. However, it will mostly involve typing code precisely into a little window, then trying to figure out why it doesn't work! Anyone in Grade 6 or
above can attend, but you should probably be interested in mathematics and computers. Python is a
modern and relatively easy language for beginners, but it also has advanced uses. NASA and Google are
among the organisations which use Python for some of their projects. All the software you need is free
and open source. I also have some free online guides for you. However, I am recommending a book*
which is very easy to follow and in my opinion worth buying. I want to choose a day which suits the most
people, so I created a poll for the purpose. Please visit the following link to indicate your availability.
Select all the days that you are able to attend and then I will let you know at the end of Spring Break.
Availability :
Book :
PTA News
from Jackie Ikegami
On behalf of the PTA I would like to thank Adrienne Jensen for her hard work for our school and our kids,
and wish her all the best of luck on her new adventure.
PTA Notice Board
If you haven’t yet noticed, we have made a new PTA notice board in front of the school, to the left of the
genkan. Please check it out occasionally. If you wish to post a message on the notice board, please contact one of the PTA officers.
Use of PTA Funds
It seems this has not been obvious, so apologies for not making it clear before, but any member of the PTA
(parents, teachers, or even students!) can feel free to nominate an idea for the use of PTA funds at any
time. I cannot promise it will be carried out, as we have to follow the PTA rules on how and when the
money is used, but I can promise it will be put up for discussion. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! As a
basic rule, funds should be used for things which will benefit the school in general, cultural events, or that
most students will have the opportunity to use. Basically however, anything may be discussed. If you have
an idea which you feel will be of benefit to the school, please do not hesitate to suggest it at any time.
International Festival
As you know, we are having weekly meetings on Fridays at 2pm at school in the Pink Room, to decide the
fine details of the International Festival. Thanks to everyone who has contributed time and ideas so far.
Please feel free to come along whenever you can.
We are now also looking for volunteers to help on the day of the festival!
We have lots of fun ideas for shops and activities, but we can only make them all happen if we get enough
people to keep them running. Please sign up in the office if you can help on April 17th.
¥100 Shop
Thanks to everyone who has already donated goods to the ¥100 Shop. We have collected some good
stuff over the past two weeks. To those who have not donated anything yet, we hope you will be able to
find some time during the spring break to have a look through your cupboards and find all those treasures
you no longer use, and donate them for a good cause!
We appreciate all donations, large and small, but if you have larger items (furniture, electrical appliances
etc) to donate, could you please contact one of the ¥100 team (see below) before bringing them to school.
Recycling charges now apply for disposing of larger items, so we need to agree on what will happen if we
are unable to sell them. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Rails and Hangers
If anyone has a clothing rail or extra clothes hangers at home which we could borrow, we would be very
grateful. Also any carrier bags for packaging will be gratefully accepted.
Thanks for your support.
Joani Yamanoi
Noriko Nogami
([email protected] / 080-5620-4027)
([email protected] / 090-4109-1806)
The deadline for applications for advertising on the Festival flyer has now passed, but we will still happily
accept donations of prizes for the raffle and requests for advertising on the day of the festival.
Haiti Donation
There has been a suggestion that the PTA donate part of the profits of the International Festival to the relief effort for victims of the Haiti earthquake. I want to take everyone’s opinion into account on this matter so please check your e-mail and participate in the vote. The deadline is today, Friday 26th February,
but we will of course consider all opinions received by the time we have to decide about this.
If there is anything you think you can contribute to making the festival better, we would love to ear from at
any time. [email protected]
PTA を代表して、 Adrienne Jensen 先生にこれまでお世話になった感謝の気持ちをお送りしたく思
皆さんもうすでにご存じのように、学校の正面玄関横に、PTA 掲示板を作りました。みんな、チ
ェックして下さいね!PTA 掲示板に掲載したいものがある方、PTA までご連絡を。
これまで PTA 予算の使い方、使い道について、はっきり明言していなくて、ごめんなさい。でも、
PTA メンバー (保護者、教師、生徒さんも!) であれば、PTA 予算を使って、何かすることに関し
予算の使途については、PTA 規約に従わなければいけないので、すべての案が承認されると
基本的な規則としては、PTA 予算は、学校全体に有益なもの、カルチャー・イベント、または、
た案は、協議します 学校全体に有益なものだと思える案をお持ちの方、いつでも提案して下さい。
毎週、金曜日 2pm から、ピンク・ルームでインターナショナル・フェスティバルのミーティング
International Festival
なことばかりです。4 月 17 日、フェスティバルに参加できる方、オフィスで申し込んで下さい。
¥100 Shop
Joani Yamanoi [email protected] / 080-5620-4027
Noriko Nogami [email protected] / 090-4109-1806
担当者までご連絡ください。 売れ残ってしまった場合に、簡単に廃棄できない問題があるため、物の確認
震災被害ハイチへの寄付 インターナショナル・フェスティバルの売上金の一部を、PTA が、ハイ
く思います。メールをチェックして、賛否を投票してください。2 月 26February が締め切りです
ジャッキー [email protected]
from Teresa Kuo
The last Scholastic Book order for the school year was delivered to students and teachers this past
Wednesday. Over 300 books were ordered! Parents, if a book is out of stock, it is circled and noted on
the original order and a refund will be issued to you shortly. The Scholastic Book service would not be possible without the help of parent volunteers. Therefore, I would like to thank the following people for their
time and help with this semester's orders: Takako Bartelink, Nicky Biwaki, Eriko Hird, Noriko Nogami, Debbie Randle, Hisako Shiji, Joanie Yamanoi, and Yasuko Yamashiro. Also, special thanks to Makkie-san and
Tsuyama-san in the office for their help with the logistics and accounting. Happy reading!
この水曜日に、今学年度最後のスコラスティック・ブックを、生徒さん、先生方にお配りしました。300 冊以
ティアの皆さんの力があってこそ、スコラスティック・ブッ ク・オーダーが、実現できます。今回は、Takako
Bartelink, Nicky Biwaki, Eriko Hird, Noriko Nogami, Debbie Randle, Hisako Shiji, Joanie Yamanoi, Yasuko
Yamashiro の皆さんに、お手伝いいただきました。それから、オフィスの Makkie-san と Tsuyama-san にも、
本の保管や会計の面で、大変お世話になりました。Happy reading!
Model United Nations
Later today the team of students who have been representing the school at the Model United Nations
meeting in Kobe and their teacher, Lisa Quattlebaum, will be returning to Hiroshima. This is the second
year when we have participated in this annual event and I am delighted to see it become a fixture on our
calendar. It gives our students a unique opportunity to engage with real-life issues in prolonged discus4
sion and debate with students from many other international schools throughout Asia. Those who went
last year greatly enjoyed the experience and I am certain that this year’s team will have had the same experience. Same time next year!
Temple University and HIS
Temple University was founded in Philadelphia more than 100 years ago and is now one of the largest colleges in the USA. In 1982 it became the first foreign university to open a campus in Japan and it now operates two – in Tokyo and Osaka.
I was therefore very happy today to welcome a representative from Temple University to HIS and to discuss
with him what his university can offer our IB graduates. Temple looks very favourably on the IB Diploma
and our visitor was enthusiastic about the possibility of enrolling HIS graduates. I am pleased to be able to
add Japan’s oldest and largest English-language university to a growing list in Japan and overseas with
whom we are building relationships.
Enrolment Drive for EC
For families who enrol their children in our EC class (“Early Childhood”) in April, May or June we are offering
a special deal. If you have a child you are thinking of enrolling in EC or if you have friends and neighbours
who do, please contact the school for further details.
Spring Break
The rain may have been falling for almost 24 hours but it’s warm rain (!) so we are taking the hint and heading off for a week of well-earned rest. Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, enjoy it!
Back to normal on Monday 8th March.
With best wishes
Peter MacKenzie
Hiroshima International School
3-49-1, Kurakake, Asakita-ku
Hiroshima 739-1743
tel. (082) 843 4111
fax. (082) 843 6399