read our brochure!

Come join us for Night of the Arts!
It’s all happening this Saturday, February 7 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at
UCE. Cost is $5 per person or $15 per family. This event is always
super fun. We provide the materials, snacks and beverages. No experience necessary. All are welcome! Here are some of the delicious
projects we have planned for you to enjoy:
Henna Tattoos - Irene Besser-Gilbert - Like tattoos? Like fancy stuff? Night of
the Arts will have Beanie hosting a henna table and it will be super fun.
Masterpiece of Art - Paul Gilbert - Join with others to create a masterpiece of
art! Each of us will make one small part and put them together. Which masterpiece? Help out and find out!
Paper Flowers - Felicia Kaplan - Be the "Belle of the Ball" with these colorful
paper flowers for your hair or hand. Felicia Sue Kaplan from Kids' Krafts will show
you how. Just visit her at her table on Saturday.
Upcycle Art - Nancy Lee - Use your imagination to create a work of art using
items that normally would go into the recycle bin or trash container. Glue, found
objects, some sea shells, and other materials will be provided. If you can, please
bring an item or two to get your project started.
Learn to Crochet and Leave with a Flower - Peg Boccard - Have you admired crocheted sweaters, scarves and household things? Have you wanted to
know how to crochet? It's easy! There are only 3 basic stitches plus making a chain
and I'll show you how to do them. And we'll actually make a flower.
Decorate Delectable Valentine Cookies - Mary Sproul and Kathy Talmage - Be ready to decorate cookies with the sweetest, most delicious trimmings.
Stop by and make one for your honey and one for yourself.
Dreamcatchers - Cathy Deamant - From Native American legend, the dreamcatcher was intended to filter out all bad dreams, while letting positive dreams slip
through the hole in the center and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person
below. Using hoops, yarn, beads and feathers, you can create your own dreamcatcher.
Recyclemania! - Sharon Hyson - Create rings, jewelry, one of a kind pens, or a
tote from old toy parts and common materials. Join Sharon Hyson, Art Therapist
and Arts Educator, and create magical items.
Creating a magnificent construction - Will Van Dyke - Boxes, tubes, cardboard, duct tape, and maybe a little paint. See what we can build together with these
everyday materials. Is it a house, or a castle, or something else entirely? Find out
when we collaborate and keep adding on to build our own magnificent construction.
Wands of Magic! – Alice Swan - Are you feeling your magical powers today??
Alice Swan will help you create a magic wand that holds special powers of your
choosing. You can even write a secret message inside. Come and visit her table on
Paper Valentines - Ann Gadzikowski - Crafters of all ages are invited to create
a paper valentine for someone you love. Draw, cut, and paste your own design,
from simple to complex, using a variety of paper and collage materials. Stickers and
pre-cut shapes will be available for very young children.
Lanterns - Rebecca Fischer and Kay Gibbs-Novy - Imagine the glow of a colorful and sparkly lantern. We will create these using gold and silver paint. You will
make magical designs have a beautiful lantern to take home. Stop by my table early
so that your paint can dry before you leave.
Clay Sculpting – Sandra Robinson - Come play in clay with me. We will make
fairies, monsters, animals, chalices, or any shape of your imagination. We use selfdrying clay and embellish with sequins, stones, feathers and other fun materials. This
is one of the many projects that appeals to all.
Fairy Houses - Eileen Wiviott - make a diminutive house out of found objects,
decorative paper, and felt. These small, colorful homes will invite imaginative play
and perhaps a tiny sprite or two to visit.
Paper Bead Necklaces - Rev. Connie Grant - Make amazingly beautiful and
colorful beads from paper triangles cut from magazine pages, and string them to
make necklaces. This project can be meditative, creative, and addictive.
Prayer Cloths - Johna Van Dyke, Noel Yovovich, and Vito Vitkauskas Come help make our version of prayer cloths using our monthly themes for inspiration. We can string them on clothes line and put them up in the lower level!
Valentine Origami - Margaret Shaklee - Make a lovely box for your sweetie.