4900 Breton Avenue SE
Kentwood, Michigan 49508
Phone: (616) 698-9610 Fax: (616) 698-7118
Residents affected by the 2014 Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Program
From: Jim Beke, Engineering Crew Leader
March 31, 2014
The City of Kentwood will be installing new concrete sidewalk in front of your home this year
pursuant to a Grant made possible by the Michigan Department of Transportation. Due to the grant
received by the City, the project will be of no direct cost to you. Construction is scheduled to begin
the week of April 15th and is expected to be completed by June 13th, 2014, weather permitting.
Work will not occur in front of your home every day between the dates provided, but could occur
on any date in between the range. Any grass disturbed adjacent to the work will be restored at the
end of the project.
The contract has been awarded to Nashville Construction Company through a competitive bidding
process. The contact person for Nashville is Kristoffer Hulsebos at (517) 852-1536. The City has
hired OMM Engineering to oversee this project. The project engineer is David Kuipers at (616) 9574350 and OMM will have an inspector on-site at all times to oversee the work. Their inspector,
Chris Corner, will be able to answer any questions you may have about the project and can be
reached at the same number. The City’s project manager is Jim Beke who can be reached at (616)
554-0737. Please contact Chris (OMM) or Jim with your concerns as the project progresses.
There may be times when accessing your driveway may not be possible as the new concrete
requires the proper amount of time to cure. Parking will be permitted on your street during the
construction period, however we ask that you do not block access to fire hydrants as you may be
ticketed or your vehicle towed. The City’s contractor will notify you at least 24hrs in advance of
when your driveway will not be passable and will work diligently to be sure your inconvenience is
as short as possible. Once the concrete is placed for your new driveway, you should not drive on
it for a minimum of 3 days to let it cure and gain strength. If you can stay off the driveway for 5
days, that is even better to allow the driveway to gain additional strength.
Additional information about the project is available on the City’s website at
on the Engineering page there is a link for Safe Routes to School. If you have any questions about
this project, please feel free to contact me in my office at (616) 554-0737.
Jim Beke
Engineering Crew Leader