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MEDITECH’s Hospice product helps your agency manage the needs of patients and their families who have elected
your hospice services. Hospice may be installed independently, or it may be added to complement your existing
Home Care solution. Standard components—such as documentation, care planning, and scheduling—are similar to
those used in our Home Health product, minimizing the learning curve for those agency staff supporting both
service lines. Additional functionality, such as bereavement and IDT tracking, has also been incorporated to address
the unique needs and care processes of the hospice environment.
• Designate benefit periods based on prior hospice utilization.
• Utilize checklists to complete all time-sensitive admission tasks and forms.
• Document compound medications and medication authorizations.
• Support flexible billing by level of care, including split and sequential billing.
• Coordinate IDT meetings and automate the creation of report summaries.
• Create customizable bereavement care plans for multiple bereaved clients.
• Record, track, and report on volunteer activities/hours.
MEDITECH’s Hospice Enables Your Home Care Agency to:
Manage Referrals and Assign Benefit Periods
Hospice referrals can be automatically generated from your hospital or home health agency and can include such
information as: demographics, contact information, payers, allergies, and medications at discharge. Outside
referrals can also be manually entered. Once the referral has been attached to the hospice service, the system:
• Supports the capture of past benefit period information for patients who have elected hospice
• Allows users to create notes and automated reminders to follow up with patients and their
families still weighing their decisions
• Enables staff to record complete advance directive information and all potential bereaved
Coordinate Time-sensitive and Complex Needs of Hospice Admissions
Hospice automatically creates admission checklists to help staff keep track of all time-sensitive tasks that need to be
completed prior to hospice admissions, such as receipt of CTI and signed Notice of Election. This checklist enables
agency staff to:
• View and track all required and optional tasks, their statuses, completion date, and responsible
• Record conversations with other staff and establish timeframes for follow-up.
• Add additional state- or agency-specific tasks and forms to the checklist, along with instructions
for completion.
• Receive notification when completed checklist items have expired and require resubmission.
Utilize Best Practices to Guide Care Planning and Delivery
Hospice uses protocols to drive the care plan, schedule the appropriate resources, and ensure best practices are
being followed. Although MEDITECH delivers standard care plans, your organization can also customize care plans
to reflect patient and family needs. Features include:
• Supervisor notification and verification when Continuous Care is indicated
• Supervisor notification of changes in Level of Care
• Drag and drop functionality to schedule services and assign to the appropriately credentialed field
• Highly adaptable scheduling by patient, clinician, and team
Streamline Visit Documentation and Order Management
Hospice streamlines the process by which field staff can view and document beneficiary and family encounters. Care
providers can add assessments or interventions on the fly and either document them as one-time occurrences or
add them to the care plan. The system supports:
• Access to a complete multidisciplinary patient chart at the point of care
• Both structured and subjective documentation
• Access to a medication database at the point of care, with real-time drug and food interaction
• Documentation of compound medications and medication authorizations
Process Bills According to Level of Care
Hospice provides flexible billing to meet the unique level of care needs of beneficiaries and their families. The
system posts per diem charges based on the level of care, which automates the billing process. The system
• Adjustment of set payment rates and caps
• Automated shifting of level of care and service location
• Support for sequential and split billing
• Ongoing tracking of outstanding claims to support collections until zero balance is achieved
• Payer-specific claim checks to ensure accurate claim submittal
Promote Collaboration and Completion of a Fluid IDT Process
Hospice helps your organization coordinate, document, and follow up on IDT meetings in a timely manner and
ensures everyone involved in a patient’s treatment contributes to the IDT. The system:
• Automatically places patients on the meeting roster
• Submits timed reminders to each team member to prepare for the IDT meeting and prompts them
to confirm attendance or the reason they cannot attend
• Allows all members to document their portion of the summary report at the same time, as well as
review the care plan, orders, medications, and schedule
• Tracks attendance throughout the IDT meeting and automatically records which staff members
were present during each patient discussion
• Automates summary report generation
Facilitate the Bereavement Process
The bereavement process begins during the intake of the beneficiary. Although MEDITECH provides your agency
with a standard bereavement risk assessment, your organization can customize its own bereavement assessments.
System features include the ability to:
• Assess bereaved clients prior to patient’s death and create individualized care plans to document
goals, assessments, and interventions.
• Automatically create a chart for each bereaved client upon patient’s death, and add additional
charts for any previously-unknown clients.
• Link the bereaved client’s chart to the patient's chart.
• Schedule visits and associate mailings with specific bereaved clients’ charts, customized by client
Efficiently Track and Manage Volunteer Activities
Hospice allows your agency to track volunteer time and activities and hours the same way you track employees.
Volunteers can receive tasks and document telephone calls or visits through home care devices. Alternatively,
handwritten notes can be transcribed or scanned into the patient’s chart. Volunteer tracking capabilities enable
your agency to:
• Track patient-specific volunteer activities, such as telephone calls and visits.
• Record office activities, such as filing.
• Capture and report on volunteer activities, hours, and in-service attendance.
• Review volunteer-documented patient interactions.
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March 2014