February 2015 - Let Me Shine!

1070 South Foothill Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
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Barb Ballif
Asst. Director
Holly Graham
Lorna Burnett
Heather Gee
Stacey Khokhar
Kristina Obermark
Amy Trevino
Dear Parents,
Sharing God’s love…when you walk the halls of Let
Me Shine that is what you’ll hear; from the chapel, from
the classrooms and from the playground. There is
nothing more important in our day. It is from this point
the rest of our learning takes place.
As Mister Rogers once said, “Deep within us-no matter
who we are-there lives a feeling of wanting to be lovable, of wanting to be the kind of person that others like
to be with.. And the greatest thing we can do is to let
people know that they are loved and capable of loving.”
Happy Valentine’s Day! What a blessing it is to share God’s love with each other and to remember; “We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19
In His Service,
Barb Ballif,
Sabrina Bell
Laura Cowan
Christina Farden
Genie Murphy
Carlee Bell
Kelli Schroeter
Jeanine Simpson
Janel Trapp
Charity Yellowhair
Ministry Support
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Zion Administration
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Resident Managers
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Board of Trustees
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National Lutheran Schools Week
March 1-6
LMS Children sing at Zion
Sunday, March 1st at 10:30
Watch for daily dress-up themes March 2-6
Usborne Book Fair and
March 9-13
Watch for a sign-up sheet near your
child’s classroom for times to schedule
your Parent-Teacher Conference.
Also . . . We ask your consideration in
keeping your scheduled appointment
and arriving on time. Our teacher’s
time before & after school is limited,
and you may be scheduled back-to-back
with another parent. Check out the
Book Fair while you’re waiting!!
Please plan on joining us Sunday, March 1 as we kick off Na onal Lutheran Schools Week with the children singing here at Zion. The children are having fun in music and are busy learning songs to sing at the 10:30am worship service! We are blessed to be a Chris an school and to have such a great facility.
Now Enrolling…We are currently
enrolling and accepting applications for
all ages. If you know anyone who is interested in preschool, please let them
know about this wonderful opportunity
to provide their child with a Christian
early childhood education at Let Me
No School!!
Nicole Caldwell
Monday, February 16
In observance of President's Day
Let Me Shine is a Preschool Ministry of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Need a little extra time in the
Be Sure to take advantage of Morning Bunch !
Advanced notice is required!
Drop off time is anytime between 8:00 am—8:45 am. Please sign
your child in as usual on the clip board at the sign-in table and bring
him/her down to Miss Sabrina’s Room #8. Morning Bunch will
have story time, color time and game time! Make sure your child
has breakfast before they come! Your child will be escorted to their
classroom to begin their school day at 9:00 am. You will receive an
invoice at the end of each month.
Staff Appreciation Week is March 1‐6! Please see Barb in the office if you are interested in helping plan a fun week.
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Worship Opportunities
Sundays, 8:00 &10:30am
Christian Education Opportunities
Sunday School
Sundays, 9:15am—10:15am
(Remember to pay March’s tuition
before February 10)
At Let Me Shine, tuition is due the first of each
month (with a ten day grace period). Tuition received after the tenth of the month will be assessed a late fee of $20.00. Tuition is paid in nine
equal installments August-April (we pay tuition a
month in advance- your August check was for September, etc.). Your April check will be your last
tuition payment for the year. If you have any questions about your payments, please see Holly in the
preschool office! Remember that March’s tuition
is due before February 10th!!
Want a night out with your
loved one?
Ages 3 through Adult
All Are Welcome
Ash Wednesday Worship ~ February 18
12:00 pm and 7:00 pm preceded by a 6:00 pm
Soup supper
Lenten Worship Schedule
Wednesdays—February 25—March 25
6:00 pm Soup Supper
7:00 pm Worship
Contact the church office at 582-2321 with any questions or if you would like to speak
with a pastor.
Record your hours, please. The volunteer hour box is out on the
sign-in table. Look for your name and don’t forget to give yourself an
extra hour for attending the Back-to-School Night back in August. And
remember, Let Me Shine can always use your help. If you still need to
make up your 5 required volunteers hours, please see Holly, Barb or
your child’s teacher.
Thank you
5-7:30 pm
Cost is $20 for the first child &
$10 for each sibling
Ages are from 2 – 8
Let Me Shine wants to help you
with this.
We will provide dinner, games,
stories, and
fun for your child
Payment is required by Monday,
February 2nd to hold your child’s
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Miss Chris’s Critters
Hello Everyone,
I can't believe it's February already, this school year is going by so fast. I have enjoyed watching the dynamics of our class change
in the past months. Recently we have been working on the numbers 1-10 and our phone numbers. If you have
an old landline or cell phone it would be excellent if you would spend time showing your child how to dial your
phone number on phone.
The letters we will be working on this month are "P" or "p" for pig, "Q" or "q" for queen and "R" or "r" for
rhino. If you could review these letters with your child with other objects in your house that begin with these
letters, it will only reinforce the learning that has taken place. In the coming month, be on the lookout for the
following letters, "S","T","U" and "V". Also, this month is Valentines Day and we will be having a
Please look for the sign up sheet for treats for your child's class.
Continued Blessings
Miss Chris Miss Lorna’s Little Lambs
JANUARY didn't give us very much snow outside so we celebrated it in class. We
played with Arctic animals in a snow cave, learned that ice melts into COLD water, made cute snowmen, hung mittens on a tree, and made our own clean snow
to eat--using a Snow Cone Machine, YUM!
FEBRUARY is the month of LOVE! We will play with
pets, celebrate Valentine's Day, read Fairy Tales, and learn
some Nursery Rhymes. We will make our Valentine bags
in class, and our parties will be on Thursday, Feb. 12th
and Friday, Feb. 13th, during snack. Please bring one Valentine for each child in class. I have a class list if you want
to put names on them.
HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY------------Evangeline
NO SCHOOL-------------------Monday, February
Celebrate this special month with your family and
friends with love. And always remember, "Jesus loves you!"
Miss Lorna
Note: March 2-6th----Teddy Bear Picnic Week/Lutheran Schools Week
March 9-13th---Parent-Teacher Conferences (again!)
Miss Heather’s Busy Bees
We had a wonderful January in Room 1. The kids were happy to be
back at school, and I was happy to see them. We had a lot of
fun with our snow projects even if there wasn't very much snow to
play in. In February, we will learn about all things transportation-trucks, planes,
cars, boats and trains. It will be a super month for my train
truck enthusiasts. We will also have a simple Valentine's Day
party and card exchange.
In His Service,
Miss Heather
Miss Amy’s
Little Monkeys
January was all about travel and transportation. We talked about the Wise Men traveling to see Jesus and how they knew
which way to go. Later we started our
own travel plans including following maps,
packing our bags and exploring various
modes of transportation. We rode the
school bus, raced a few cars, sailed our
boats, built a train and boarded a
plane. We pretended our room was an
airport and the kids loved playing pilot and
flight attendant.
The weather outside can be very cold but
our classroom is warm and full of fun! It’s
nice to be back in a good routine. Next
month we will continue learning and singing all about God’s love. Lots of hearts
and lots of pink (my favorite) helping us
pass God’s love on to others.
In His Grace,
Miss Amy
If you haven’t already,
please bring a COMPLETE set of extra
clothing for your child. Messes happen at
all ages—whether at the potty, playground, or the paint station—& we need
to be prepared. Thanks for your help!
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Miss Kristina's
February is a month to celebrate God’s gift
of love! Our class will be talking about
what makes us similar (we are all God’s
children) as well as our unique differences
(God made each of us special). We will
practice affirmations, expressing what we
appreciate about one another. Look for
our Wall of Love outside our classroom
near Valentine’s Day – the kiddos have
such sweet observations about their
friends. Our study of transportation will
have us thinking of boats, trains, cars and
planes at the beginning of the month and
our exploration of opposites will keep us
busy until March. Our class Valentine’s
Party will be Thursday the 12th and Friday
the 13th – look for a detailed e-mail in your
inbox about our celebration. Thank you to
all the volunteers who continue to read to
us, help us craft, and
keep us stocked up on
Miss Sabrina’s
Dear Parents,
Coming back from Christmas was an exciting time.
so much to share and talk about. We have learned
our letters “L,” “M,” “N,” and “O.” Even though it isn't yet spring we talked about
being helpers and how the ladybug helps plants and trees by eating the aphids. We
talked about how we can be helpers by listening, sharing and caring. The letter “M” we
talked about mosquitos and how they hurt people by biting them. We discussed how
we can hurt people with our words, and should only speak nice things to one another.
Nightcrawlers are always very useful when going fishing, and Jesus calls us to be fishers
of men. The letter O is for owl... which stands for Our Wise Lord, and we can gain
our wisdom from the Bible. February is here and that means God is LOVE...our Valentine's party. Watch for more information coming, BUT make sure you have 8 valentines for our class. Thank you for this wonderful group of children!
Working 4 Him Together!
Miss Sabrina
This month’s highlights:
“G” is for Gingerbread,
and games (thank you,
Grant's dad and Gus'
mom) “B” is for kneading Bread and churning
Miss Kristina
Miss Stacy’s Safari
Hello all!
What a wonderful fresh start we have had
in Room 2! All my friends returned with
eager hearts and happy to be together with
their friends at school. We had fun learning
about taking good care of our teeth and
how to eat right to stay healthy and happy.
We also began thinking about good manners and will continue with that in February, along with looking at community helpers and of course-God's great Love for us
which leads us to love one another.
May a spirit of peace, love, and joy fill all
our hearts with gladness as we continue to
Seek and Follow Him who goes before.
Peace, Miss Stacy
February 2015
Mrs. Cowan’s
For our Let me
Shine Students
celebrating their
big day this month
Sawyer Nelson
Adelia Porter
Berkley Porter
Evangeline Widmer
Hazel Lowe
Liam Rose
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