Pittsburgh District Events

Pittsburgh District Events
May 23–24: PDTC Class (Butler): Pastoral Care & Counseling (B. Herren)
June 6–7: District Assembly (Friday, 6 PM; Saturday, 9 AM)
June 8: District-Wide Worship Service (Sunday, 3 PM)
June 9–13: District Scrapbook Camp
June 14: NYI Convention
June 17–19: PALCON (Pastors and Leaders Conference) at ENC
June 20–21: NMI Convention (Saturday, 9:30 AM)
June 23–28: District NYI Teen Camp
July 26: SDMI Convention / Sunday School Rally (9:30–12)
July 27–August 3: Family Camp
August 8: Nazarene Day at PNC Park
August 13–20: Domestic Work & Witness trip – Nova Scotia
August 16–20: Kidz Camp
August 22–23: District Family Geocache Camp
Sermon Notes
The Lord’s Day, May 18, 2014
Quiet Reflection in the Sanctuary, 9:20 am; Morning Worship, 9:30 am
5601 Library Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102
[email protected]; www.shcn.org
Kenneth Culbertson, Senior Pastor
Dallas Mucci, Missional Outreach Pastor
Krista Kraemer, Director of Discipleship
Stephen Mannion, Dir. of Assimilation & Outreach
Marilyn Anderson, Creative Arts Director
Jennifer Irwin, Assistant Pastor
Chalmer & Judi Wiegman, Ministers of Visitation
Chuck & Kelly Tatum, Youth Ministers
Our Mission: Helping people cross the bridge
toward wholeness
Quiet Reflection in the Sanctuary
Call to Worship—Malachi 4:2
Worshiping Together in Song
Call to Prayer—Psalm 147:1–3
Gideon Presentation
Don Baun
Call to Giving—2 Corinthians 8:7
Presentation of His Tithes and Our Offerings
“Give Me Jesus,” Sanctuary Choir
Special Music
Gretchen Czech and Derek Culbertson
Call to God’s Word—Luke 8:40–56
“What’s the Goal, After All?”
Call to Service—1 Peter 1:3, 8–9
Our Scripture reader this morning is Louanne Schmitt.
Audio devices are available at the Welcome Center
for those who have difficulty in hearing the service.
This Week’s Church Events
Game Night
Assimilation Mtg.
Oper. Timothy Mtg.
Corporate Prayer
Worship Team
Teens’ Bible Study
Prayer & Bible Study
Christianity 101
Teen Lock-in
Tonight, 6–8 PM
Mon., 7:00 PM
Tues., 6:15 PM
Tues., 7 PM
Wed., 6:00 PM
Wed., 7:00 PM
Wed., 7:00 PM
Wed., 7:00 PM
Fellowship Hall
Fellowship Hall
Choir Room
Teen Center
Pastor’s Office
Teen Ctr.
Giving from May 1, 2014 to May 11, 2014
Tithes & Offerings
Needed to Date
Tithes & Offerings
Given to Date
Amount Needed
Amount Given
Last Week
Homegoing of Matt Slocum’s father, James Edward Slocum;
Dawn Kosinski; Jim & Gloria Garland; Marion & Dick
Freeman; Rod & Ann Siverts; Lynette Tomasetti; David &
Sara Hughes; Rhonda Mikels; Lea Urbano; Irene Gunderman; Natasha Mikush; continued prayer for the Muccis,
Jeannetta Ingold, Priscilla Smith, Ed Lanetz,
Alice Riedel, John Sciullo and his family.
Thank you for praying! For a more complete update on
prayer concerns, please contact the church office at
[email protected] to receive a weekly electronic copy
of the Prayer List.
to 2:30
Family Game Night
Tonight, 6 to 8 PM
in the Fellowship Hall
Cost: $4/adult; $2/kids 11 & under
Nursery through 6th Grade–Lower Level
Junior & Senior High–Teen Center
College Age–Parsonage Porch
Bethel Bible–Choir Room
CrossRoads–Fellowship Hall
This total does not reflect giving that is considered
pass-through funds; the total represents all giving that
would be considered tithes and offerings for all purposes.
Church Office Hours
If you are not already part of a Sunday school/
discipleship group, please consider joining one of
the classes listed below:
Enjoy a time of playing games and getting
better acquainted with others in the church.
The Teens will provide dessert, and monies
raised will help offset the costs of their upcoming summer mission trip to West VA.
Please RSVP in the Friendship Folders this
College-Aged Summer
Sunday School Class Begins Today
Ladies and Men who
like to golf…
College Kids...Join Chuck Tatum and
Pastor Ken on the side porch of the
parsonage for a new Sunday school
class just for you!
If you are interested
in being part of a
Golf League during the 2014 Golf Season,
please contact Kelly Kraemer at 412-526-8099
or [email protected] today. The first
golf outing will be this Thursday, May 22.
You don’t have to be available every week
in order to participate.
Use this as a ministry opportunity.
Your golfing buddies are welcome, too.
Epic Readings for May 19–May 25
Please read these passages with your family
or friends in preparation for next Sunday’s
worship service when the message will be
about the Feeding of the 5000. Consider this
question: Why are people fed, but still go
away hungry?
Mon., May 19
Tues., May 20
Wed., May 21
Thurs., May 22
Fri., May 23
Sat., May 24
Sun., May 25
John 6:1–14
John 6:15-21
John 6:22–25
John 6:26–34
John 6:35–40
John 6:41–59
John 6:60–71
Happy Birthday, Pastor Dal
We love you and
thank God for you!
Your godly influence
and character have
touched all our lives.
We are better people
because of knowing you.
Have a fantastic birthday this week!
Ministry Opportunities
Adopt-a-Bed...We still need a few volunteers to keep
Keeping Connected...
5570 Annetta Drive
Bethel Park, PA 15102
Sending a card to let Claire Marie
and her daughter, Debbie, know that they are
being remembered
in prayer would bless their day.
Tickets Available for ONLY $67
for 2015 Women of Faith!
Contact Mara Fannie or Carol DeUsanio if you are
interested in going or have questions about next
year’s May 1–2 conference in Columbus.
Upcoming Summer Events
Thursday, May 29, 7:00 PM
in the Fellowship Hall
Come join us for an evening of
fellowship, dinner, devotions, and
sharing. For more information and to
RSVP, please talk to Tom Kapples,
Frank Noah, or Pastor Jennifer Irwin.
Thursday, July 17, 7:00 PM
in the Fellowship Hall
Please join us to view Successful
Singlehood by Dr. Tony Evans and to
discuss the upcoming fall session,
which begins on September 4.
the church’s landscaping looking nice throughout the
Join Hands with the Bible Chapel...On May 31, from
8 AM to 1 PM, you can reach out and help another
congregation beautify its property.
If you would like to help with either of these projects,
please contact Stephen Mannion at 412-610-3289 or
at [email protected]
Coming to
August 15–17