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We are a not-forprofit organization
whose specific
purpose is to
exchange ideas about
quilting, learn new
techniques and
improve quilting
skills. It is also our
aim to inform the
community about the
history and
preservation of quilts.
November, December 2014. January 2015
President’s Message
I would like to take this opportunity as we begin the season of giving
thanks and sharing our gifts to thank each of you for your contribution
to our quilt guild. In December we will give away more of the beautiful
quilts you have made to soften life for someone in need. The generosity
of our members humbles me. I look forward to sharing cookies and
light refreshment at this meeting.
In 2001, as your president, my number one priority for the guild was to
have a website. In 2014 an up to date, easily accessible website is a
necessity. We have gone from bare bones to every bell and whistle
imaginable. There are many people to thank for helping with this 13year journey. Our current tech committee has been working long and
hard to bring a website to us that can be maintained by the less tech
savvy of us. We have no paid staff. We are all volunteers. Please take a
minute to thank Barbara Larsen and her team of Lynn Nuibe, Margaret
Booker, and Diana Herron for their tireless efforts to get this all in place
before we gear up for our next quilt show.
And while on the topic of thanks, I am thankful for our current board
and all the past boards that have made our guild financially sound and
have brought the latest topics and trends from the quilt world to you.
As we begin the last half of the year, it is time to think about new
board members. We can use everyone’s talents in our guild. If you are
interested in serving on a committee or on the board, please give me a
call or drop me an email. I mentioned at the last meeting, if you have a
question or problem, please address the issue to me. I might not be
able to resolve the issue, but I certainly can identify who can. If you
desire change, it must begin with you. Many hands make light work.
I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to you and ask you to
help us make our guild a happy, cheerful meeting place where we can
share our love of quilting. As our numbers have grown, it becomes
more difficult to recognize new members. In order to recognize our
new members, we are making yo-yo leis that they can wear. It can be
intimidating to walk into our bustling meeting alone. Please welcome
these new members warmly.
Looking forward to seeing you through the holiday season and beyond.
Pamela Lindsay
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Comfort Givers News
In December, we will have our second charity quilt giveaway this year. Representatives
from these charities will come tell us about their charity, and how the quilts have affected
their clients lives.
Following is a list of our current charities and their preferred quilt sizes:
Ventura County Medical Center Infusion Center Pediatric Hematology and
Oncology. (Lap or twin size quilt)
Ventura County Medical Center Neonatal Unit (Layette)
Ventura County Medical Center Pediatrics Intensive Care ( Lap or twin size
quilt )
Save Harbor (Lap size)
Casa Pacifica (All sizes)
RAIN Transitional Living Center (All sizes)
Life Centers of Ventura County (Layette and lap)
Lighthouse Women’s and Children’s Mission (All sizes)
New Start for Moms (Lap and Twin)
Senior Concerns (Lap and throws)
Kids to Kids (Twin)
There are 4 other charities that we give quilts to when they request it, these are
Teen Challenge (Twin)
Veterans Home (Lap and throws)
Habitat for Humanity (All sizes)
Project Understanding. (Lap)
Approximate Quilt Sizes:
35” x 40”
60-65” x 80-88”
84” x 92”
45-52” x 60-68”
78” x 87”
We need lots of quilts for the babies and would like to encourage you to make a layette
or crib size quilt. We need quilts, pillowcases, and burp cloths turned in at the
November meeting.
Please keep bringing in the proof of purchase “bar codes” from the package of Hobbs batting;
we need them when we order the batting from Hobbs.
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Speakers & Workshops
Oct ~ October’s workshop
was lots of fun with Cathy Van
Bruggen. Her appliqué
techniques, demonstrated on a
rose or a tulip, were very
Nov~ Linda S. Schmidt. Her lecture is a talk and trunk
show, and her workshop is "Miniature Landscapes 101".
There are 10 spaces available.
Dec~ No speaker or workshop.
J an ~
Karen Brow ~
01/13 Lecture - Feature a Creature
01/14 Workshop - "Newly Hatched" Appliqué Secrets. There
are spaces available.
Feb~ Leora Raikin. Workshop is her “Safari Through African Folklore Embroidery.”
We will have more information and start signing up for this one in December.
Workshop sign up fees are: Members $30. and Non-members $55.
Don't miss out on great workshops. It’s a great opportunity to get to
know ladies that find the same joy in creating beautiful quilts that you do.
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Block of the Month
Tantalizing Tessellations
November – December - January
We are really excited about the response so far. The first month (June)
Tricia Steinfeld won all 36 blocks. In September we collected approximately 16 of the
July blocks and approximately 20 of the September blocks. July “Fireworks at Night”
were won by Pamuela Hodson and September’s “Summer Storm” were won by Nancy
Kimery. Congratulations ladies. I hope you are able to assemble some lovely little quilts.
To members who did not get their blocks finished timely, contact these ladies and send
over your leftover swatches and fabrics so they can be incorporated into the finished
quilt. OH! I just heard from a little bird flying past Nancy Kimery’s windows that all your
September blocks have been made into a table runner. Hope we get to see her finished
quilt in a future show-and-tell.
We were looking forward to having a whole lot of bats arrive in Camarillo for the October
drawing “Going Batty”. We passed out about 30 (2-piece kits) that would yield 60 blocks.
We saw 41 blocks fly back in! They were won by a very excited Annie Toth.
Congratulations, Annie!
At the October meeting we passed out 32 swatches of fabric to yield 64 completed
blocks. This November block is a true tessellation, so you will only see the picture after a
few of the blocks are assembled. It will seem like a mystery quilt at first. Whoohoo!
Let’s get prepared to “Fall-In Leaves” all month long.
Looking forward into November, the December block was designed to be a true
tessellation called “Home for the Holidays” or “Leave a Light in the Window”. And again,
the finished block is only a part of the whole picture. We need lots of blocks to show off
this design of houses on the hillside each with a glowing light in the window.
Along with the December festivities and camaraderie we still intend to distribute the
January block. We hope you get a minute to stop by and pick up your fabric swatch and
pattern. In keeping with this time of year, we will showcase a “Snowy Night”; well, only
in our dreams. We are looking forward to another mystery in the making.
Watch the CQA website for color pictures and patterns which are published a month at a
time during the weekend before each general monthly meeting. I just want to take this
moment to thank all for their continued participation.
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CQA Library Silent Auction – December Meeting
Thank you, members, for the generous donations of books you have given to the library
committee this year. We are checking through many boxes of books to find treasures that
we want to add to the CQA library collection and getting other books ready for this year’s
silent auction. In December we will have many books that will be ready to find their way
into your personal libraries. Proceeds from the silent auction will be added to the library
budget to buy more books. The library committee is eager to receive suggestions of
books or subjects that we might add to the collection.
 We can use 5-6 volunteers to help with the December sale.
American Quilt Study Group
Seminar 2014
Milwaukee, WI - September 11-14
This year’s Seminar was held in Milwaukee. CQA members who attended this year were
Pamela Roberts Lindsay and Linda Wilkinson. Over 240 AQSG members participated,
enjoying quilt displays, presentation of research papers , tours, study centers, silent and
live auctions and much more. Every two years a quilt study project is on display at
Seminar. This year’s topic was Civil War Era Quilts. 50 members made their choices of a
quilt from that time period, researched and received permission to use the historical quilt
image for study and then chose to replicate or interpret the quilt. 25 of the 50 study
quilts on display have been chosen to travel to 11 museums from February 2015 thru
August 2018. CQA President Pamela R. Lindsay’s study quilt, Kansas “Baby” Quilt, is one
of the 25 quilts chosen for this exhibit!
AQSG members are looking forward to Seminar 2015 in Indianapolis and Tempe, Arizona
in 2016.
Linda Wilkinson, AQSG Area Representative
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Small Groups
These CQA small groups have space available. Contact Jonal Beck for
additional information.
Bonnie Lassies
Creating scrappy quilts from Bonnie Hunter patterns.
Machine and hand sewing.
1st and 3rd Thursday, 1:30-4:30 pm
Place: Nancy Isbell’s home. Contact her.
Appliqué and individual projects
Thursdays 9 am (or when you show up)- noon
Place: Nancy Isbell’s home. Contact her.
Heart and Sew
Charity quilt kits
3 Tuesday, 10 am – 1 pm
Place: Quilt Ventura. Contact Lynn Merideth.
Morning Glories
Individual projects
Tuesdays, 9:30 am – noon
Place: Members homes in Ventura. Contact Shirley Bertolino.
Ojai Quilters Anonymous
Hand Quilting Co-op, Quilting on a frame
Tuesday 9 am to noon
Place: Seventh Day Adventist Church, Ojai. Contact Sue Gustafson.
Schoolhouse Quilters
History of quilts and quilt makers
Last Tuesday of the month, 9:30 am (not in July, Aug. and Dec)
Place: Quilt Ventura. Contact: Linda Wilkinson.
Seaside Stitchers
Machine or hand sewing your own or community
3rd Tuesday of each month 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Place: Kay Fowler’s home. Contact her.
Stitchin Chicks
Individual Projects
1st & 3rd Thursday , 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Place: Camarillo, Trinity Presbyterian church. Contact Pam Dransfeldt.
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Palm Springs Trip Report
Twenty Four Camarillo Quilters Association members and guests got on the bus on Friday,
October third and traveled to Quilt Fest Oasis. It was an excited, animated group of
happy travelers. We enjoyed our breakfast aboard as our driver hit the carpool lane and
delivered us to our destination in three hours! 100+ degree heat gave us a desert
greeting as we disembarked.
We arrived at the lovely Palm Springs Hilton Hotel and found that our rooms were ready
for check-in. After a bit of unpacking and settling into our rooms, the travelers met in the
lobby for a quick two block walk to the Palm Springs Convention center. The Mancuso
Brothers staff had our admission bracelets ready and we walked through the doors of
Quilt Fest Oasis.
Oh, the wonders to behold. Some of our travelers chose to immediately enter the Exhibit
Hall and marvel at the work of the international quilters who submitted their work for
viewing. These works comprised World Quilt Competition XVIII: On Tour. The amazing
collection of quilts showcased the work and skills of needle artists from around the world:
North America, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Viewers found great pleasure
as they read the stories of the quilts that were submitted by the makers. Many discovered
the marvelous symbolism that the Japanese artists incorporate into their work. The Israeli
artists were admired for what first appeared to be simplicity yet upon further study gave
amazing detail.
There were over 500 quilts and works of Fiber Art on Display. For the Southern California
Association of Quilt Guild members it was especially exciting to view entries from our
members. Camarillo Quilters Association members, Linda Wilkinson, Pat Masterson, Jenny
Carr Kinney and Janis Farr and Nadine Cassiday were featured in the curated exhibit,
“Southern California Stars”. What pride we felt when viewing our member’s work!
Special Exhibitions included Appearances, which was the chosen theme for Quilts on the
Wall challenge. The participants were asked to use the concept for surface design and
embellishment. Quilts on the Wall is a group of fiber artists that share a passion for quilt
art and desire to go beyond the traditional boundaries of their minimum.
Other Special Exhibits were Blue And Then Some by Paradise Textile Artists from San
Diego County; Broad Changes: Women of Social Justice, featuring works by Fiber Artists
of Hope, and international group. “Broad” is a feisty reference to women, when combined
with “changes” it implies a double meaning. This term aligns with the definition from
Womanwords: A Dictionary of Words About Women by feminist Jane Mills, where she
defines broad as “a woman who is liberal, tolerant, unconfined and not limited or narrow
in scope.
Cool Classic Rides featured the work of Teresa Shippy, Who is inspired by her love of
vintage. Seeing her work reminds us of the cars we may have driven over the years.
Gee’s Bend Revisited-Two Decades Later. In 1993, a photograph of a quilter standing in
front of two quilts, led to over a dozen major museum exhibits, a Pulitzer Prize winning
newspaper article, countless books and a series of U.S. postage stamps. This work by
quilters in Gee’s Bend, Alabama, sought after by avid collectors, was largely dismissed by
the national quilt community. Master African American quilter, Allyson Allen offers us
~~~ Page 8 ~~~
another look at some of those quilts. She replicated many of the early quilts in scaled
down versions.
Hexed was a collection of antique quilts that are all variations of the Grandmothers Flower
Garden Patten. This pattern evolved from the Mosaic or Honeycomb piecing of the 18th
and 19th century. Mary Kerr curated this collection that demonstrates a few of the
variations that post WWI women used to incorporate myriad available fabric into intricate
Twelve other Special Exhibits kept Camarillo Quilters occupied for many hours of viewing.
And then there was the fabulous Merchants Mall. Our travelers were thrilled to have an
overnight trip so we could have two days to take in all the sights and sounds of Quit Fest
The group that boarded the return bus with their baggage and purchases was a tired and
happy group. It seemed that less than thirty minutes into the trip, many passengers were
Special thank you is given to those who assisted us with our trip. Member Jerry Ann Olgy
and her sister, Susan McQuinn gave of their time and talents to prepare the continental
breakfast goodies. CQA treasurer, Janis Farr, was invaluable in working through details
with the transportation provider and Palm Springs Hilton. Also thank you to our wonderful
members and guests who made the trip fun (how about that rodeo in the back of the
bus?) for everyone.
Are you ready to board the bus for Road To California, 2015? Yes, it is time to get on the
bus again!
Quilts by CQA Members in the Palm Springs Show
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More quilts by CQA members in the
Palm Springs Show
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Say Thanks
Give our sponsors your business—
Art & Jenny’s Sewing Center
2124 E. Thompson Blvd., Ventura, CA 93001
Baron’s Sewing Center
22635 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, Ca 91364
Candy’s Quiltworks
8549 Reseda Blvd., Northridge, CA 91324
[email protected]
Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Company
1724 East Avenida de los Arboles #E. Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Homespun Treasures
2360 Las Posas Rd #A., Camarillo, Ca 93010
Kingdom Sewing Center
1790 Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93065
Roxanne’s A Wish and A Dream
919 Maple St. Carpinteria CA 93013
The Quilt Emporium
4918 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Quilt Ventura
4572 Telephone Rd. #908, Ventura, CA 93003
The Quilters Studio
1090 Lawrence Dr. Unit 101., Newbury Park, CA 91320
Quilty Pleasures
1742 E. Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065
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News and Announcements
CQA Holiday Party
After the December meeting
Bring your favorite finger food
Volunteer Opportunities
CQA is entirely a volunteer
organization. Please do your part.
Quilters Piece Corps
Quilt Show and Craft Sale
Sat. Nov 8th
8 am – 4 pm
Community Church at Jess Ranch
11537 Apple Valley Rd.
Ways and Means Assistant
Help sell tickets and draw
Contact Mary Hipskind
Live Auction @ 1 pm
Raffle Baskets
Lunch and Cookies available
Trip Assistant
Help prepare for and
coordinate future trips.
Contact Thelma Atkinson
Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014 - 11:00 a.m. to 4:00
Visit four Wrightwood homes,
beautifully decorated with quilts for the
holidays plus a refreshment house, and our
popular craft boutique located in the
Wrightwood Community Building (on
California Hwy 2).
Ticket prices:
Advance: $12.00 – available after Nov. 1
Day of tour: $15.00 – available at boutique
and homes
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Newsletter and Web
Provide content for
newsletter articles and new
We would like to introduce
our members with a short
interview. Some questions to
How has CQA influenced your
quilting life? How and when did
you get started quilting? What
inspires you? What styles of
quilting appeal to you? What part
of quilting do you really dislike?
What do you still want to learn?
What else should we know about
Contact Barbara Larsen
Camarillo Quilters Association
PO Box 347
Camarillo, CA 93011-0374
Monthly Meetings
Serra Center
5205 Upland Road
Camarillo CA 93012
Second Tuesday of each month except August
November Linda S. Schmidt
December Charity quilt donations & holiday party
January Karen Brow
Doors open at 9:00 a.m.
Meeting starts promptly at 9:30 am
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