May 13, 2014 SAC minutes

Camilla School Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2014
Attendance (*absent)
Parents and Teachers in
Chair & Member at large
Kristi Morkin
Merrilyn Sweeney
Vice-Chair & Member at
Kristen Babin
Crystal Cochrane
Secretary & Gr. 4-6 rep
Nicole LeBlanc
Treasurer & 1-3 Gr. Rep
Elizabeth Davidson*
Grade 1-3 Rep and hot lunch
Sherry Halwa
Grade 4-6 Rep
Kimberly Boddez*
Grade 7-9 Rep
Karen Chalifoux
Community Reps
Tara Lutgen *
Sherry Mahe*
Annette Kincade*
Headstart Rep
Lindsay Van Brabant*
Staff Reps
Neil O’Shea
Leanne McMillan
Shelley Porter
Fund Raising Chair
Lisa Patrick
RQB Ag society Rep
Christie Kieftenbeld
Calahoo Ag society Rep
Brenda Kulka
Hot lunch sub-com.
Nadine Hoffman*
Call Meeting to order: Meeting was called to order at 6:33.
Additions to Agenda (by motion):
Volunteer awards - Lisa Patrick would like to add Volunteer awards to the agenda. Kristi
makes a motion. Kristen seconds. Acclaimed.
Adopt minutes of May meeting (by motion): Kristi makes a motion to adopt the minutes from
the April meeting. Nicole seconds. Acclaimed.
Camilla School Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2014
Old Business:
1. Financial Statement - The balance in the account is $2,785.51. Plant and bake sale
profited $1,115.38. Hot lunch has profited $762.15 so far this year.
New Business:
1. HOJA - Will be coming to the school Octoboer 2, 2014 for a presentation. There are
two presentations types offered (standard and bullying). Since this is a K-9 school it
was decided that the standard presentation would be more appropriate for all ages.
Reports: Please submit written reports prior to meeting via email to Kristi Morkin at
[email protected]
- May 23 - Grade 4-9 track and field.
- May 24 - Guitar and Fiddle students in Rainmaker Rodeo Parade.
- June 9 - Volunteer Tea
- June 25 - Grade 1-6 year end assembly/book awards/academic awards/report card distribution
- June 26 - No school.
- June 27 - Full day. Grade 7-9 year end assembly/book awards/academic awards/athletic
awards/report card distribution.
• Water Fountain and Bottle filling station - Costs were looked into for installation. The
purchase price = $1,100 + $200 for shipping. Electrical installation = $1,225 + GST. Lisa
suggested casino money to put towards fountains.
• Playground Information - An updated report on the equipment suggested that it was showing
wear, needs sand and speed limiting devices, surfaces peeling/rusting. Overall the equipment
was ok but Neil would like it updated. Lisa has contacted Habitat systems with regards to new
equipment and she said there are a lot of options available.
• Next year’s planning:
- Kindergarten - currently 52 students are registered, most likely will be three classes.
- Anticipating some changes to staff, will have more information at next meeting.
- Barb Carrie, daytime custodian, has retired. Her last day is Wednesday May 21. A farwell tea
will be held on May 20 at 3:30. Replacement not yet announced.
- RQB Childcare Center - has been signed on again for next year.
- Hot lunch - Spoke to Lori Stillborn (provides concession services at the arena) about providing
hot lunch to the students, she said that January would be the earliest she could consider
- Transportation fees - Letter went out to families with regards to bussing fees for next year.
Option to pay by June 27 for a cheaper rate. More details on website.
Trustee: Sturgeon County Advisory Board meeting - An initiative has been started asking
what we want to see in our county and come up with a long term vision/strategy to carry out.
Camilla School Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2014
Chair - No report.
4. Fundraising:
• Chef parker (Christmas gala) update - A refund cheque is scheduled to be delivered to the
school on May 28.
• Local Business directory - The directory is up and running. For every listing $2 goes back to
school. For more information go to
• Casino - Should be receiving cheque for about $20,000 shortly.
• November Gala update - Things are coming together. Tickets have been printed. Midnight
lunch has been donated. Louis Lavoie doing painting. DJ booked. Special event rentals
completed. Xmas trees have been decorated. Have not booked meal.
• Fundraising gala money - Goal is $50,000. Committee would like money to go towards the
following: Outdoor volley ball court $1300, telescopic bleachers on stage 60 ft long by 5 rows
(105 seats) $12,000, water bottles, climbing wall $13,500.
Hot Lunch - No report. Spoke about different options for next year.
ECS - 2 more trips. Prairie gardens - May 23. Karate and Gymnastics - June 5. The new
executive is ready for next year.
Headstart - In class field trip next Friday. Year end party in June at new facility in Fort
Grade 1-3 rep - No report.
9. Grade 4-6 rep:
• Grade 4: Fieldtrip to Strathcona Wilderness Centre on May 20th. Track and field day May 23.
• Grade 5: May 9 had bowling field trip and lunch at Lion’s Park and then to the Art Gallery in
the Arden Theatre to make clay masks. Grade 5 girls had their 3rd and final HPV vaccination
on May 12. Track and field day is May 23rd. Still need volunteers. If anyone is available to
help out contact Mrs. Shulhan. June 11 Expo @ landing trail grade 4,5,6 guitar and fiddle.
• Grade 6: Track and Field day is May 23rd. Boys basketball camp runs May 26-30th.
10. Grade 7-9 - Track meet 23 rd.
11. WSAS (Calahoo) Ag Rep - Mother’s day brunch success. Need volunteers for casino on
May 16.
12. RQB Rep - Pitmasters rib cookoff May 31, with beer gardens. Supper is in arena.
Contact Julia Kinsella or Lindsay Boddez for tickets, $25/ adult. Money is going towards new
hockey jerseys.
Additions to the Agenda:
1. Volunteer Awards - Lisa thought it would be nice to start rewarding student, parent, and
teacher volunteers. Discussion was had about when and how to recognize them. It was
decided to table this discussion until the June meeting.
Camilla School Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2014
1. To Lisa Patrick from Neil for her efforts in finding Chef Parker.
2. To Tiffany Hodgson from Neil for her extensive volunteering.
3. To Mrs. Victoor from Lisa for her work with the the Choir.
Next meeting scheduled for June 10.
Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 7:56.