February Newsletter - Keep a Song In Your Heart

February 2015
The 411...
Please read this
newsletter to find
out the latest and
greatest about all
the happenings of
Room 18.
Dear Parents,
It’s hard to believe that we are mid-way
through our second trimester of school.
February brings us one of my favorite holidays
– Valentine’s Day. It’s a joy to celebrate the
love and the many friendships in our
classroom family. We also have another threeday weekend for President’s day this month,
and who doesn’t love an extra long weekend?
Our class has several fantastic field trips
coming up this month. The fourth graders are
heading to Sacramento and our fifth graders
will go to the DeYoung Museum. But first,
we’ll all head over to Vista Grande on February
3rd for our much anticipated “flag football
super-bowl game” It’s a Green Valley tradition
and a LOT of fun. It’s a great way to learn
teamwork and it provides our students with
opportunities to learn about good
sportsmanship (let’s hope we’re on the
winning side of the learning curve!)
The student art project order forms are here!
Please look for yours in your child’s Monday
Folder this week. The Learning Fund raises
money to provide many programs that
enhance your child’s education. Your support
of the Learning Fund is appreciated and vital
to providing a classroom aide, for our Library,
the Computer Lab, and the Vocal Music
Program just to name a few. I hope you’ll plan
on attending the auction with me - let’s get a
few tables and show our Room 18 Spirit!
Are you interested in helping with our
Valentine’s Day party? Please sign up here...
I’d LOVE to hear from you!
Katie Robinson
Looking forward to February...
During the next month we’ll
continue our focus on
reading in books clubs. The
most critical piece of
reading is comprehension
and critical thinking. The
students are learning to use
“reading sign-posts” to
focus their attention on
important literary clues that
authors use in their work.
Ask your child to name the
signposts and their
significance in reading.
Please continue to READ
ALOUD to your child to
model fluency. Talking
about what you have read
is the best way to build
critical thinking.
Our writing stamina has
improved dramatically. We
are currently writing an
opinion essay about serving
chocolate milk in school.
The students have
researched and are now
writing a paper that gives
their opinion. You will be
impressed with their writing!
In math we’re spending a
great deal of time on long
division and problem
solving. Soon we will move
on to fractions. It is exciting
to see the students become
more confident
Our fifth graders have had
one meeting with the
counselor from Los Cerros,
Mrs. Schubb. She’ll be
coming for another visit in
March, then again in May.
She is helping the fifth
graders begin the transition
to (gulp) middle school.
Next week is the biggest,
reddest, mushiest day of
the year. We’ll have little
party to celebrate. Every
child should bring these
three things for the party:
1. A decorated Valentine
collection box (check
out pinterest for some
inspiration) An empty
box with an opening
that allows for easy
access is perfect.
2. Valentines for each
classmate (homemade
Valentines are
3. A small wrapped gift
(about $5 value) that is
suitable for both boys
AND girls (suggestions:
deck of cards,
notebook, book-marks,
markers, origami paper,
yogurt shack gift card,
erasers, stickers,)
In the Process of Learning...
• An action shot of the
Green Valley
championship flag
football game during
• Using the iPads to
practice math skills
with a buddy
• We had the best sub
EVER... and took a
selfie with “Miss
Robinson” to prove it!
Breakfast Book Club is
this Wednesday, 2/4/14 at
7:45. Don’t miss out!
It’s National “Words Matter Week”
so we’re focusing on using kind words.