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Committee 2013 –2014
Chairlady... Grace Nobili Tel no 011-679-4386
Cell no 083-176 9560
Vice chair... vacant
Treasurer... Ansie Reyerse... Tel. 011 7685212
083 3079212
Membership sec. Lee Wilkins cell 072 383 7001
Newsletter Ed... Grace Nobili and Leonora Cloete
011 764 1497
cell 082 371 3433
Reception Wendy Burtenshaw cell 082 390 8558
Care Bear Judy Pavey cell 084 579 2991
Els Schmidt ……. 082 817 4297
Jean Smith…...083 708 6848
Photographer …. Leonora Cloete
Craft Table ...Nola Mayes... 011 680 8957
& Ervin Robertson 072 4334859
Special Get Well wishes
go to Maureen Smith after her
Hernia Operation.
Back page.... Suzen Bornman 083 718 4789
Birthdays .. June Renwick 074 942 3953
Teacher Liaison ... Reinette Nel 082 498 6773
Also hoping that Reinette will
soon be back on her feet after
A long recovery spell.
Tea Ladies Rosemary Botha 0116785609 and
Elsie Opperman 0826807067
Show & Tell ..
Pauline Harris ……..083 460 1406
Kathy Otto … 082 427 2646
Love Quilts Judy Pavey 084 579 2991
Special Prayers
for all our Quilters that are not
feeling well.
Kindly remember to let us know
should a Love Quilt be needed
Poles ... Jean Smith 083 708 6848
Visit our Website;
Sandi Crear … made “Mandela’s
African Dream” a beautiful African
quilt made in a class with Wendy
and Suzen.
Marie van Wyk .. Showed her
Klein, Kleiner Kleinest a quilt
also done in Doortjies class.
She also made a lovely crochet
blanket and 2 bags
Grace Nobili … completed her
“Delicately Delft” from Suzen’s
back page.
Lynette Venter .. Made table fun
inspired by a quilt she saw.
Judy Pavey … made a lovely
scarf dyed with Melanie at the
Bernice Momoniat made a lovely
Modern Quilt.
Cathy Pollitt . Made a lovey quilt
for herself.
Jenny Smith … completed a
“Quilt as you go Bag” for herself.
She also shared her “ Granny
Squared quilt” a lovely technique
to use up scraps.
Lesley Taylor showed one of
her pupils quilts made for Chris
Lesley showed a Lovely Black
and white quilt with stunning
quilting done by herself.
Hermien Hartman … made a
turquoise Tunisian Crocheted
Treasure and a Kitty Purrs Bed
Lynette made two crocheted
Blankets for herself
Carolyn Kode .. Made her
“Web of Fantasy in my Garden”
exhibited at IQC Emperors Palace
Gail Osborn .. Made a beautiful
Cathedral Window quilt using all
her scraps
Janett Jackman … completed her
Sandsterre done in Doortjies
Quilters you are kindly requested to bring
1 Fat Quarter 100%
cotton from your
stash as a donation to Raffle
Dee Blankfield … made her
lovely Butterflies and a Flower
October 2014
Linda Eilers … Rosemary Erikksson
Bridget Ferguson …. Irene Florence
Maretha Fourie… Beulah Frankel
Jean Funnell …. Fosha Gaylard
Lettie Gilbert… Pat Goldhawk
Jackie Green ...Annette Grobler
Barbara Hanary… Pauline Harris
Please supply a plate of Finger Food
for +- 15 people
If you are unable to provide eats
for the month allocated to you
find someone to replace you
& Inform
September 2014
1st Hermein Hartman
3rd Elsie Opperman
7th Ann Robertson,and
Ena McMillan
19th Dal Maltman
24th Rona Lobban
27th Lee Wilkins
30th Bernice Momoniat
Rosemary, or Elsie
Contact Nos. on committee list on the
Front page
QQ meeting Speakers Program
. Lesley Pahl -Sept will give a
Demo on a Miniature Xmas quilt and
supply the pattern plus a short talk on
her trip to Auckland New Zealand
October Surprise quilters DVD
If you have any relevant information of interest to
fellow readers, the editor would appreciate your input. Printing deadline is 20th of each month.
Grace - 073 176 9560
[email protected]
Quadrille Committee dates
New Committee for 2015
22nd Oct
Request from the Photographer:
To take good photos you would be proud to see published on the web, please take note of the following.
Stand close as close to your quilts as
possible – this eliminate body parts of the people holding your quilt showing in the photo.
If your quilt is very large stand in front of the quilt.
If you are holding your quilt, hold it still – it is very difficult to take a photo of the article you are
showing if it waving about, the photo will be blurred.
Relax and smile – your work is beautiful and so are you!
Remember the lighting in the room is very bad. The background wall is dark. The only light comes
from the top and casts shadows e.g. if you look down you face will be in the shadow and it becomes
impossible to take a good photo.
Thank you for your help.
From Beginners to Advanced
Exciting new projects for 2013
I have vibrant yet relaxed classes from my
home In Randparkridge.
Tuesday and Thursday morning
Baskets with appliquéd flowers
Japanese inspired quilt
Smaller projects in between
Machine embroidery classes on
Wednesday PM
Contact no 011792 2099 / 082 7677170
Email [email protected]
Websites to visit.
Ladies Please note
that Quiltec Fabrics
will for the next year not be coming to Our
QQ meeting.
Should you require any specific item we
will be pleased to bring it along for you.
Renewal of Membership Subs
Please note;
Kindly phone your order in a day or two
before the meeting. 011-679-4386
Please note that Shop matters will be dealt
with after the QQ meeting.
All members kindly bring along your
Membership cards so that the year
can be updated
Witwatersrand Embroidery and
Lace Exhibition 12 th -13th Sept
Roosevelt Park
Cra Academy 2014
“Sharing skills”
Allyson Rischbieter
23 Judd Street, Horison, Roodepoort,
Cell 083 2940356
Shop open 9am – 1pm Saturdays only
& by appointment
Email: [email protected] or
[email protected]
GRG meetings for 2014.
15th Nov
Jacaranda meeting 2014.
11th Oct
Good Hope Quilters' Guild invites you to
three quilt-filled days in Stellenbosch.
Come and relax, learn something new,
see wonderful quilts and spend time with
your quilting friends.
The Fynbos Quilt-in will take place
from 9 to 11 October at the Paul Roos
Gymnasium, Stellenbosch and will include
workshops, vendors and a quilt exhibition
at Japie Krige School, hall 2.
The teachers who will present the workshops includes Antoinette Greyling, Bettie
van Zyl, Carool Johnson, Carol Minshall,
Doortjie Gersbach, Hazelmay Duncan,
Heather Beckett, Hettie van Zyl, Jenny
Hermans, Madeline Marsburg, Marline
Turner, Morag Scordilis, Sandra Cruywagen, Sheila Walwyn and Una Cloete.
Please Ladies SEW up your
cushions before you bring
them to QQ.
No bags full of Scraps
Remove PINS too.
Come and join a group of your fellow
GHQG members to make a quiltlet for
Festival 2015. A classroom is available for
quilters who wish to come and sew in
lovely surroundings with good friends and
great creativity abounding.
Absa savings
Bch no 632005 Acc. no 9049432293
Quilters must use their names as a reference
and then print it out
and bring as proof of payment to the membership
Advertisements in the
newsletter will cost
R180 per annum
or R15 per month –
advertisers must
give proof of payment to the newsletter editor
Please remember that should you
want a copy of your photograph
taken at our Quadrille Quilters
meeting, you just need to visit the
webpage and copy it to a USB stick
and then take it to be printed.
Notice is hereby given of
Quadrille Quilters Annual
General meeting to be held on
Wednesday the 1st October at
The Florida Library Auditorium
Fieldhouse Street Florida
NEW FEES for 2013/14
Please note the following:
Hobby X is 4 – 7 September.
More information at
Subscriptions to be raised from R160 to R170 per
Those who join later in the year will pay full price
until March, and R100 after that.
Members who are absent for some months and want
to pay partial subs late in the year must pay R170
rejoining fee.
Members will be asked to formally resign if they are
no longer attending meetings.
.R5 for security to be paid at the desk each month.
Visitors R30, which includes the newsletter.
Book Review
August 2014
A Quilters Journey
submitted by Jean Smith
Cynthia Morgan.
This is an interesting read - the story of the quilters ability to “
make from the ordinary stuff of fabrics true wonders of rich
personal expression”
She has won many awards for her work and this is a great source
of Inspiration.
Simple Strategies for Block Swop Quilts
Lynn Roddy Brown
This is not a new book and it may be overlooked because of its title
Block swopping is probably not popular here. It is a great book for using up Scraps.
There is information on designing quilts using blocks, clear instructions on quilt
making techniques and a good mix of patterns including some traditional
blocks with an interesting twist.
Please note that a Simple System was created by Sandi and Hermein
To put the Library Books into Categories
Wooden dividers with tags displaying key words.
It works well with lots of ladies looking through the containers in a limited space
and limited time. This book is filed under Scraps.
Quadrille Quilters
Meeting Dates for
3rd Sept
1st Oct
5th Nov
3rd Dec
Mayflower Dates
for 2014.
Quiltec Block of
the Month 2014
8th Sept
13th Oct
10th Nov
1st Dec- Xmas
26th Sept
31st Oct
28th Nov
Quiltec Block of the Month for 2014 will be An African Alphabet
combining Pieced letters with applique.
Learn the A-Z of sewing 1 stitch @ a time
Sewing Classes
Pattern Design Classes
Quilting Classes
Secure Parking
Creative Environment
Kids & Students Workshops
Affordable Fees
Daily Projects
Airconditioned Classroom
Ages 6 & Up Welcome
Contact us: 011 472 4869 / 082 302 2386
email: [email protected]
338 Ontdekkers Rd Discovery, Roodepoort
Committee Positions that
require to be filled for 2015.
1.Vice Chair
2. Newsletter Editor Assistant
3. Tea Ladies.
Something new for 2015
Quadrilles Quilters TV at our meetings.
Your Committee is hard a work to
bring you some viewing fun at
each of our Meetings
Quilting is an Ancient Art
The earliest recorded example of quilting can be found on a garment worn by a carved ivory
statue from Egypt in 3400 B.C. The oldest actual quilt still in existence is also from Egypt,
from 980 B.C. This quilt, held in a museum in Cairo is made from colored gazelle leather.
Ancient quilts dating from before the Roman Era have also been found in India and Central
Asia. In Europe quilting appears to have been introduced by Crusaders in the 12th century
in the form of a quilted garment worn under armor which later developed into the doublet.
Another example of early decorative work is the "Tristan quilt", made around 1360.
Made in Sicily, it is one of the earliest surviving quilts in the world, at least two sections
survive at the V&A Museum and in Bargello, Florence.
12 fun facts about Aurifil thread
1. The thread has all the lint singed off
2. Aurifil uses Egyptian cotton which can vary from year to year.
3. It takes a little over 7 minutes to create a 50 wt spool of thread
4. Thread will last and do fine in a consistent temperature
5. Sunlight can fade the color of thread.
6. Aurifil thread is made without any toxic chemicals
7. 50 wt is the finest thread and their best seller, outsells others 10 to 1
8. Color number 2000 is the only one which is not dyed
9. They are experimenting with linen thread which is 7 times as expensive.
10. The lower the wt, the thicker the thread and the more your stitches will show.
11. They buy their raw cotton supply two years in advance
12. You can take the cap off the thread and use it to secure the thread when its not being used
Speaker for September 2014 - Lesley Pahl
I consider myself retired now, except for ..
assisting Suanne at UMNYAMA, working as a Longarm quilter, five days a
I also organize Quilting retreats in March and October.
I have children and grandchildren in England, America and New Zealand,
so traveling abroad is top of the list for my husband and myself.
What a life!!!!
Quadrille Quilters Vision for 2015.
Quilters this is just to let you know what your Committee
is thinking and planning for next year.
We will be having another lovely Challenge to excite you.
We are going to launch our Quilting TV slot in the meeting.
We plan to have a very Special visiting Teacher.
Our demos and talks will be covering all items related to
Patchwork and Quilting and Beyond.
Each meeting will be filled with something new and exciting
All your ideas are very welcome.
Library News
New books purchased end August 2014. Please review the listing and if a
title appeals to you please ask for the book
The condition attached to this is that it needs a review next month.
The books need to be reviewed as soon as possible so that we can get them into circulation and
available for all to use!
Amy Ellis
Barbara Eikmeier
Cheri Leffler
Jeanne Large & Shelley Wicks
John Adams
Kelly Ashton
Kristin Roylance
Martha Thompson
Mary E Kinch & Biz Storms
Pat Speth & Charlene Thode
Modern Neutrals
Back Basting Applique
Animal Parade
Urban Country Quilts
Beyond Neutral
Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles & More
Cute Quilts for Kids
Square Dance
Modern Baby
The Big Book of Baby Quilts
Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts
The Big Book of Nickel Quilts
A Barn Quilt is a painting of a quilt, or a single quilt block pattern, placed on
the side of a barn or other large building. These paintings are typically painted
on large pieces of wood and mounted to the side of the building, or painted directly on the wall. These beautiful painted Barn Quilts were born in the MidWestern United States, but have spread to communities across the U.S. and
The History of the Barn Quilt
It is believed that the concept of the Barn Quilt originated with Donna Sue
Groves who wished to honor her mother, an avid quilter, and her Appalachian
heritage, by having a large quilt square painted on the side of Donna's barn in
Adams County, Ohio. Donna's work with the Ohio Arts Council resulted in a
collection of 20 additional quilt blocks being painted on barns along a local
driving trail in the hopes that it would attract more visitors to their community
Int_rn[tion[l Quilt Conv_ntion R_port B[]k
The International Quilt Convention held in July at Emperors Palace
was really an event not to be missed.
The Quilt exhibitions were totally awesome and it was totally
Inspirational to see the wonderful work that our South African
Quilters produce. The Mandela Quilts were magnificent as seen by some
of the above photos.
All classes given were thoroughly enjoyed and every one came away
thoroughly stimulated.
One of the major sponsors E - Quilter , is owned by Luana Rubin who
gave us several 1. lectures. This Q
lady is extremely knowledgeable and
well travelled and has been all ui
over the world visiting
the different Quilt Shows
She has a collection of over 7000
n photos which can be viewed at her
flicker address. Do yourselves agfavour, make a cup of coffee and
visit for all
The inspiration you need. Also visit http://
For the IQC Challenge
Quil 13
Back Page Border
NB Remember to check the sizes