request for proposals - Haralson County Schools

Haralson County Schools
HCHS CTAE Building Expansion
Invitation to Bid:
Haralson County Schools is seeking a qualified vendor to provide the network, data, video, intercom,
and requisite fiber runs to the HCH Math Academy and to the Media Center for the operation of the
new CTAE Building Expansion. This request for proposal details the requirements for responsible firms
to provide in their bid.
Prospective vendors must submit a completed bid by the deadline which demonstrates the ability to
provide the functional, technical, and general requirements outlined by the school system including any
needed installation, configuration, training, and support. Appropriate technical documentation should
be included with the bid.
Request for Qualified Bid Submissions
The Haralson County School District is requesting bids from interested parties and qualified vendors for
the installation, configuration, training and support.
The Haralson County School District plans to select the most qualified company to enter into a contract
for this CTAE Building Expansion for Network, Data, Video, Intercom, and Fiber.
Responses and bids must be received by the Haralson County School District Board of Education Office
at 10 Van Wert Street, Buchanan, GA 30113 on or before 10:00 AM EST Tuesday, June 10th. After this
time and date, bids will no longer be accepted. Late responses will be returned unopened and will not
be considered. To be accepted, all responses must be submitted in a sealed package marked “REQUEST
FOR CTAE BUILDING EXPANSION NETWORK”. Two (2) copies of each proposal and one sealed bid must
be forwarded or delivered to:
Zac Crosby
Chief Technology Officer
Haralson County Schools
10 Van Wert Street
Buchanan, GA 30113
The bids will be opened on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 11:00 AM EST at the Haralson County School
District Office at 299 Robertson Ave, Tallapoosa, GA 30176. The opening of the bids will be a public
process. Please direct all questions regarding the process to Zac Crosby at 770-646-3882 ext. 250.
Bid Proposal Content Requirements
Each submitted bid proposal packet must include the following:
Contact information for current clients that will provide information regarding level of
satisfaction, performance, quality of support and technical issues.
Pricing details separated into Network Hardware, Data and Cabling, Wireless Network, Intercom
System, Wiring for CCTV/Security/Digital Distribution System.
Network Hardware Requirements:
Provide one (1) standard, seven (7) foot rack and one four (4) post, seven (7) foot rack.
Provide two (2) six-inch vertical wire managers and one (1) eight-inch vertical wire manager.
3 - HP 5412 -92G-PoE+/4G-SFP v2 zl switches (J9540A#ABA) with 2 additional power supplies,
(J8712A#ABA) for each unit.
9 – HP 24 port 10/100/1000 POE+ zl modules (J9307A).
4 – HP 4 port 10GbE SFP+ zl module (J9309A).
5 – HP X132 10G SFP+ LC LRM Transceivers (J9152A).
10 – HP X132 10G SFP+ LC SR Transceivers (J9150A)
Data and Cabling Requirements
Approximately 420 data lines… See the scanned map for details and locations.
Assortment of 3, 5, and 7 ft. copper Cat 6 Patch Cables. Each station cable should have 2 patch cables.
24 Strand OM4 50/125 MM Fiber from current MDF (Media Center) to new network room in CTAE Wing.
14 – 3 meter multi-mode LC to LC fiber patch cables, aqua, 50/125.
4 - Regular fiber patches for the 20gb trunk/uplink, aqua, 50/125.
All data ports appropriately labeled and identified at their termination.
Wireless Network
14 - Xirrus Wireless Modular Arrays Model XR-2425 including licensing. HCS already has the controller.
Intercom System
Speakers installed in locations as identified by the Electrical Floor plan.
Wiring for CCTV/Security/Digital Distribution System
Haralson County Schools is looking to install a Digital Distribution System that includes Closed Circuit TV
capability. When quoting this system, please include the cost for wiring the classrooms and separate
the distribution system cost.
The wiring portion of the bid WILL be awarded but the Digital Distribution System MAY be awarded.
Haralson County Schools reserves the right to reject any and all bids, waive any and all technicalities,
and award all or any part of a contract in a manner that is in the best interest of Haralson County