AEB Take-Home Assignment Opinion Paragraph (30%)

AEB Take-Home Assignment
Opinion Paragraph (30%)
Please write a one-page Opinion Paragraph and submit a hard copy by 5:00PM on August
5th (7/23~8/5 の間、教養教育院事務室前にレポートボックスが設置されます). Late
submissions will not be accepted.
You can hand-write, but I prefer that you type. Your paragraph should be prepared in the
following manner:
Your name should be positioned in the top right corner.
Your paragraph should have a (catchy) title.
Please write one page (or approximately 300 words, excluding references).
Please include at least two references. When you do so, please cite the source(s)
properly and attach a reference page at the end, following the APA style.
Please underline a topic sentence and a concluding sentence.
(In case you type, please also prepare your text in the following manner)
Your text should be typed in Times (or Times New Roman) 12-size font.
The text should be double-spaced (書式 > 段落 > 行間, 固定値 = 間隔 24 pt).
As for the topic … you can write on any topic you like! However, you are strongly
encouraged to choose a controversial topic and then to narrow down the topic to a
manageable size as much as possible. Potential topics include, but are not limited to …
The Lay Judge System in Japan should be reconsidered.
Japanese university students should (or should not) not study English.
Young people should (or should not) get married.
If you have any question, please contact me at [email protected]